Ram Debuts Versatile 2500 4x4 Off-Road Package

Ram Off Road front II

Ram is making two big reveals at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. The first is the redesigned 2017 Ram Power Wagon, and the second is a new off-road package for the Ram 2500. To see our walk-around video, click here.  

Unlike the new look of the Power Wagon, which gets a new grille and tailgate design, the Ram 2500 4x4 Off-road Package will keep the familiar Ram's head and crosshair grille and tailgate.

However, this new off-road four-wheel-drive package will include oversized front tow hooks, larger and more aggressive Firestone all-terrain tires, heavy-duty Bilstein shocks, hill descent control, a limited-slip rear differential and sizable bed-mounted decals.

This new package lends itself to all sorts of interesting build possibilities for commercial or personal use. Unlike the new 2017 Ram Power Wagon — offered only in crew-cab, 4x4, 6.4-liter Hemi configuration — this new off-road package will be quite versatile. It's available in Tradesman, SLT, Big Horn/Lone Star, Outdoorsman, Laramie, Laramie Longhorn and Limited trim levels as a crew cab or MegaCab with a long or short wheelbase. It also will offer buyers a choice of three engines: the gas Hemi 5.7-liter V-8, the gas Hemi 6.4-liter V-8 and Cummins turbo-diesel 6.7-liter inline six-cylinder.

With this new off-road package, which looks to be a competent 4x4, if you can't build the truck you need, you're doing something wrong.

This new offering will round out Ram's stable of adventure-oriented pickup packages, which include the Ram 1500 Rebel, the Ram Power Wagon and the Outdoorsman.

This new package and pricing will be available by the fall 2016.

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Ram Off Road hooks II

Ram Off Road tires II

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This will be my next truck!

Using too much tyre shine makes the rubber look sh!t. Tyre shine removes the natural look of rubber, sort of like using that crap Armorall.

I don't like the look of the grilles on these Rams at all.

Hopefully when FCA/Ram redesign the pickups they actually employ a design engineer with some experience in vehicles not destined for the Sth Korean market.

Other than that a Cummins is a good American diesel. I like Cummins. These engines are far superior to any other pickup diesels manufactured in the US.

South Korea? Which decade are you stuck in Al? South Koreans are killing it in design, the Optima is one of the best looking midsize cars out there. The Ram is a much more modern looking design than Ford, GM, Toyota, or Nissan.

I would LOVE a Laramie 2500 Cummins with the off-road 4x4 package!

Lockers or LSD?


It already had tow hooks, you could already get a locker, the tires and stickers aren't anything to get excited about. Does anyone but the most serious of off roaders care a bout hill descent control? Do hard core off roaders care about hill descent control? I thought that was braking/downshifting at least it was when I was off roading. So better shocks... You get better shocks. So pretty much the same a FX4 or Z71 package.

Fiat didn't already have that?

That's kinda sad that it took them this long to come out with a typical run of the mill good for the masses, add a couple grand to the sticker, high sales volume, my truck has the off road package and yours doesn't (see my decal) off road package.

Clue Fiat into what everyone else already know... it will sell.

Love the tire shine, looks great, Al, if you actually would use tire shine, you may think differently, makes even your over seas vehicles look good

Actually, this one keep the cross hair grill (maybe some didn't read or even look at pictures?)

Standard Laramie grilke. I like it, the Power Wagon and Rebel get the ugly grille.

Hey Clint, where you gonna go with a Z-71 2500 GM?

Not to mention these turn in a shorter circle than a GM.

Somebody clue GM in.

@Clint- yes, this is definitely par w/ the basic OR bundles everyone else sells. I don't think the naming really implies anything else either. Seems odd to me that an Outdoorsman package wouldn't already have all these things though.

The only difference between this Ram and my 4x4 3500 is shocks and hill descent control(which I don't think I would ever use for what I will be using this truck for). My truck already has the AAM torsion gear style LSD from the factory and switched out the crappy Firestone's for Nitto Trail Grappler's at 3,000 miles. I was going to do a shock replacement for Bilsteins or Fox, but seeing all the issues I have had with this truck already I decided that I am not going to keep this truck that long to warrant it IF the Powerstoke issues with the CP4 are fixed with the new CP4.2.

The winch should have been an option with the gasser 2500. At least this truck doesn't loose 1/2 of its cargo rating with this option.
Ram does have a great looking HD. Ford's Hd's have been ugly since the big protruding grill. The Sierra and Silverado are better looking than the Ford SD too. The Silverado bumper is too big though.

Nice looking truck! And it's about time Ram joined a parade! I have read pretty good reviews on those Firestone Tires as well. That being said I would still prefer the BFG KO2 AT's or Goodyears Duratracs! But I am biased since I have owned both sets of tires and can speak of how well they perform in winter weather.
I hope Ram gives us the option of putting an offroad package on all trim levels on the 1500's!

Any off road package is better than GM's Z71 with that terrible G80 locker that breaks apart before you even leave the pavement.

Can you configure this truck with a front sway bar disconnect? How about a winch in the front bumper?

I'm in the minority on this but how about a regular cab w/8' bed? 6-speed manual also.
I don't need to haul people I need to haul.......fill in the blank.

Seems like not a lot for an awful lot.

This one can be had with the diesel option, it's definitely an advantage. And the payload must be higher then that of the Power Wagon.

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