Ram Chassis Cabs Offer Wide Range of Power Takeoff Options

Ram 5500 Chassis Cab[7] II

For 2016, the Ram Commercial lineup will offer each of its heavy-duty pickup truck chassis cabs — the Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 — with a power-takeoff (known as PTO units) option in several different configurations, more than any truckmaker in the segment.

A PTO unit is a mechanical setup that typically runs off the transmission, using engine power to operate equipment while the truck is stationary, such as an external compressor, generator, water pump, post-hole digger, landscaping cutters or just about anything else that requires energy.

It's not unusual for heavy-duty pickups to offer a PTO option, especially when special-purpose customers or industries are involved (such as oil, forestry and mining), but what is unusual is the array of choices available to chassis-cab buyers. Ram's PTO feature can be ordered on any of its three chassis-cab models with either the 6.4-liter gas engine or the 6.7-liter inline six-cylinder turbo-diesel and with 4x2 or 4x4 drivelines. Buyers also can choose whether to position the PTO on the right or left side of the vehicle — depending on the driveline and/or powertrain choices.

All models of the Ford Super Duty chassis cab (F-450, F-550, F-650 and F-750) can be ordered with a PTO option; the first two offered with a stationary model for gas (V-10) or diesel (V-8), the medium-duty trucks offer three different types of PTO, called "live drive," but must be ordered with the Power Stroke diesel and can operate either stationary or while driving ($280). GM offers a chassis-cab model for its GMC or Chevrolet one-ton trucks (GM offers nothing larger) and only offers a PTO option for the six-speed Allison transmission (standard with the Duramax turbo-diesel).

The Ram PTO reportedly provides a best-in-class 60 horsepower and 250 pounds-feet of torque, at a cost of $295. Ram Commercial has a network of 950 dedicated dealerships across the U.S. and Canada.

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How about contractor trucks with a regular cab and 10' bed? The crew cab long bed chassis should be the right size already. Offer them with optional 60" wide by 24x24" jobsite box-style tool boxes that come bolted to the bed nearest the cab. You could lock your tools up AND haul sheet goods and 8' lumber with the tailgate up, transport long ladders without needing a rack, etc.

Offering PTO on gassers is a good idea.

BD much agreed. I can get by with a 6'5" bed, but its a pain in the ****! Offer at least 8' bed on all trucks models. If I recall right truck makers use to offer 10 to 9' beds. Sure would be nice to have a 8 foot bed on at least ext cab half tons. Hell I'd pay more if I could even get a crew cab 8 foot bed half ton.

I believe any Aisin AS68RC and 66RC truck can have a PTO on either side.

The g56 manual transmission has pto on both sides also for 4x2 and 4x4

I've always wondered why PTOs cost so little? They are the same price as four floor mats when you clik the options!

walter - it is just a gear drive off of the transmission. Not all that expensive to build or attach. The money comes into what you run off of it. Usually some sort of hydraulic pump for cylinders i.e. dump body, tilt deck, "hiab", or a winch.

Power Wagon has had a P.T.O forever.


Ram's pto setup sucks compared to Ford's "live drive" setup. Not familiar with gm's so I cant comment on there's.

Guess I'm a Ram guy, so I can't comment, lest anything I say might possibly be biased (^_^)....


Introducing the new king of commercial hd trucks. Class leading in every aspect in commercial configuration. It will continue its domination of the commercial class like it has been for generations of business owners.

Fiat last one back to the party on this one...

Better late than never (and when you stop doing something and then go back to doing it and are the last to go back to doing it by far you are lagging).

Lots of good Fiat news today... finally taking Chassis Cab HD market and offerings seriously and finally going global.

Wake me up when they do something dynamic.

This is from the ram 2016 pto manual. Not recommended for plows, wreckers, and dumps. It's not a live pto like ford's so you can't use it mobile at slow speeds..... You have to be going over 7 mph or so for it to work. And if in mobile and you come to a stop you have to shift into park or nuetrality for it to work. This is straight from ram.... It really is a crappy setup but they don't have the advantage of designing there own powertrains and outsource them with a mix and mash of parts so really have no way to go to a live pto unless there vendors will invest resources to make it happen.

• The Automatic transmission PTO is turbine driven not engine driven. What this means is that the PTO will work only with the stationary mode in park, or in mobile mode with the vehicle moving at approximately 7 mph and above or in neutral. Because of this the PTO system is not a suitable system for vehicles like: snow plows, autoloader wreckers, or dump trucks if they are used to dump and spread at a crawling speed. These vehicles are more effective with an engine driven ‘clutch pump’ type hydraulic pump. Alternatively, Parker-Chelsea makes a product called Stored Energy Management System (SEMS) that allows such applications to function

@Scott. unless you're talking about a dump, who cares if it has to be parked.

It's been a few years since I had to use one but I think a PTO is a very handy thing to have on a work truck if you need to run an accessory. and it does not add much to the cost of the truck. Why knock it?

many industries will use these. Hydraulic winches. With a non live such as ram your wheels have to turn above 7mph in self recovery for winch to work.
So it's either winch only or spinning your wheels like crazy so you have winch power. Wreckers, roll backs need to back slowly and need to move there attachments or beds as they are moving. Dump spreading, salt spreading.... If you are running pto powered plows live pto is better. If you stop and want to raise you plow you have to shift. They got rid of non live pto's in ag and most other industries a long time ago.

And papa jim I am a pto fan for winches and such and every other thing. Use them frequently. I'm just knocking Rams setup cause I went from a ram to ford since there pto options are much better.... With ford your pto is always working if switched on and truck is running. Non live you have to be moving at a significant speed or in neutral if your pto is in mobile. Or if you put it in park you have to switch the pto in stationary. This pto option isn't new for ram... My 4500 ram was an 2009 and has the same setup as the current one 16 ram the article is about.

I want the PTO so I can run an auxiliary air compressor off of that

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