Spied: 2017 Ram Hellcat HD 4x4?

Ram Hellcat Group 1 II

Our spy photographer see the funniest things sometimes. For instance, take a close look at these Ram pickup trucks with the funny hood and solid front axle that was spied near the truckmaker's proving grounds. We're not sure what it's for, but our guys saw several of them in multiple cab configurations; and they look like they'd be a blast to drive. Here's what our colleagues on the ground told us about this truck:

"Is a Ram HD pickup going to be the next FCA vehicle that uses the 6.2-liter all-aluminum supercharged Hellcat engine? We hope so.

"Spotted among various Chrysler prototypes is a pair of heavily modified Ram HDs, one regular cab and the other a MegaCab, with a cobbled front end that could possibly be hiding the supercharged Hellcat V-8 that makes 707 horsepower in the Charger and Challenger muscle cars.

"We've heard from one of our sources that FCA is looking to put the Hellcat motor in everything it fits in, as it's proved to be a huge boost for sales in the rear-drive cars. We already know it's destined for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. And a Ram Hellcat could certainly one-up anything offered through either GM or Ford's performance division."

Unfortunately, we didn't get to listen to the truck as it drove around the area. Fingers crossed. 

SpiedBilde Photography images


Ram Hellcat front II

Ram Hellcat nose II

Ram Hellcat nose 2 II

Ram Hellcat side II



It's already been reported that those two trucks have been parked in the same exact spot for 2 years lol. Also their not putting the hellcat on the Ram. It's a go fast motor and stupid for a truck especially a lifted one.

@JIM, yet I see 6.2l chevys and fords lifted all day....point is, stupid to you is money for them, people will buy this for sure

Somewhere two drunk teenagers are asking themselves "bro where did we park out trucks".

Did Fiat weld 3 Fiat 500 engines together to make this motor?

Wouldn't it be better if it was configured like the srt10?

A Hellcat in a Fiat would make the most sense in half ton street truck. With 0 competition and lineage of the SRT 10 this market while not high volume probably could carry itself at a profit for Fiat. Such a monsterous HP figure in street truck would probably deter the possible ever rumored development/return of the Lightening.

With some extensive suspension reworking and lowering it could be very interesting.

Already having the Rebel and the PowerWagon and the Raptor already King of the crazy OEM offroad market that arena is getting crowded. Iv heard of worse ideas than putting the hellcat in an offroad truck and with suspension mods it could be trouble for the Raptor but its alotta work to split a market.

Ill take a reg cab in a heartbeat.


Big difference in the 6.2l in the Ford and GMs. The hellcat is supercharged. The others are not. These are prototypes from when they where testing the Power Wagons. Word of advice. Get educated fan boy before you making yourself look stupid. No Hellcat in these trucks.

This is not any news. These two trucks lost some body parts and they are waiting for fiat to find another vendor to make them new front bumpers.

This is the fiat answer to lighter trucks. Since they cannot afford lighter materials he they figure they would just remove a few pieces here and there. Last I heard to reduce warranty cost, the drive shafts were next.

These are Ram Runner protoypes, this was a failed attempt at a Raptor Competitor.

Uber Fail!

You boys are so dang funny. You should go on tour together. Hahahahahahah huhhuhhuh huhhuhhuh hahahahaha. Dang

I'll take mine in a 2500 HD single cab long bed Sir!

look at the wheel alignment in the picture...i can see why this truck has not moved.

Hellcat is an impressive engine but it's purpose is not designed for a truck.

Maybe a few ego's will overpay to buy this truck just to say i have the most powerful truck but largely the market will continue to purchase capable trucks that exist today.

If this in fact is the next step for Fiat I see a company in deeper trouble then previously outlined.

I cringe every time they refer to "FCA" It really is a shame they were bought out by fiat. Reliability was already an issue at chrysler and they got bought out by a company with even worse reliability issues. Ram trucks being run by Fiat is like a bad joke. I really worry about the future of Ram trucks. Is it even going to be around in ten years? Case IH merged with Fiat in 1999 and then immediately they started having major reliability issues with their MX series tractors. Finally they have fixed the reliability issues but it took them almost 10 years to do it.

Heard on putc that boosted motors make bad of road vehicles cause they will suck in sand. Can you imagine how much sand a boosted v8 would suck in!!!!! Are boosted diesels bad offroad as well since they would suck in a lot of sand too????

@Jeff, you made absolutely no sense, so your saying you know that for a fact, I just read the article thats it, talking about being stupid, or are you really Jeff????



Fiat is the joke and Sergio is the head clown. The 4 north American divisions support the whole of fiat. Chrysler didn't need fiat. Fiat needed Chrysler. I blame bob "sellout" eaton for killing Chrysler.

@ Nitro

I had to keep my remark short and simple so you would understand it easier. Do your homework. As much as you want the hellcat in this truck, its not gonna happen.

@Jeff, I never said I wanted one, do your own homework, or are you home schooled and have mommy do it for you?

Jeff is that you??? or are you posting under another name again?? .10.336?

I just got attached to Supercharged Tundra. I'm setting money aside starting now. Don't let me down Ram. I grew up a ram guy.

Actually the power wagon limited will have a supercharged motor for 2017. It a limited edition and will be one of 2000. and the truck will retail @ 75k base. I wouldnt say that these trucks have much to even do with what I'm talking about.

My personal regular cab ram is similar to the one pictured above. They are awesome trucks in this configuration. Lots of space behind the seat. I put some 60+ cc saws with 20 and 24 inch bars back there. These rams are the best reg cab work trucks. They were longer in 2003-05 and even more room behind the seat. Only problem chrysler has for us worker types is the weak key system and weak no CD player unless ordered stereo in work truck models. They also spec the 5.0 radio with esof. I like my 4x4 shift lever. They don't make regular cab power wagon anymore. That's the only model you can spec with a floor shift 4x4 and nice options. I don't want a crew cab though! Regular cab PW is a winner if they built it. Thow a hellcat in it and my 75k will be wire transferred to whomever in a jiffy.

I'm sure you meant you grew up a Dodge truck guy. You have to be older than the ram brand.



I understand it's tough finding a story that's exciting about Ram trucks but you really scraped the bottom of the barrel on this story.
Yea, I know you have to keep the Ram Robots happy and you don't want to be accused of showing favoritism with Ford.

Just as well those two trucks could be mules for anything with a top-mounted charge air cooler- like a specific config of the ISV Cummins. Or even an ISB with top mount cooler.

@Jim, I think TFL Truck got lied to. Haha. That truck sat in that spot untouched for two years huh? None of these spy photographers found it until now? Don't you think the trucks seem pretty clean, and the tires seem like they have plenty of air? Regardless of what TFL Truck says, what does logic tell you? Logic tells me it isn't a Hellcat motor.

Highly doubt it is a Hellcat; it would be dumb for an HD because of the weight. Also, it is not a Power Wagon, because they have never offered the Power Wagon in a Mega Cab. My guess is simple: they are testing the next generation power trains for the HD's. Looks like they may be testing the front suspension setup and perhaps a ram air intake. Most likely a gasser. That close up of the grille does look like it has been in the rain for awhile. The key is the placement of the roof mounted antenna. ram didn't start mounting that antenna there until 2013.

Whether these are legitimate or not, this is the last thing Fiat Chrysler needs to be doing. They're struggling badly with emissions credits, so they might just be better off focusing on building an all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. They've been too slow with this game and made up too many lousy excuses for it. Big V8 vehicles can be lots of fun, but it's also important to have a balanced lineup.

"Is a Ram HD pickup going to be the next FCA vehicle that uses the 6.2-liter all-aluminum supercharged Hellcat engine? We hope so."
The mighty Mopar Hellcat does not have an Aluminum block. It has a cast iron block and aluminum heads.

Big V8 vehicles can be lots of fun, but it's also important to have a balanced lineup.

Posted by: Warazawanga | Mar 22, 2016 1:05:15 PM

Doesn't Ram have the most MPG? YUP!

This will be my next truck!

This will be my next truck!

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Mar 22, 2016 3:53:29 PM

You wish you had the money. Try getting a life first. Just use YOUR own blog name Troooooolllll!!!

This will be my next truck!
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Mar 22, 2016 3:53:29 PM

Ford Recalls 4 Million Trucks to Fix Fire Risk!!!!!!!!!!! Jon of Ca, CA on Sept. 15, 2015 Purchased a new Ford F-150 on 6/27/2015 from HemBorg Ford in Norco, Ca. External fan came on a few times as soon as the truck was started while we moved the truck in and out of our shop and would not shut off unless we turn engine off and restarted truck. On September 1 after picking the truck up from getting the decals the battery light came on. The following day I made a phone call up to our local mechanic to see if he could check out why the battery light was on since they are a half mile from where I lived. Pulled the truck out of the shop and let it run for about 30 minutes while I cleaned it to see if maybe the light was on because the truck had been sitting in the shop. I then got in the truck and drove off. It is about 12 miles from our shop to the local mechanic shop but after getting on the freeway the Sync system notified me. I was going to lose power to some electric powered features or something of that sort. It didn't repeat it. It only said it once so I can't remember exactly. I turned off the radio and air thinking maybe it's a low battery issue. A few minutes later all the indicator lights came on and the truck lost power. I looked in my mirror to get over and to my horror I saw smoke pouring out from under the truck out the back. As soon as I pulled over the smoke was coming out from under the hood as well as flames were starting to come out too. I popped the hood and jumped out looking for my fire extinguisher and in panic could locate it. I ran to the front of the truck and tried to unlatch the hood, but the smoke and flames were pouring out. A guy ran up and started with his fire extinguisher, but we couldn't get the flames down enough to get the hood opened. By the time the fire department got there, the front tires caught fire and blew into the field which started a 5-acre fire which did slightly damage some decks on a few homes. The fire dept didn't put any water on the truck because they were trying to save these people's homes and I watched in horror. The truck and all our equipment burn to the ground. Some people say why didn't we bring it in when the external fan came on but honestly most people would have even noticed it. I know because we own 9 Fords between our business and personal but since the truck was only at our shop and not in service yet it would be brought in before it was ready to go into service the Ford dealer. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/f150_fires.htm

@hemiv8, boy you are so much fun too laugh at. Look up any brand of truck on google and watch em burn. Your still mad because your Mustang burned and you didn't have insurance to pay it off. Only a FOOL goes around without insurance, especially when it is financed. Some on here even said it looked like it was started intentionally. Time to let it go and remember this story is about Ram trucks. Try really hard if you can.

You wish you had the money. Try getting a life first. Just use YOUR own blog name Troooooolllll!!!

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Mar 22, 2016 4:23:27 PM

That funny coming from the self proclaimed ambulance chaser. How many more lawsuits do you have to get enough money to buy your make believe vehicles.



I guess Fix It Again Tony really does mean Fix it Again Tony!!!!!!


Ram fires and axles breaking... hahahaha it doesn't end with this crap


got the fires and axles backwards... Ram breaking axles

Seriously...Ram owners calling out recalls and reliability issues of other brands.

Dodge /Ram branded trucks are number 1 for recalls and abysmal reliability. That's the facts by every study.

No vehicle is perfect but when the worst in reliability and recall issues fanboys start shouting off their mouths it is laughable. This argument falls on its face when you look up the real facts....the ammunition is overwhelming.

Five years from now maybe sooner the italians will have destroyed everything that was good about this brand or worth saving....the next failure will end the brand...jeep might survive .

I understand it's tough finding a story that's exciting about Ram trucks but you really scraped the bottom of the barrel on this story.
Posted by: Lou_DC | Mar 22, 2016 1:50:09 AM

I agree with Lou, they really scraped the bottom of the barrel on this story. There are so many other juicy, exciting stories like:

The U.S. government is investigating complaints that the brakes can fail on Ford's F-150 pickup truck.


Investigation finds hundreds of complaints about Ford transmissions and dozens of lawsuits filed over Focus and Fiesta.


Ford recalls 50k Transit vans to repair rear seatbelt buckles.

Now those are real stories that PUTC readers can sink their teeth into.

Thanks for reminding us of what's important Lou!

Being a RAM fan is not fun these days. The trucks in these photos look like they're parked outside the Econo paint shop waiting for spare parts. Seriously this model has been waiting for a real upgrade since 2009 or ...

"This argument falls on its face when you look up the real facts....the ammunition is overwhelming. Five years from now maybe sooner the italians will have destroyed everything that was good about this brand or worth saving....the next failure will end the brand...jeep might survive"
Posted by: canadianthoughts | Mar 22, 2016 7:52:36 PM

Must have frozen some of those brain cells in the great white north....lol a!

Why Edmunds Recommends the 2016 Ram 1500: The Ram has continually proven itself as one of the most refined full-size pickups available. From its quiet cabin to its class-leading ride quality, this is a truck you can comfortably drive all day, yet it still delivers the versatility and capability you expect from a full-size pickup. It also offers a fuel-efficient and torque-rich diesel engine, which is unique in this segment. After extensively testing a diesel-powered model for more than a year, we can say definitively that the Ram is an extremely desirable truck for work, play, family road trips or whatever you can throw at it.

I don't know if you get MotorGuides in the frozen north, but they rate the "The 5 Least Reliable Cars and Trucks You Can Buy":

#5: Chevrolet Silverado
#4: Ford Escape
#3: Fiat 500L
#2: Nissan Pathfinder
#1: Ford Fiesta

Ummmm - 2 Ford's and on Chevy TRUCK!

Although I wouldn't say that the RAM's are "reliabile", they are no worst that the ones made by the 2 Mexican brands Ford and GM.

Maybe the snow is to high in Canada in order for you to read this:

"Available with all the required cab and bed configurations, in either 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive, the Ram 1500 goes above and beyond with its stylish exterior and well-appointed cabin." -- Kelley Blue Book

"The Ram 1500 also offers a wide choice of trim levels, from workhorse, to street cruiser, to luxury liner. Even if you're a die-hard loyalist to another brand, you still owe it to yourself to check out these outstanding trucks." -- Consumer Guide (2015)

Already gifted with capable handling and handsome interiors, the Ram 1500 lineup is now even more unique and appealing with the addition of the EcoDiesel option. It isn't the motor for everyone - the cheaper, punchier and more characterful Hemi is still a stellar choice - but its combination of low-end torque and efficiency will undoubtedly win over many hearts and wallets. We expect Ram will have little problem achieving its goal of a 15 percent take rate for the EcoDiesel." -- Left Lane News (2014)

Don't worry Captain Canuck RAM will be just fine!

I guess you haven't heard the facts like Canadians with high school education score higher then their counterparts from the United States who just graduated from college!

Edmunds...lol yeah thats a truck resource I will base decisions off of.

Fail, Rams/Dodges are no where near as reliable as Ford or GM...those are solid facts that can be followed back to 1970 and to the present day!

Kelly blue book...hahaha... Did you not read or notice Rams depreciate quicker then almost all brands...no investment here!

Consumer guide ...oh yes what an authority they are on trucks even though they have never been in one.

The Eco diesel....yes it gets better mileage when compared to gas motors ...barely and at what cost? oh give it a few years to see the reliability after all tony has had his hands in it. Hey wait ...where is the story about Eco Diesels being in limp mode brought back to the dealer again? Eco Diesel didn't fair well in the TFL truck towing challenge either.... performance is a slug! Don't worry when Gm and Ford release their diesels in the half ton you will see Fiat/ Ram get crushed. Lol their prized Eco diesel is a disappointment now when compared to current gas engines and cost factors.

The number don't lie ...GM and Ford are the kings and have been for a long ,long time! Double the volume of trucks and they still have better reliability. That statement alone proves industry/contractors put their GM and Ford counterparts to work everyday. Ram they get greasy owners who like hanging in their dealership service departments and like to carry less then 800lbs payload.

Fiat has already dogged GM to try to merge with them and were told to take a hike.... Looks like they already recognize a bail out again will be needed. Think about it we have Chrysler,Dodge,AMC and Fiat all rolled into one company...and Italians are now at the helm...DISASTER>

within 5 and no more then 10 years Ram will be history and this Fiat attempt will be the last!

Maybe from the picture Fiat is trying to build a bumper for these trucks with a 24" ram logo embossed in it!

a guy at work bought a ram rebel about a month ago with the Hemi.... tacky looking vehicle ...reminds me when they'd upgrade their trucks with new decals...hahahaha. oh it already has been in the service department twice... the rear view mirror fell off when he hit a bump in the pavement and now in the last week the heater fan quit working...Quality from the minds at Fiat...he paid $63,000 for this rolling billboard...I like the toyo tires but after that not much!

Curious News...Fiat cancelling their small vehicles? Wasn't Fiat suppose to give Chrysler/Dodge a boost when they merged with their expertise in small car tech? Now Fiat is looking to re-badge real small cars made by other brands...lol.

Ram owners, do not roll your trucks as they have about as much protection as an rag top. Ram fail miserably in rollover tests..outright failure!

Pacifica mini van... starts @ $45,000....hahahaha lip stick on a pig! Maybe they should just bring back the K-car with a new name and ask $50,000

Lol aren't those Canadian cute!

He means $50,000 Canadian Dollars, that means $1.50 US heeeeheeeee

Guys, lay off of the FCA bashing. I remember mid- to late nineties when Chrysler was launching one hit after another. It started with their big rig inspired redesigned Ram truck which got the ball rolling into the growth that at times has challenged the great Silverado. Hey, it didn't stop there, they brought the PT cruiser which started the whole retro crave. Then came more hits like cab forward design vehicles like the intreped and 300 sedans. All those vehicles sold like hot cakes. The difference between Ford and Chrysler is that Chrysler proved to be too honest and logical by coming up with a design ( ie cab forward ) and calling it just that. Unlike Ford with their mystical military grade aluminium . HAHAHA! How can you take a truck company serious with a marketing slogan like that. LOL! Anyways, my point is, FCA just might have a few new product hits in development that will turn this company around.

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