Midsize Sales Growth Sparks Speculation on Next Nissan Frontier

Frontier illo topspeed II

Although the midsize pickup segment is not growing in nameplates (there are fewer than there were five years ago), it has been growing in sales, with 2015 sales up more than 35 percent from the year before. Given GM's announcement that it's increasing production of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon and the fact that Toyota's new Tacoma continues to be a hit — not to mention that the new Honda Ridgeline goes on sale later this year — we expect midsize sales to keep growing.

Against that backdrop, the next midsize pickup truck likely to get a thorough revamp is the Nissan Frontier. Our friends at TopSpeed.com have put together these illustrations of what the next Frontier might look like and speculated on what it might have under its skin as a U.S. version of Nissan's global NP300 Navara midsize pickup.

We think their assumptions and suggestions make sense. And if Nissan does not come to the table with the baby Cummins diesel engine option on TopSpeed's wish list, we'll be disappointed.

Judging by the most recent set of spy photos we've seen of the next Mercedes-Benz pickup and/or Nissan Frontier (they have a partnership for midsize pickups), this Navara-based design could make the Frontier a solid rival for the Tacoma, Colorado and Canyon.

TopSpeed.com illustrations, David Kiss


Frontier illo nose TS II



Not really. In North America, mid size is still a small population of trucks. The numbers are easy to verify via state DMV records. The larger trucks vastly outnumber, and do so even when gas prices are high.

That's a good lookin' truck! One can only hope the new Frontier looks relatively close to that. I only have two requests for Nissan.

1) Put a nice, powerful motor in that sucker and don't be overly concerned with MPG.

2) For the love of God, do not take any styling cues from the Titan XD. Please, just no.

Full size trucks had a market share increase as wellin 2015 so this market share isn't coming from full size trucks. On the other hand midsize cars, and SUVs lost market share according to NADA data. It seems that the midsize truck is the midsize car and SUV alternative. I am wondering if the midsize market will get too saturated, but then again so is the midsize car and SUV market.

Maybe they will do better once the economy tanks and Gm goes bankrupt again, looks like that is right around the corner

Too bad that is just a photoshopped rendering. Good looking truck ......... Nissan if you are listening.

Thank you Toyota Tacoma for keeping this segment running!

How about bringing a 4 cylinder engine to the 4wd trucks so those that use these trucks locally can save on gas. They use to have a 4wd 4 cylinder engine before they did the line over in 2005.

2018???? Is anyone going to even know that the Frontier is an option by then considering the new GM Twins and Tacoma are already out, the new Ridgeline will be out and the new Ranger will likely be out.

There are going to be some deals on 2016 and 2017 Frontiers then.....

papa jim is anti-Frontier because he sees it as a threat to Colorado sales.

He says Colorado was first with a newer mid-size truck so now nobody else should be allowed to update.

papa jim is pro-Titan because he wants it to hurt Ford sales.

It's no more complicated than that. Papa Jim is a very unbalancd individual.

That is basically the NP300 Navara, we get it with the small twin turbo 2.3 Diesel. They still rate it at 7,700lbs towing.


Go Nissan Go!

Go Toyota Go!

As long as Nissan's kicking bloated, fat, full-size truck butt, I say go, Nissan, GO!!

I'm a Toyota midize truck fan and don't see how Nissan kicking the crap out of our common foe in fulls-size trucks does us any harm. Let Nissan have at it.

Also if Nissan destroys Ford Super Duty that is GREAT!!

If Nissan destroys GM and all the other government bailout pimps that stole our tax money, GREAT!!

If Nissan destroys the UK's Ram again in the process, GREAT again!!

We mid-size truck fans have never had it so great. Finally two companies, Nissan and Toyota, come along and takes the bloated full-size trucks head-on and kicks the crap out of them. Is that not a good thing?

I think the Nissan and Toyota bashers might want to sit back awhile and enjoy the show.

Go, Nissan. GO!!
Go, Toyota, Go!!
With them we win and the bloated full-size truck companies lose!

Nissan should drop its global 3.2tdi into this thing if it goes on sale in North America

That looks so much like a Colorado with round wheel wells, not saying anything bad, just that it does...

Do you think we'll ever have a true compact pickup? My money is on polaris. Too bad polaris is junk, but maybe honda or kawasaki will follow suit.

We get this global NP300 Navara version locally too & so far the 3 yr old global Ranger is superior in all aspects except for the ride comfort (due to coil springs all around).

The final US version specs will definitely need to be improved to compete with current mid-seizers in the US market & no doubt Ford will up the game with the US spec new Ranger...

If we do come with a true compact, more than likely it will be FWD, unibody 4-cylinder crossover trucklet. The Fiat Toro sold in Brazil looks nice. One can only dream of it coming to the US.

still can't find and buy a new Colorado, no Chevy dealer stocks them and the few they do get it are already sold

Maybe they will do better once the economy tanks and Gm goes bankrupt again, looks like that is right around the corner

Posted by: Nitro | Feb 19, 2016 11:22:40 AM

Ford will go bankrupt this time, they have nothing left to sell off like the last time LMBO!

Bring on the little Cummins Nissan!

@ Liam. I guess looks are subjective. The Fiat Toro looks like the premature baby or runt brother of a 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Maybe they will do better once the economy tanks and Gm goes bankrupt again, looks like that is right around the corner
Posted by: Nitro | Feb 19,

Been sniffing nitro fuel again,huh?

That looks pretty good but I have a feeling Nissan will somehow screw it up by copying that XD front grill disaster.

Hope the Cummins 4L 2.8L is an option.

The general still makes the best mid size pickups....

This is just jap scrap..

Squatting ford - - -

I can guarantee it is NOT "Jap Scrap". It is built in Smyrna TN; employs thousands of Americans; uses largely American parts (except engine) and is designed by Americans.
And, at 59%, it is more "American" than many so-called "American" vehicles.

(Besides that: I happily bought a new 2010 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed, with manual tranny and 265 HP/265 lb-ft V-6 engine: it seats 5, and cost only $24K: beat that!)

In fact, the most "American" vehicles in 2015 by the Kogod Economics School analysis does show many GM products ranking high this past year, but the Nissan Frontier easily outranks the following GM products:
GM Terrain...............52%
GM Camaro..............45%
GM Spark.................37%
GM Cadillac SRX........32%
GM City Express........18%
GM Chevy SS............16%
GM Trax...................20%
GM Encore................28%
REF: http://www.american.edu/kogod/autoindex/2015.cfm

So, you don't mean to tell us that those above rank lower than your ridiculous "Jap Scrap" category, do you? (^_^)...


Is that 2010 Nissan a 4x4?
if not then that's no bargain!

Good news!


Lou_DC - - -

No. it was 2WD. I turned down 4WD. Have always felt it was overrated for usual winter driving; and already have a Jeep Wrangler for serious off-road work.

For me, at $24K, it was still a bargain. You must remember that in 2010, there was no new Colorado, and the Ford Ranger had disappeared . Other than the Frontier, that left the Toyota Tacoma, which was more expensive in this area, and didn't offer a V6 with manual transmission (MT) with Crew Cab.

The next vehicle "up the ladder" with an MT was the Ram 2500 with Cummins Diesel for $55K, --- which I needed like a hole in my head. So that's why $24K is a bargain: life starts with an MT and decent power. No MT, no sale.


@ johnny doe

The Colorado ZR2 is nothing special. A standard Tacoma TRD Off-Road can take of that thing!

Nice rear shocks and what is with that horrible rear-end being raised up so much? That does not look safe one bit and looks silly like the Colorado itself!

@ Squatting ford

Racism, learn what that means...

Welcome back OXI LMBO! What a guess, your gonna talk bout how the shock mounts stick down just like the Tacoma's. Next your going to tell us how your 1985 four banger Tacoma kicked butt, and your some old pro off road racer. Guess what Tacoma is still in 1985, old drum brakes, old seat on the floor. This Colorado already put a boot up Toyota's better made Tacoma brothers a$* over seas off road in stock form.


The Tacoma trd or what ever Yota calls it, doesn't stand a chance. You should go back to automotivenews.com and get laughed at in the comment sec. some more by the dumb same old stories you type.

I'm oxi ,I know all bout off roading. I ran a baja race in 85! I finished the race and brag up how I finished in my Tacoma with a gutless four banger, because even that had more power then I could handle to drive. I live in WI we WI people are blah blah. I pulled everything in my Tacoma. What a tard.

A new line to build GM midsize twins is on the way to meet the demand, the real race for the Tacoma is bout to start.

@ johnny doe

You offered nothing to the discussion but personal attacks! Nice to know you lack credibility!

So how many Tacoma's were sold last year and last month compared to GM's (bailed out by mommy and daddy) Colorado?

Yeah, keep stating personal attacks while the industry proves the Tacoma is still popular among customers! By the way the Tacoma won 4x4 of the year award with just a regular off-road version. Somewhat a better version of testing versus the CAR magazines!

And yes, rear shock mounts sit vulnerable and exposed on their own and the rear end sits too high. Looks dumb and dangerously light on the rear end. And I can barely tell the difference between the Silverado and the Colorado meaning GM has failed in my book!

You should be able to tell the difference between the two! But they look very similar which is dumb on their part!

HAHAHA! Have a nice day oxi. Like I said the real race is bout to start.


Nissan Frontier - 59%
Toyota Tacoma - 57%
Chevy Colorado - 83%
GMC Canyon - 83%

So where were you going with this?

FrankDuh - - -

Already acknowledged that some GM products (like the Canyon/Colorado twins you listed) were more American made than the Frontier. But this list I posted above addresses others that are not. So GM, by itself, is no guarantee of being "American" (whatever that means). That's where I am "going with this".


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