Ram Truck and Cabela's Team Up

Cabellas ES 4 II

In an attempt to combine brand values into something greater than the sum of their parts, Ram Truck and Cabela's — the hunting, fishing and outdoor products retailer — have partnered for giveaways, sponsorships and co-branded events.

"More than 80 percent of Ram owners list hunting, fishing or camping among their most cherished hobbies," said Bob Hegbloom, head of the Ram brand for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles-North America. "As the official truck of Cabela's, Ram is able to reinforce its support of this industry, and this partnership provides the opportunity to be involved with the outdoor enthusiasts that make up Cabela's customer base."

Ram Truck has offered several outdoor-themed trim packages, such as the Power Wagon, Outdoorsman and Ram 1500 Mossy Oak Edition, but no announcements were made about a possible Cabela's trim package. Other pickup manufacturers have produced similar outdoor-themed packages (like the Ford F-150 Eddie Bauer and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Realtree) to cater to this pickup-buying demographic.

It's unclear if Ram Truck will sell in some way a pickup at a Cabela's store, like Cabela's does with Ranger Boats, but we imagine the retailer will be offering some specially designed truck accessories for Ram vehicles in the near future.

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At one time Ford offered the Super Duty with a Cabela's Special Edition themed package. It wouldn't surprise me to see a Cabela's themed RAM, as Cabela's will slap their name on just about anything they can make a buck off of, and with recent trends of the endless buzz models being released into the public by all of the truck makers.

Bass Pro sells the Japanese owned Tundra's at their stores...always has one out front with a boat with a Japanese motor(Yamaha) hooked to it...

Not sure if these themed trucks are big sellers though....

Cabela's.... out to make a buck offa buck. LOL

Ram is the perfect name to be associated with a hunting store.

"...like the Ford F-150 Eddie Bauer and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Realtree) to cater to this pickup-buying demographic."

Wait a minute, you're telling me there are enough people out there who like this garbage to qualify as a demographic?

What exactly motivates a person to pay a premium price just for the right to have a giant retailer chain's logo on their vehicle 24/7?

I do remember the superduty cabelas special edition. Doesn't seem that long ago. And didn't seem like a very special package. Personally I'm not a fan of Cabelas even though I'm a diehard hunting, fishing, and camping enthusiast. There are better places to get most of that gear. Although I enjoy wandering their store when I get the chance. Only thing I've ever bought from cabelas that I didn't up regretting later on was some arrows. What they sell is either highly overpriced or just garbage in my experience. The people that often buy from cabelas I would think are the same kind of people that go out and pay full MSRP for a new truck.

Yah but Cabela's sells homemade fudge! lol

I almost bought a Super Duty V10 with a Cabela's package a few years back. I only remember a two tone paint scheme with body colored bumper and grill. I don't remember what else it entailed. I didn't mind the paint scheme but I think had gaudy stickers like most packages do.

RAM and Cabela's are both brands in trouble. They need each other.

RAM is no longer a significant brand in popular truck models and Cabela's is "on the market" due to their dreadful debt and declining cash flow. Wall Street will determine how well this partnership goes, not Main street.

RAM and Cabela's

I think you mean Ford and Calbela's Papa Jim. Ram is Mossy Oak.

@Papa Jim: pretty significant 3500, out tows the rest of them!

Significant 1500 diesel, better mileage then the Colorado diesel, real world.

Significant 1500 v-6 gas, will out pull a 4.3, and out mileage it!

Shoulda been in their 4x2 mileage shootout, not like they needed it to tow! Lol, Ford 2.7, 21 mpg!

Significant 2500 gasser has more power then a GM 6.0, the tow haul holds it back at max tow in these drag race completions with a trailer. Has more torque available, less down shifting then a Chevy in top gear constantly downshifting!

May not sell more then GM in US, but outsells GM in Canada.

I would say that's fairly significant!

Papa Jim, it looks like you're the thing that's insignificant here!

RAM and Cabela's

I think you mean GM and Calbela's johnny doe.

The F-150 was just named CR Top Pick for 2016!

Congratultions to Ford and Mike Levine. PUTC is getting ready to publish a big article about it.

papajim is killing me with his bogus comments.


Scott Norton GM never had a Calbela's special edition, but Ford did so yeah.

where is the picture of the truck?

@TRX-4 Tom

keep telling yourself how great RAM is.

Good luck. The brand is shot. When Toyota decides, they'll bring out a Tundra that kicks RAM's butt. Jeep is the future of that company, not RAM.

I'm not talking about the RAM product, which is outdated but a solid truck--it's just the brand.

Fiat has run RAM like a rented mule--it is toast. Finito!

Stick a fork in it. Over.

The End. Look! I got a hemorrhoid, oops, I mean HEMI

Lol Papa Jim.

Tundra, an update? Bet it won'the happen before Ram updates the 1500, 2018 or so?

Will this Tundra actually have a good suspension ( I might take a look at it, if it actually did).

A diesel engine that works in at least the Tundra , 1500 class?

A gas burner v-6 or gas burner v-8 that gets better mileage, or out powers the Hemi, or both?

I don't imagine too many of those things will happen. RAM will have their updates as well in a couple of years.

And that's just competition from one truck, in the class that gives some competition to the 2500 Ram, but mostly the 1500 Ram.

Still doesn't hide the fact that you're GM trucks are behind.

Let's see, GM trucks will get aluminum in 2019 or so, right?

Some people might flock to them, as with most everything, there will be problems when they bring out a new model.

It sure is funny that GM is making these commercials that dog out the aluminum, but they have a plan of their own to bring out aluminum.

Kind of like GM talking about heated steering wheels, what's next? GM brings out a truck with heated steering wheel.

Right now GM has most their cards on the table, I don't believe their aluminum truck is going to bail them out.

Ram will continue to improve. GM, well, they are already giving 7500 off a truck in February! Wow, the resale on those should be great, right? Who will buy your used trucks?

I agree with Papa, Not just the brand though, they need to fix that horrid front grill with the huge logo, that truck made me not want one again, the ram truck line was exciting when they came out in 09(I even traded my crap silverado on a 09 ram hemi) but I think they have messed up and gone backwards now

the future is the military grade Fords. the past is now GM and Ram

memo to TRX-4 Tom:


GM has been an innovator in the use of lightweight materials for over fifty years. They had aluminum V8s back in the early 1960s, they had fiberglass bodies before that.

Still waiting to hear exactly what "military grade" aluminum is.

I know there are various grades used in military aviation, sounds like Ford is just trying to capitalize on using the word military. Big deal.

I bet it will crack, as working on aircraft I've seen a few cracks.

It may not rust, but it will corrode.

The grilles that are in question are not on all Ram trucks. They are on Laramie limited, and rebel trucks.

I do agree the grills on those two trucks could look a lot better.

Those Fords, lol, get the lightweight one for the better mileage, even though FORD promotes their trucks like they're supposed to be so tough, they soften the springs up, so they can ride decent. So they really can't read that good, and they really can't carry a load that good.

But hey, at least say reduced the weight by maybe 20 pounds by going to their smaller springs.

700 pounds less in a Ford truck? More like minus the weight of the 6.2, which doesn't go in the truck, smaller tires, smaller axles, smaller gas tanks, leaf springs, when all is said and done, the same build truck (same 3.5 or 5.0 that you can compare in both 2014 and 2015) with same size gas tank for the sake of comparison, and you would be lucky to see 500 pounds on a super crew 6.5 bed ( that be the vehicle with the most sheet metal/ aluminum.).

On a regular cab shortbed truck equally equipped as possible, you might only see about 400 pounds if that.

But your daughters are going to see higher insurance rates!

You will pay more for your truck!

It will take longer to fix!

A lot less places are going to be able to work on them too!

Wow, you can get 21 point something miles to the gallon out of a 2.7 2 wheel drive Club Cab, with a small little cab that is probably just good enough for your kids to sit in!

Sounds like a fail!

The Fords that are meant for work, well, F-150 work, that is, the mileage isn't that great.

Is it really worth it?

Or do you just want to drag race, and Fords turbo platform works good for tuners.

That should say " so they really can't ride that good, and I really can't carry a load that good"

THEY, darn phone auto correcting!

Congrats to you for 21 years of excellent information!

TRXTom - Marchionne had said that the VM Motori 3.0 wasn't going to be around long term.
CAFE rules are going to hurt FCA unless there is a huge change in political direction.
As PapaJim has pointed, FCA has used and abused Ram (Jeep too). Instead of focus8ing on their bread winners they have diverted funds to Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Talk about 2 black holes on wheels to throw money at.
Unless someone with deep pockets climbs in bead with them they are in trouble in the intermediate term and are dead long term. They are close to being functionally extinct.

LOL TRXTOM go back to driving you Honda Accord douche bag!

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