Ram Reveals 2016 Yellow Rose of Texas

Yellow Rose[5] II

Ram released another Texas-only special edition during the 2016 DFW Auto Show (aka the Dallas auto show, which runs through Sunday); it will be available for purchase in April.

Named after the mid-1800s folk song, the Ram 1500 Yellow Rose of Texas — naturally — will come in just one color, Stinger Yellow. It will include all the features and amenities available on the Lone Star trim level, meaning chrome wheels, grille and bumpers; a leather interior; the available Uconnect multimedia system and much more.

"Texas is truck country — Ram Truck country — and we're committed to building products that resonate with our customers," said Mike Manley, head of Ram Brand-FCA Global, in a statement. "The importance of the Texas truck market cannot be overstated. That's why the Ram Truck brand has worked year after year to deliver hard-working trucks that serve the communities across the Lone Star State."

The Lone Star trim package was the first Texas-exclusive special-edition Ram produced (now offered nationally as the Big Horn), so it seems fitting this new Yellow Rose of Texas model is dressed with the Lone Star trim. This new model will be offered only as a crew-cab shortbed with a choice of two- or four-wheel drive.

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Yellow rose 2[7] II



Hmm, not bad but I think yellow looks better on a monochromatic truck with out the chrome.

I'm in the wrong line of work.

You mean to tell me some hi paid guy at FCA decides to splash some puke color on a 8 year old truck and VOILA you got a new idea?

If they were to take the blown hemi from a Hellcat and mount
it onto the Tomahawk with dual front/rear wheels, they can
slap that yellow paint on it. But this? YYYYAAAAWWWWNNNN.

Oh that's cute

Nice, maybe the turdrammers can spend all their time here talking how great fiat is by painting a truck all yellow and claim best in class yellow or something. I bet there was a 6 page article on allpar about the yellowmobile.

Looks good Ram and GM got it, no special Ford to be found. Ford will drop in sales more, unless they keep unloading to rental companies like last month.

This truck looks almost as good as my huge baby making pe/nis

they need to make a tampex version too!

Speaking about a tampex version...I fell in love with my wife at second sight. The first time I didn’t know she had money.

Ford offered yellow F-150s during mid 2000's.

How exciting, another paint package. Actually lamo, the article on allpar was as short as this one. I kinda like the badge on the tailgate though


I agree !
The yellow is UGLY mixed with the chrome!

@johnny doeboy, Ford doesn't need special colors to sell trucks. They already have a Raptor that outshines gm and ram without special editions and special paint.

So where are all the turdrammers at? They have been crying and stomping their feet about this site being a Ford site and nothing about fiat. Now there is an article about fiat and the 1500 is getting the same yellow paint as the fiat 500 and nothing. This should have been a spank bank fest of all the little fiat turdrammers and yet nothing. If this would have been a Ford article it would be 2 pages deep by now full of allpar propaganda links and fiat best in class this and that.

Ford will drop in sales more, unless they keep unloading to rental companies like last month.

Posted by: johnny doe | Mar 16, 2016 6:26:39 PM

It's funny when last year GM was the fleet whoreeeeeee because Ford was not catering to fleet sales and you were all for it. Now Ford is back on track for now till the 2017 launch and it is suddenly a bad thing. You definitely take after your cobalt loving daddy.

Yellow and a badge...

That's it?

No, seriously? Not even stickers/wheels/tires? Fiat just oneuped GM in the lazy special edition game.

Things like this show who amongst us is easily impressed/ celebrates mediocrity.

Kinda like being proud your 2 year old Fiat hasn't had any issues.

That's a pretty badge om the tailgate, too bad it's askew...

Ford has a special edition color f-series, they call it fleet white.

It's called OXFORD WHITE.

It's called OXFORD WHITE.

Looks good, would look better without chrome.

But nothing so special.

Fleet white, it was a joke Frank. get it FLEET.

Fleet. Like the enema brand?

Ford's give them self's enema's you know what they say, If there's no oil on the ground there's no oil in the engine.

I applaud these companies that pay their respects to the US States when they offer a Special Edition truck. To be honest I really don't get why some people that comment on this site get all bent outta shape or make stupid comments when a manufacturer does something nice.

Each and every manufacturer produces something good, whether it be a bone stock truck or a fully loaded to the 9's type truck.

@ papajim,

RAM truck has a new frame since its debut in 2009,different interior, grille, tail lights, wheels, suspension more power/torque and 8 speed... etc..

GM trucks look the same since 2007....

Ford trucks look the same since 2004 for F-150 and 1997 for the H.D.

So,No the RAM truck isn't a 8 year old truck...like Ford and GM they upgraded it.. New f-150 looks like the old one.. The new 2016 GM trucks look like a 2007,different grille that's about it...Toyota same since 2007 as well.. So, stop your ignorant RAM bashing and educate yourself...

Dodge always did theis..Lone star Editions...

Toyota added a badge on their trucks a few years ago.

GM and Ford send their trucks to ISIS !

Papajim, I suggest you get your eyes checked. I am pretty sure you may need glasses.

I like the truck, but I do not like the colour....

Dodge always did theis..Lone star Editions...

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