Ford Offers World Series Special-Edition F-150

Ford F-150 MVP photo 1 II

In the ever-expanding search for the next great half-ton pickup truck special edition, it's possible Ford has stumbled upon a unique package that could last forever, or at least until major league baseball stops playing the World Series.

The 2016 Ford F-150 MVP — most valuable pickup, get it? — is not only built at Ford's Kansas City, Mo., production plant, it is offered in only two colors — Oxford White or Blue Flame — in honor of the 2015 World Series champions, the Kansas City Royals. The MVP limited-run F-150 XLT SuperCrew will have unique badging, polished-steel lower rocker panels and a spray-in bedliner.

Ford will produce just 300 MVPs, and they'll only be available through Kansas City-area dealerships. Although Ford produced a Ranger MVP in 1985, when the Royals last won the World Series, this is the first time the popular F-150 has been used as a platform for this package. Pricing will likely start in the middle $40,000s, and it will be available in both 4x4 and 4x2 with either the EcoBoost or 5.0-liter V-8 engine.

No word on whether this might become a yearly special edition to support local dealerships and possibly the hometown charities of whatever team wins the World Series, or whether football and basketball also will get special-edition F-150s.

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World champions?

The vast majority of the world does not play baseball and MLB is restricted to just two countries, I would not call that world!

I hate Ford!

WOW !!!!!

A lame decal and that's it ??????

Manufacturers are getting crazy...

Oddly, Ford fans will drool over this and say its the best decal/package ever and BRAG about how good it is...

Anywho,the Ford 5.0 V-8 is the engine Ford guys should buy,its almost as quick as a 3.5 ecobust but more per Ford's own admitting,plus you can put a plow on it,not so with the 2.7 or 3.5 ecoturds..

Now,I do like F-150's only with the 5.0 mind you,but in a fire it melts to nothing lol,oh well...

It's blue and has chrome rockers with an emblem. Good grief this is ridiculous. How is that special for crying out loud! It's blue and has chrome rockers with an emblem people!!!

Get a Tundra.

^^^'s ok buddy.

^^^'s ok buddy.

MVP Ford F150 with MGA it just doesn't get any better. Just like the song, I'm going to Kansas City to pick one up. LOL

Just as lame as baseball itself.....

Just another chrome grilled, bright wheeled, emblem clad Ford fangirl special edition. Nothing for real truck guys.

LOL... Gues Ford picked one out of the GM play book of useless, pointless, overpriced "special edition" models.

Nice military grade truck! World champions fits since the f series pickup is number 1, Gm's would need to say world champion recall MVP

Meh. Like the color though. Military grade huh? Where's the USAF blue? Battleship gray? Olive drab? Desert tan? Where I ask

I think Ford missed the mark-in all seriousness, with their "military grade" aluminum they should have made a special, "Budweiser" or "Coca Cola" edition. If you're going to take heat for using the aluminum why not have some fun with it?


@BAT, you have to remember, Ford is not taking any heat for using aluminum, its the "other" brands who dont currently use it, but will soon, are the ones complaining about it.

This will sell well in ford community. They will misdeem that with VIP.

Too bad the use of aluminum only lowered the weight less than 500 pounds, most cases, 350-400 pounds, and you get higher insurance, cost more in first place, have limited shops to do body work, you pay again, when you pay personal property keeps snowballing

Someone should tell Ford that aluminum bats aren't allowed in MLB.

Yeah its wild to read these comments. GM has midnight editions, afternoon editions, black editions etc. Ford makes this one and its attack the aluminum time again. Jealousy will get you sooner or later. Just wait till chebby goes aluminum. Talk about guys choking on crow!! ram guys have no dog in this deal so time to stand back.

Ford should have made the PUTC Edition F-150 cause PUTC loves the F-150 soooo much.
Hummmmm? I wonder what the PUTC Edition F-150 would look like?
Orange and white color would clash with the PUTC Emblem so it would have to be black, but paint the roof of the cab white to represent a bald head also have emblems of birds on the truck. It would also need a two step -step bar so short men can get into the truck and a red leather interior.

Guess I won't be buying a Ford MPV edition of anything. But then, I tend not to buy Fords anyway.

I don't care if it's aluminum, steel, deuterium, or unobtanium. My kw's aluminum. If you're going to proclaim military grade then play on that angle. Military special editions, that would be cool. Haters of the brand eh who cares


Same like the Super bowl, world champions! Really? It's an American sport with how many "foreign" players?

what a bunch of crybabies that post on here these days. Get a life.


All day everyday, and it's always the GM Girls


All day everyday, and it's always the GM Girls

look at all the antiford pu$$ies out in force again. Where is johnny welfare doe and his valuable opinion? This will go 3 pages tonight with all the little rambots and gmputz and their multiple user names.

But with regards to this truck, i am not sure the angle of it but i could care less about baseball. But i guess in the world of GMs black, brown, pink, purple, barney, Flintstones, muppets, tweety bird editions and fiats 1500 yellow addition with their motto "these colors do run" i guess Ford can come out with a very limited MVP addition.

These colors do run for a truck is good. These colors don't run for a flag is appropriate. Switch em, not so good. We shouldn't have to defend or disparage special editions, they've always been around

I kind of like the blue but then again I loved the metallic blues and greens of the 90's trucks. So all you get is a badge, polished rocker panels and a spray bedliner? I don't even see the point. What would make more sense is if the seats were leather with red stitching like a baseball, though white leather would get dirty quickly, however I think the MVP edition wouldn't see much hard use.

I like the idea. An all american game with an all american pickup. Not much to the special in special edition though. I agree with BD , some baseball stiching or rawlings leather seats or something cool like that but o well.

Just saw the commercial run for the GMC magnetic ride control. The system reads the road and makes adjustments at 1000 times per second, that's real innovation that provides a smooth ride. Of course you will have to pay extra for that. Ford can't offer this on their pick-up because they haven't been able to figure that one out yet. Instead, for extra cost, Ford offers up this MVP edition with its special color and badges. Haha! I shouldn't be so cynical, with Ford, you do get the mythical military grade aluminum.

@rodando lata de cerveza,Here is an actual recall

Who cares about magnetic ride control on a pickup truck????? My gosh its a truck for goodness sakes. Always the gmfangirls having to come up with something stupid to say. And oh by the way, that yellow rose of texas ram is the ugliest special edition so far.


You have to love good ole trailerpartksrgreats comments. He does not mention the cost of magnetic shocks or the reviews that didn't agree that the ride was better overy the Chevy with normal shocks. Typical GMSRGREAT though. Only thing he knows is what GM tells him to believe.

It is quite funny how gm guys have to constantly try to defend their trucks

Freaking hilarious watching the Ford clowns doing 180s now that Ford finally got a special edition truck. Last week they called special edition trucks boring, this week Ford has one, now it's the greatest thing ever LMBO! Looks like Ford is following the real truck leaders GM and Ram.

Hey Mark, how bout posting a picture of a yellow ford. I know they're out there

It's satisfying to read ford suckers comments. They don't say it's great idea, engineering marvel, looks sharp and will sell like hot cakes. They just attack everyone else ,that nobody should criticize ford , for this lame approach. Hilarious.

@johnny dill, you just opened mouth and inserted foot, the ford guys complained about Chevy special addition cuz they make the type that nobody wants, the problem is, you gm guys need to show people why gm is so great instead of always defending them, thats all......Notice Ford guys dont come down to hard on the ram folks, most of them can say whats great about ram and why they like them so much.


quite frankly, we do give a poop, at least I don't. Johnny dill can shooove it.

**we don't give a poop

@Nitro, Johnny welfare doe is just that, he is a welfare burden on all of us and the reason is he is a school.drop out. He has a small level of reading abilities and what he can read he does not understand. So I can see how he makes a feeble attempt at reading on his own and gets it totally wrong. He is a complete tool without a clue and will just post even it'll it is completely wrong. Just like his brother trailerpartksrgreats. He has no clue unless GM tells it to him. I have lost count on the vast number of post he has made that is completely wrong.

Nitro you on crack?

"In the past, GM, Ford Motor Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, as well as some foreign rivals, tried to offset retail sales slumps by slashing prices and dumping vehicles into rental car fleets at little or no profit."

"GM also plans to keep inventories more in line than it has in the past, he said. GM had 67 days' worth of unsold U.S. vehicles on hand as of March 1, according to data compiled by Automotive News, lower than Ford or FCA."

LMBO! Ford is dumping on the fleet sales to try and offset the retail sales slump the F150 is, and now copying GM and Ram special edition trucks.

Master of the Ford clown circus LMAO, I post 90% of my info with links to back it up. Have I made mistakes? Yeah, but when I do I admit it, which is some you won't do because your such a tool. Don't forget to cash your wellie check tomorrow, hopefully no one hide it under your work boots LMBO! Oh and remember to thank People tomorrow after you cash your Obummer check.

the reviews that didn't agree that the ride was better over the Chevy with normal shocks.

Posted by: LMAO | Mar 30, 2016 5:23:17 AM

As usual, LAMO's comments sounds like Ford's marketing, inaccurate, over extending and simply designed to appeal to the FORD fangirls. See below and excerpt from a Truck YEAH REVIEW.

The Sierra Denali has Magnetic Ride Control which sounds like a gimmick on a 1950’s appliance, but actually makes this truck the smoothest-sailing full-sized pickup I’ve ever driven.

Good thing GM has the magnetic shocks - may help the "Chevy Shake" ;)

This is how the Ford clowns think and Ford engineers. Upside down and a%& backwards LMBO!

I let my buddies on the west side of the state know about this. Myself? Go Cards!

^The heck with the Cards, go Cubs!

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