Recall Alert: 2016 Ford F-150

2016 Ford F150 recall

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 3,000 model-year 2016 Ford F-150s built between April 27 and Nov. 22, 2015, at the Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan. The affected vehicles are equipped with the multicontour seats with the massaging feature.

The Problem: When the massaging feature is turned on, the occupant classification sensor in the passenger seat may improperly identify an adult as a child, turning off the passenger airbag and increasing the risk of injury during a crash.

The Fix: Dealers will update the occupant classification module software free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: Ford has not yet released an owner identification schedule. Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 or enter their vehicle identification number at the Ford recall site.

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This should not be a problem if your passenger is a Cheyv or Ram guy. LOL

And once again Ford does not disappoint. Yet another recall. Now the fan boys will say how great full they Ford is taking care of the problem. Instead they should be asking when will Ford build a reliable truck.

And once again Ford does not disappoint. Yet another recall. Now the fan boys will say how great full they Ford is taking care of the problem. Instead they should be asking when will Ford build a reliable truck.

And once again Ford does not disappoint. Yet another recall. Now the fan boys will say how great full they Ford is taking care of the problem. Instead they should be asking when will Ford build a reliable truck.

@cooper, once again the idots come out saying recalls are bad....

That is one sweet military grade truck!

Too bad you can't put any weight in it without looking ridiculous...

The new Fords have a massage feature? I had no idea.
I will say that truck pictured is sharp.

"That is one sweet military grade truck!" that will never rust

That truck pictured is not sharp its useless. What good is a 5.5ft bed? How do you take home a mattress or move a couch? All these new trucks with 5.5 beds are pretty useless. Put a tool box in the back and your left with 3ft bed. Smh

"improperly identify an adult as a child"

Johnny doe's dad reported this when his son rides in his F-150.

The fords are so ugly, they need to raise the belt line or lower the roof the greenhouse is just to talk looking.

Big Fail from OZ: You are used to looking at lesser, lower trucks, from GM. Real truck peeps like theirs taller.

You can go back to your legos now.

It looks like a frreeking pope mobile.

I will give you a massage to relax, before I kill you.

So because the truck is lighter, occupants are too? lol

@MICHAEL, wow you have never owned a truck before and used it? You simply slide the mattress in the back lift it up close the bed good to go

This is a significant recall. I would as soon as possible have Ford rectify the problem.

Not many vehicles are affected, but still a poor quality control issue by the looks of it.

I wonder what else has slipped through the net?

If Ford can not devise a way to boost consumer confidence in the new 2015 aluminium F-150, reduce labour and production costs, etc expect the new aluminium Ford HD SuperDutys to be selling in low numbers, aka aluminium F-150 style.

Ford screwed up with the new 2015 aluminium F-150 and it appears they will screw up the new aluminium HDs.

Ford has lost the way with it’s most important asset…….the consumer.

It seems the best possible and most profitable light commercials Ford will have left is the global Ranger and Transits………but they are steel.

The 1/2 ton Silverado is outselling the F-150 alone without any assistance from any other GM pickup, ie, GMC, C twins, HDs. has given some data over the past couple of weeks regarding the question you posed, as I asked the same question on PUTC.

If you remove the “old” steel and much more profitable and popular 2014 F-150 from the total F-150 numbers the new 2015 aluminium F-150 is selling in Ram numbers.

This is bad for Ford.

The new 2015 aluminium F-150 is not selling in GM size numbers, actually it is far off.

Now the incentives offered on the new 2015 aluminium F-150, especially the largest selling segment of the 1/2 ton market indicates Ford has overestimated the confidence the consumer holds in this product.

Then add the fact the new 2015 aluminium F-150 is only competitive with the existing pickups and not a generational leap like it should of been, with some manufacturing issues, high labour input which lowers productivity you can see why Ford has a large problem, larger than Ford is prepared to admit to.

I agree with Oz.

This should go hand in hand with what JD Power found this year...

This is what JD Power found.

Short bed trucks are just as useful as long bed trucks are. You just gotta know how to load up a truck. With my short bed Dodge Ram, I have hauled full size plywood sheets, snowmobiles, ATV's, lumber etc., in the back of my truck. I just put the tail gate down and strap the load. I don't need a long bed truck, if I did I would have bought one.

Does it give a military grade massage? With happy ending?

The latest iteration of the F150 is a sorry looking truck. The 2011-2014 was a much better looking truck.

Thus wi be my next truck minus the message feature. Consumer Report just gave it it's best truck pick for 2016.

The problems with the F150 are PRICE and POWERTRAIN, its just that simple. They have the same first couple of year teething pains and build quality issues, just like everyone else.

Styling, grown on me, options, probably too many tech and too many models, and way too high of MSRP/Transaction prices.

Ford needs a good 8 speed, not 10, should have came up with a 5.5 v8 with cylinder deactivation and 450HP instead of another Ecoboost, update the 3.7 to 4.0 for 325HP and 300lbs feet of torque and update the ecoboost 3.5 even though its a bad engine idea with the turbos, they have to fall on that sword to save face.

what about the brakes?
the brake pedal is as hard as a rock , there's no power assist there anymore and you have to stand on the brake pedal for it to stop

At least the brake pedal doesn't come off!!!!


lol, still talking "military grade" when there is no such thing!

Yes blueman, it won'the rust, but it will corrode.I'very seen it on aircraft, so why would it not happen to this truck?

Didn't GM just have a recall of like 300,000 trucks for a nut on the brake pedal lol. 39 years in a row. Sucks to Suck

At least the brake pedal doesn't come off!!!!

Posted by: Fed up. | Feb 25, 2016 3:36:52 AM

Doesn’t matter. You have to be preying when you see the GM rushing towards you anyway.
Only RAM is imune from GM and Ford sickness.

actually, I seen something saying they pay you $50 to test drive an F-150.

Sounds like an easy 50, if I can put up with bouncing around in one.

But I don't want a Ford salesperson constantly bugging me. asking if I am interested in buying.


V6 for a

Fake engine sounds in speaker...lmao

Ford is embarrassing...what a joke..

PUTC = PickupTrolls.Com

What a loser site.

@ TRX-4: I know diehard Land Rover fans with Defender models from the late 60-70's & still going strong - no rust at all on the aluminum body....

Yeah. In Africa.

@ RAM; no this is in Tahiti with salt air all around with one coastal road around the island, humidity at 70-80% & rainfall average of 80-120 inches per year (mountains get 200-300 inches)...ideal testing grounds for rust & the biggest rust buckets with trucks are Hiluxs...

That's nothing compared to United States of America salty grovel chipping roads. Bring it to US or Canada. Actually you don't have to. Ford just started testing with guinea pigs.

@Ram, yes the ram brand has its own kind of problems to deal with.

Actually Defenders were sold in the US for a while until mid 90's (not sure about Canada) so these can be your 1st guinea pigs.
As in Tahiti; the engines not lasting (or lack of parts) was the challenge - the aluminum bodies are still solid...

Of course it does, but tight 8 place with Acura in 2016 J.D.POWER is not bad at all.
I guess LouBC s ready to buy RAM finally.

Of course they are solid, if you can't use them, because of broken engine.
Aluminium F150 with Ecoboost will last as well. You can use them as massage salon after 4 years.

At least Ford will be around to back it up & their recent revenue earnings annoucements prove it; can't say the same for FCA w/Sergio still desperately begging for anyone to bail them out (again)...maybe the Chinese will & poor Chrysler/RAM will once again go through another transformation...from Italian spagetti mess to Chinese noodle crap...

Strong words without any back up you are using. Let's wait for February numbers.

Common knowledge.

In your village.

I called this one a year ago on the massage seats except I thought it would be for FIRE! That might be next. More Ford Garbage.

got my car issue of Consumer Reports that broke my heart where the truck I hate is their top recommended model and the truck I love , they trashed it.
what do I do?
should I trust CR?

Another minor issue... voluntary, 0 injuries, 0 deaths, small group of vehicles, unforeseen software glitch, fix it for free, fix it right the first time...

Not that a recall is a good thing and companies strive to minimize their frequency, serverity, and size, but I don't know anyone that has 0. And none ever will have 0. I know of quite a few that killed a lot of people, injured even more, involved cover ups, billions of $s in repairs, fines, legal fees, restitution, repair, correction, years in courts, ended 30 year partnerships, affected millions of car/trucks/people, got people fired, demonstrated a complete disregard for life, law, environment and or ethics...

Sorry folks this isn't one of those.

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