Jeep CJ300 Black Hawk Turns Heads at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Jeep CJ300 1

By Aaron Bragman

The 2016 Geneva International Motor Show is the place for European tuner companies to show off their wildest designs. We did a double take when we came across a custom right-hand-drive U.K.-market Jeep Wrangler diesel modified by the Chelsea Truck Co. It's called the CJ300 Black Hawk, and it's a little bit nuts.

Custom wide fenders have been added to the exterior, and the iconic seven-slot grille has been replaced by a unique four-slot job that sits above a new bumper with integrated LED running lights. This is not a Wrangler that's been modified for better off-road use; the Black Hawk sports 17-inch wheels and Cooper ST MAXX tires and leaves the stock suspension untouched. A new hood has been installed, and all of it has been painted in flat Volcanic Rock black.

None of that seems terribly outrageous, but take a look inside. The front and rear seats have been replaced by Sports GTB seats covered in quilted burgundy leather with gold stitching. That same quilted leather pattern covers the door armrests, roll bar covers and center console. Non-quilted burgundy leather covers the steering wheel. Piano-black trim replaces all the stock silver plastic, while metal pedals, sill plates and a custom speedometer have been added for extra bling.

Mechanically the Black Hawk is unchanged, except for a quad-exit exhaust and a tweak to the turbo-diesel's engine control computer.

The CJ300 Black Hawk is obviously meant as an urban lifestyle statement vehicle. It's will likely cost a fortune, and the folks at Chelsea Truck Co. went to a lot of trouble to upgrade various parts of the Wrangler. But I can't help but wonder why the stock headlights, which are the worst part of the Wrangler, remain in place. photos by Aaron Bragman


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seating is out of place. In a 911, or a Vette, sure. In a Jeep it hits a sour note.

It had been nicer with the 3-l V6 from RAM 1500

Looks good but I you have to pass on the seats though.

I like those seats, contrary to others above....they will hold you in place whether rock crawling or barreling down a wash board road. better then white knuckling the steering wheel useing your fore arms to keep you upright....

Shifter on the console. So much for the round shifter dial on the dash I guess...

Urban lifestyle statement vehicle aka poser

Looks great!

Looks great!

I like how the seats look like reptile skin but not for seats, I just like the pattern. I would be embarrassed to be seen in that thing. Let's see the Wrangler be offered here with the ecodiesel. Why not? It's already offered in the grand Cherokee and proven itself.

In every other market it is offered as a diesel, except NA

Mall Rated

the rugged elite name does no justice for the interior. with a name like black hawk one would expect a stealth like , rugged interior with all the high tech associated with such name.

other than interior the ext looks nice

Robert, I know its dumb. Consumers have begged for diesels for years and all the manufacturers said was "there's no market for it" yet people pay a premium for them when they are offered. They bought 3/4-ton trucks just to get them, paid extra for upper-level trim packages, and fork over extras in repairs and maintenance, more for their monthly payments, gladly deal with the idiotic smog equipment in newer diesels, and people even buy decades-old diesels with half a million miles for insane amounts.

Consumers are buying everything about diesels except for the notion that there is no market for them.

4% of Chevrolet Cruze 2015 models had a diesel. All you diesel fanbois beg for diesels to be offered but you don't buy them when they are. When 96% of 2015 Cruzes were not diesels why should GM be encouraged to expand diesels?

Not sure why you would say that the stock headlights are the worst part of the Wrangler.

I prefer spending under $100 to fix the stock than $500-$1000+ for headlights like on a Beemer and similar.

Stock bulbs are what, $20?

@RobertRyan, I believe only the Wrangler Sport gets the 2.8 CRD. It sounds like all upcoming JL Wranglers (including Rubicon) will get the 3.0 V6 diesel and ZF 8HP.

Why don't they bring the diesels in vehicles where people actually want them ... trucks and off-road vehicles (Ram/Jeep has shown viability, we'll see with the GM Twins)! There is currently a limited market for diesel CARS. Diesel is about torque

What we really want is a Jeep truck. This is just another Jeep ...

walter how many diesel Cruze ads have you seen? None, GM needs to let people know they got a diesel in a car. Lack of promotion on GM part if you ask me. If no body knows bout it, how can they ask for it.

I waited a day to comment on this as I wanted to see others' thoughts. As expected, much of it is childish drivel.

Personally, I like the looks of it, as far as it goes, inside and out. I can certainly see the benefits of the seat design for added support while off-road, but at the same time most passengers tend to lean forward enough to counter the side-to-side rolling motion when two wheels dip into a deep hole; so they're really better for supporting the driver and passenger at the racetrack. Definitely would want to wear a HANS device in those if you're off-roading.

Would I buy one? Maybe, but I don't think so. My goal right now is to wait and see what Jeep actually releases as a pickup truck. I'm not a fan of four full doors, but the wife wants 'em. I'd rather have one styled more similarly to the '05 Gladiator. As such, I'll either be keeping my '97 Ranger and trading the '08 JKU for a Renegade or selling the Ranger and trading the JKU for a Jeep pickup.

Or not. The Santa Cruz still tempts me, as does the idea of other, similarly styled models from FCA.

Absolutely cannot do away with the 7 slot grill. That's part of Jeep history

Sam: you are correct about the lights in the Wrangler, as they are very easily replaced with any of the many aftermarket types, I like the 7" LED units that would fit right in, not cheep though, but very bright! But otherwise very easy to get to, and use any of the bulbs on the market. papa jim: when was the last time you looked into a Wrangler? they have NEVER had the round shifter! only come with either the 6spd standard, or so far 5 spd auto, both on the floor.

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