2017 Chevrolet Colorado Shoreline Caters to California

2017-Chevrolet-Colorado-Shoreline-003 II

Continuing its surge in new special-edition trim packages, Chevrolet will offer a Shoreline package for the 2017 Colorado to better serve the Southern California midsize pickup truck crowd, which is by far the largest market in the country for the midsize segment.

The special-edition Shoreline will be offered only in the extended-cab version of the LT trim (4x2 or 4x4) in four bright colors (white, silver, red and blue) with blacked-out wheels and bow ties, body-colored grille and door handles, a spray-in bedliner, all-weather floor liners and a one-year Sirius XM radio subscription.

This new package joins the growing number of special editions in the Colorado lineup, which includes the Midnight and Trail Boss. The Shoreline can be ordered at dealerships now but likely won't be available for delivery until July. Pricing has not yet been announced; we're guessing the Shoreline will cost an extra $1,200.

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I'll take the tan one. with a BIG BLOCK please.

Yes tan one much better than the red one for sure

Interesting how the Colorado just LOOKS so much larger than that ancient K-series.

At least it comes equipped with the body style I would prefer and not that oversized crew cab configuration.

Oh look real round wheel wells.

Another paint package. Yawn

Wow. A painted grille and emblems.

Yawn. I'll take the 72? any day over a new one

Like the older trucks too. Who needs heated seats, heated steering wheel, fancy fold up running boards, laptop built into the dash, wifi, cameras, man steps ect, ect ,ect, ect,,.,,...all I would want is power windows & locks oh and AC..

Who needs heated seats, heated steering wheel,..

Posted by: heyyouguys | Mar 16, 2016 11:38:29 AM

Of course not in Southern California.

I don't need heated seats, heated steering wheel in Maryland either.

Oh man what special package!

Black wheels, a painted grille, and rubber floor mats, how imaginative! And totally worth the $1,200 to look so special....

Sometimes I just have to shake my head

Very similar to these glimpsed shots of the " 1 Tonne" 2,200lb Colorado

might have to see what the Bright white and Bright silver look like.., put a 2 inch lift on it with taller tires and it might be a keeper

Ford should come out with a “shoreline edition”...if you own an F150 it is really important to be close to a reliable source of water!



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