Recall Alert: 2015-2016 Ford Transit

2015 Ford Transit recall

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 49,000 model-year 2015-16 Ford Transit wagons built at the Kansas City Assembly Plant in Missouri between Feb. 13, 2014, and Jan. 13, 2016

The Problem: Rear seat belt buckles are being damaged when heavy objects are placed on top of them, which could cause the buckle not to latch completely, increasing the risk of injury in a crash.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect and repair, or replace, the seat belt buckles as needed free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: Ford has not yet released an owner identification schedule. Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 or enter their vehicle identification number at the Ford recall site ().

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This is probably one of the reasons GM quit making the 1500 series passenger vans. They are basically treated like cars now.

I guess some idiots using seats to carry heavy objects...

I guess when Ford subcontracted the seatbelt buckles to a supplier, they forgot to ask for a military grade one

I thought this was a truck site????? They should leave things like this along with those car crossovers, colorado and canyon tacoma crap to others and stick with actual trucks....

Military grade here, military grade there. Do they test it without passenger and payload ? Military grade testing.

Tbi will state, refrain from putting heavy objects on top of buckles.

This van is every bit as hideous looking as the Ram ProMaster.

Ford should never have stopped making the E series.
Instead, they should have adapted the Cummins 5.0L to
neatly slip into the engine bay of an E350, attach it to their 6 speed auto box and resurrect their Chateau trim package, complete with quad captains chairs and the folding seat bed.....WOW. Or better yet, that seating arrangement in a
extended model. Double WOW.

Instead, we get this design abortion that can go head to head
with the Ram as the ugliest designed vehicles to hit to streets
since the mid 70's. Some people never learn.

Without fail, PUTC headlines a positive Ford post over a just posted Ford recall. FYI you're not fooling anyone so just give it up with your biasy. Is it really that hard to be fair and honest!?

Huh? I don't understand why they're being recalled. Wouldn't any seatbelt break if a heavy object is placed on them? This is bizarre.

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