PickupTrucks.com Turns 21 This Week


Twenty-one years ago this week, a college student had a dream: to offer pickup-truck focused content on the internet to like-minded enthusiasts. He grew the site from a place to post photos and talk about truck issues into something more akin to a news service for all things related to pickups. In fact, from its humble beginnings as a site simply to inform and to explore issues, it evolved to be able to influence and improve an industry. Although the creator no longer is connected to PUTC, we know he keeps a watchful eye, pushing us to live up to the high standards he set.

But that doesn't mean we want to keep the status quo. We've got quite a few improvements coming, many of which we hope will provide you with even more comparison tests and news about pickup trucks, as well as make your experience on the site more informative, interesting, and fun.

Stay tuned for what we'll do in 2016, and thank you for making us one of the most popular websites in our segment.

Cars.com photo illustration by Paul Dolan; credits for iStock: IvonneW, YekoPhotoStudio, Vladimiroquai




Congrats! Now if you guys could only get the forums straightend out

Yup. Congratulations, Mark, and the whole pickuptruck.com staff!

Suggestion: The comments section could use some updates, like replies to a commenter should get tucked directly under his comment, and not appear at the bottom of the list. Having an "EDIT" feature might be nice, too.


Congrats! Now if you guys could only get the forums straightend out.

Seriously. Welcome to the 21st century. Now fix the comments section. I'd be happy to do it for you for $50.


Congrats! I really love the comments section very entertaining. Keep it up!

Congrats. I am happy with the comment section. I was shocked first , when I've seen first comments like Ford never rests or Follow the leader and Ford is #1and always will be , but I learned to comment from ford horde a hard way and I like this 2 brain cell style. It's more fun, than post some valid argument which ford horde doesn't understands . Keep it this way please.

Happy Birthday! Yes the comment section needs serious work not doubt. Just read the two above and that's the start of it. They will just get worse from there, trust me.

Make it so people have to register a username. Ban people who have multiple accounts. Suspend and ban trolls. Ban Big Al from Oz, and then I think the comments section will be great!

A lot of hall monitors on here today.

Interesting to see what it looked like back in 2000:


Wow, 21 years of pickup truck passion! As some of the commenters above have requested, it would be fantastic to see the rubbish get cleaned out from the comments sections. Some people are extremely disrespectful and just don't know how to stay on topic for the life of it.

@Alex, BARFO was banned today.

Why would BAFO be banned, his comments are well thought out and kept clean. Not like some other guys on here always talking about toilets and other peoples mom's. You may not agree with his option, but that doesn't mean he needs to be banned.

Open the FORUM already,,and make everyone register,
this comment section is boring..🍺

No! Keep it simple

@ heyyouguys
I agree big al shouldn't be banned, it's just people don't like the truth.

I agree, PUTC is the "go to" site for the best information on trucks, IF I can block out and ignore some of the comments on the forum.
I understand loyalty runs deep on the brand of truck people own and they get emotional about it and get carried away with comments on this forum, BUT a handful of people in this forum really know what they are talking about and I enjoy reading what they have to say.
The general way I see it is all brands of trucks have issues and problems and we are stuck with them. We are held hostage to buy and own what they give us even if we don't like it.
What I would love to see is the similar problems certain brands of trucks have and how to combat and maybe to avoid those problems.
I mean everybody tells us the good but leaves out the bad about certain brands of trucks.
For an example the F-150 has brake problems, the Silverado has transmission problems and the Ram has the ball joints falling out.

PUTC has good tests but the blog needs serious work.


Mike Levine must look at this site and cry since he just happens to be the College student with a dream.

Nobody cares about Mike Levine aka Ford employee.

Only problems trucks have is who's workin on em!

Mike couldn't care less about the posts and neither do most people. What he really cared about and had regrets on is he sold out to Cars.com to cheaply. He has sort of mentioned this before that it became "too much of a success" after he sold it and just became an employee. Cars.com is a billion dollar company. Mike should have sold out for millions but sold it for nothing and now works for Ford on a small salary. Not a bad job. But Classified Ventures sold for $2.5 billion and Gannett bought the rest of Cars.com in 2014 for $1.4 billion. If Cars.com sold for billions, Mike should have gotten at least $1 million from pickuptrucks.com and probably should have gotten millions! Mike made a bad deal.

Congratulations! I support the second comment by NMGON.

I love it....You are neutral as you didn't use a Ford,GM or RAM Truck lol...

Good job,I could imagine the fighting if you used a Ford..You guys are biased.. GM,you are biased,RAM you are biased lol..

I love it....You are neutral as you didn't use a Ford,GM or RAM Truck lol...

Good job,I could imagine the fighting if you used a Ford..You guys are biased.. GM,you are biased,RAM you are biased lol..

Posted by: Rubber Trucker | Feb 26, 2016 11:17:09 AM

What? With a cupcake in the box I assumed it was a Ford.

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