Easter Jeep Safari Will Showcase Pickup Concepts

Jeep Kaiser 715 1 II

Jeep has used its annual Easter Jeep Safari as a kind of retreat for its engineering team, allowing designers, product planners and executives to attend the Jeep-focused 4x4 club trail ride to get a close-up look at what Jeep buyers do to their vehicles. The weeklong event running March 19-27 is dominated by Wranglers, CJs and custom-modified beasts that take over the small town of Moab, Utah, which sits on the Colorado River near the stunning Arches National Park and Castle Valley.

During the last two decades, Jeep employees have begun to bring their own toys as if to prove to the hard-core faithful that they can be pretty creative too. In fact, this year Jeep will bring a few pickup truck variants that could possibly offer hints at what the next Jeep pickup will look like. Additionally, if you want to hear what a Hellcat engine looks and sounds like, check out this video. Here's an early look of what we'll see at the 50th anniversary of the Red Rock 4-Wheeler's Easter Jeep Safari.

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Jeep Comanche Concept

Comanche AB 2 II

Based on the compact Jeep Renegade, the Comanche has 6 extra inches of wheelbase to accommodate a 5-foot bed, giving the concept the look of military and civilian Jeeps from the past. The beige exterior of the Comanche is complemented by a satin-black hood and soft-top cab, and is powered by a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbo-diesel and nine-speed automatic transmission. The Comanche also uses Jeep's exclusive Active Drive Lock within the transmission, which acts like a traditional low-range ratio when the terrain turns ugly. The concept rides on 16-inch painted wheels and 32-inch BF-Goodrich All-Terrain tires, and also includes a locking rear differential.

Comanche AB 3 II


Jeep FC 150 Concept

Jeep FC150 1 II

Recalling the highly coveted late 1950s, early '60s unique-looking Forward Control Jeep pickups, this FC 150 concept is built on a modified 2005 Jeep Wrangler chassis with a Dana 44 front axle and Dana 60 rear. The original FC Jeep was called "forward control" because the cab and driver were literally over the front axle, which allowed it to accommodate a more functional, longer bed on a relatively short wheelbase. This concept is powered by the popular 4.0-liter straight-six used from the early '80s to the early 2000s, along with a three-speed automatic transmission.

Jeep FC150 2 II


Jeep Crew Chief 715

Jeep Kaiser 715 AB 1 II

Although heavily dressed in military heritage clothing, the Crew Chief 715 could be the closest example of what might be Jeep's all-new pickup. Based on a current-generation Wrangler Unlimited frame and chassis (presumably lengthened at least 12 inches), and echoing the burly stance and design of the legendary Kaiser M715, this open-air concept uses 20-inch bead-lock wheels and military-style narrow-set 40-inch tires. Other capability-biased features include an on-board air compressor, off-road rock rails, front and rear winches, a 4-inch lift and two heavy-duty Dana 60 axles. And to keep the Crew Chief rooted in reality, it's powered by the latest version of the factory Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 and five-speed transmission.

Jeep Kaiser 715 AB 4 II


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I'll take the Jeep Crew Chief 715 and the Gator concept they showed back in 2005 please.

The Crew Chief has the abilities my wife wants in a family 4x4; mostly because we have a dog we have to carry once in a while. The '05 Gladiator is a much better choice, but I admit I'm getting tired of barely over 21 mpg on the highway with my '08 Wrangler; the size and shape of it aren't ever going to be all that great for road mileage. She'd be better off as a long-range BEV with a Tesla drivetrain and 100kWh battery pack or larger.

The Commanche is my favorite, though. A true compact that would do EVERYTHING I want a truck to do, though it lacks the half-cab area that could carry the dog. Honestly, I'd be very tempted to sell my '97 Ranger for one of these as shown and keep the '08 Wrangler as the "family car"

Yes, Start production. We need a small 4x4 diesel PU but
like every one else they just talk the talk.

Love these jeeps. Company would do better if they produced the concepts from years ago.

I've been dragging my feet on my next truck purchase waiting for the Wrangler-based pickup. That Crew Chief checks all the right boxes. Solid axles, 4 doors, soft top (and presumably a removable hard top). Those are hard requirements for me. Anything less, and I keep the wrangler I have now and go buy a half-ton. Hopefully this will have a slightly higher tow rating than the Unlimited. 5,000lbs would be nice.

Jeep Comanche Concept

This will be my next truck.

We're going on over 10+ years of a Jeep truck concept. Make it happen! I'm so tired of being teased that I could not even read this entire article.

Loving that Gladiator concept. Make mine a HEMI 392. Would love to go to moab but already going to the NASCAR race that weekend. AEV is also going out there for owners appreciation.

None will be produced by the factory, just a show.

How about a 6.2 Hemi supercharged V8? The most powerful muscle car engine ever powering your Jeep?



I really like the Commanche Concept. I think that would be an awesome little every day pickup! Bring it to us Jeep.

My dad is trading in his F-150 for a Jeep ReneGayde.

"None will be produced by the factory, just a show."

Thanks for stating the obvious.

Chrysler, the King of off road. From the legendary Dodge command car, Power Wagons, Jeep. Enjoy,


I really like the comanche. Make it with a bench seat for 2 adults and kid seat in the middle. I don't know how they would reach FE limits with the crew chief you know

The Comanche with the bed over the fender wheels instead of between it, please

That Comanche looks good, especially in that paint scheme. It should be viable since it is built off an existing platform. If they can put a hard top on it and keep the price under $20,000, it would sell well if they built it.

"showcase pickup concepts" that will never be sold to the public

Build that damn Crew Chief and we will all get off the dam couch and go buy one.

"showcase pickup concepts" that will never be sold to the public

Posted by: Kowalski | Mar 11, 2016 7:04:04 PM

How much you got to spend?

FCA will not make these. Sergio is more interested in spending capital on a new product line of Alfa Romeos. Funds would have been much better spent on developing and producing a new Jeep pickup.

This was mistake number 1


Number 2 was the gladiator not being produced.

Sergio is more interested in spending capital on a new product line of Alfa Romeos.
Posted by: Jeff S | Mar 11, 2016 11:52:45 PM

What's wrong with that, who needs more trucks anyway!


Vai Alfa andare!

What is wrong with spending more money on Alfa Romeo? Do you really think Alfa is going to get FCA where they need to be? Do you believe Alfa can compete with BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and the other luxury/performance brands on in a Global Market? Fiat Chrysler needs Jeep and Ram more than they need Alfa Romeo. Chrysler is suffering enough with lackluster sales of the Dart and 200 and Sergio has even talked about outsourcing production of their compact and midsize cars.

I'm see some interesting ideas I'll bet will make it to the production Jeep truck. The Crew Chief has mesh sides to the bed, could save a bit of weight on a production model. Also, the bumpers are hallow near the corners, looks like an alternative to GM's popular corner step. What I find cool is that the front bumper has the same thing which is nice if you ever have to reach into the engine compartment (this is a FCA product so chances are..) The stock winches and military tires are awesome too!

I think the Comanche could sell too. Top end price for the model shown would have to be $25-28k and a striped model with a starting price around $16k would do well. Perhaps as many as 150k units per year. Maybe more if they tap into fleet sales. They would have the compact truck market to themselves for at least 18 months. Even if they just did one generation and never updated or refreshed the model I think it would add to their bottom line for 3-4 years.

I really like the convertible top on each of these. I think that is a really cool and unique concept that could definitely help Jeep make an impact on the pickup truck market. Off road variants of pickup trucks are hot right now. If there ever was a time for Jeep to introduce a pickup, it is now. I'm worried FCA is going to f up and wait until gas is $4-5 a gallon before they come to market.

Those tires on that 4 door jeep thingy aren't very good. Also it looks like the suspension doesn't have that much up travel before the tires smack sheet metal.

"I'm worried FCA is going to f up and wait until gas is $4-5 a gallon before they come to market."

If they are lucky. With Sergio Marchionne's current mindset, I'm afraid FCA won't be around along enough to see gas prices go up.

"Chrysler is suffering enough with lackluster sales of the Dart and 200"
Posted by: Jeff S | Mar 12, 2016 10:02:45 AM

They are not going to be suffering much longer, they not going to produce the POS any more. Chrysler hasn't had a quality car ever...lol...what difference does it make who is producing American cars, they call can't achieve the quality of Toyota, Nissan or Honda (not to mention the Korean brands). Fiat certainly can't produce a quality car!

Do you believe that GM, Ford and Chrysler can compete with BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and the other luxury/performance brands on in a Global Market (BTW - I wouldn't worry to much about competing against the POS cars that Jaguar builds)? If the POS American brands can try it then I think Alfa Romeo will do just fine!

Yeah Lincoln ...great cars....lol


I am not against Alfa Romeo or Italian cars but FCA is bleeding cash. Alfa will cost FCA more than it will profit them. As for Lincoln it has drained Ford of resources, but Ford is in much better financial shape than FCA. Ford has also updated their trucks and crossovers. Chrysler needs to update Jeep and Ram products. As for Jaguar it is owned by Tata of India and Tata has put resources into Jaguar and Land Rover. Chinese buyers are more likely to buy a Jaguar and Land Rover than an Alfa.

GM and Ford are doing well in China and most of Asia, which is where most of the growth is. China is a market that has significant growth. The middle class in China is as large as the total population of the USA and China is now the fastest growing automobile market in the World. Jeep itself has more potential for growth in China than Alfa Romeo ever will. FCA needs to put their resources in products that will gain them the most potential for growth and profit.

"...Jeep itself has more potential..."
Posted by: Jeff S | Mar 12, 2016 3:50:55 PM

The only potential Jeep has is to keep building crap...Consumer Reports readers ranked the Jeep line the second-least-reliable in the U.S. market, leading only Fiat.

Why would anybody want another Jeep to hit the market....lol

I would buy that Chief in two seconds.

Where can I buy a set of those tires? What's the size and manu?

@Jeff S re China.

Despite its large geographical footprint the automobile is still stuck in the 1930s in China because they have so few (relatively) speaking miles of decent paved roads. Their efforts to improve this are praiseworthy, but they are decades behind--why is it important?

If you took all the cars from California to China it would turn their highways into a parking lot. Demand is hot but their infrastructure is a big obstacle to continued growth for autos.

@papa jim--China is rapidly building infrastructure and will eventually be ahead of us. China is where the market is and will be for the rest of this century.

@rodando lata de cerveza--Chrysler needs to improve the quality of their vehicles. There is nothing wrong with Jeep that better quality would not fix. Alpha and Fiat are not noted for quality.

Because narrow military tires make sense LOL.

Can they please promise to make it squeak, rattle, leak, be louder and more uncomfortable than the Wrangler while having abysmal initial quality, and being as prone to being broken into and at least as expensive?

Fiat nails all that and it will be every kids dream that has a daddy with a fat wallet.

It will continue the proud tradition of a fast moving high resale value market of used ones that the first owners learned the hard away about putting image and off road before what for most is reality.

For those that LOVE it... hey your gonna LOVE it... Iv met people that LOVE the Pontiac Aztec and others that cheer for the Detroit Lions, even some who think bankruptcy is cool.

No one talking MPG, you still have to have a daily driver and do mucho highway miles to get to any trail. Low twentys mpg just isn't going to cut it, and low 30s mpg is getting stale.

Too many of you appear to be unwilling to give FCA a chance. You rely on a 40-year-old reputation and the inconclusive writings of a magazine that has lost its focus. Chrysler and Fiat both have made some remarkably good cars over the years; better than their reputations warrant.

I used to think the same way. I was a GM-only owner until the mid-2000s except where I had a car given in one case and during a stint in the military where I was able to get surprising discounts on other brands. I was already opposed to Fords prior to military, but they demonstrated their poor quality by my squadron's brand-new crew cab F-150 going on the auction block less than two years after purchase; it had already burned through its repair budget where a 15-year-old Chevy 4x4 step van was still going strong. During that time I owned a Dodge Aspen and a Mitsubishi Sport Pickup; they both proved better than their companies' reputations allowed. My current FCA vehicles seem to follow that path, though admittedly Daimler critically damaged that reputation. My Fiat 500--a true Fiat--has so far demonstrated NO reliability issues whatsoever at very nearly two years old now.

2 years Road Whale? Seriously? That's to be proud of? Let me know when it over 10 (the average car on the road in the US is 11).

Hey, Clint. I bought a '14 model, not an '11. So far I'm not hearing any complaints that the '11s are dying any faster than any other brand. Meanwhile I'm driving an '08 JKU and it hasn't died yet.

If you go by all the Fiat denigrators, my Fiat 500 should have died the day after I bought it.

Here we go again. Will they just stop teasing and BUILD one?

I want the M715 put into production. It would be the play-mobile sitting beside my 1965 J200 Thriftside. And Chinese highways? I've lived in HK for 18 plus years. Chinese infrastructure is AMAZING! Scary what they have done in such a short time. Don't fall into a sense of false security here. Lets just produce high quality trucks in North America that everyone, anywhere, can appreciate!

My first new vehicle was a Comanche. Nothing except the Gladiator concept looks appealing, and I'm holding out a few more months to see IF Jeep can do anything after so many teasers to the public. Anyone remember the moral of The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

I have owned 2 kaiser j2000's. I love the body style for one thing, but most of all love the fact that I could go ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE! Granny low, and a true 1 ton truck, I miss my 1970 J 2000, I replaced the dauntless 350, with a GSX 455. With the powerlock, a true 4x4! Downfall was about 5-10 mpg, had to sell when things got tough in 2010, but that truck was an awesome beast, I will always regret selling her. I now own a 2015 Rubicon unlimited, I do love it...but would trade it in a minute for this truck! The style, on a rubicon chassis, best of both worlds, please make a hemi version, I do like the olive drab, but make mine white and SOLD! 1st one in San Diego, thanks for reading, Jeepnjeff, SoCal

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