2014-2015 Toyota Tundra Air-Flow Issue

2014 Toyota Tundra 008 II

A technical service bulletin has been issued to Toyota dealerships for model-year 2014 and 2015 full-size half-ton Tundras that have the factory-installed TRD superchargers on the 5.7-liter V-8 engines.
Click here to find out if your truck is affected, what to do if it is and whether warranty coverage applies to your vehicle.

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Just to think Roadwhale was telling us all we don't need bigger grills.

Probably applies to maybe ~3,000 trucks as they stopped making the TRD supercharger a few months ago and majority of the regions are flex fuel 5.7s only, which Toyota says the supercharger isn't compatible with.

Drivers of affected pickup trucks equipped with the 3UR-FE engine with a supercharger may see an illuminated check engine light. The diagnostic trouble code P0101 for the mass air-flow circuit range/performance problem will be lodged in the system's memory.

Dealers will replace the air cleaner box, lid and filter, connecting hoses, mass air flow meter and all connecting hardware.

Just sounds like they forgot to install the rest of the TRD kit like the airbox and pipe. Runing the standard items will cause the engine light

Now if you want the supercharger you have to order it from the company that designed it http://www.magnacharger.com/p-144-toyota-tundra-57l-v8-supercharger-system.aspx. But at least you get more horsepower 550 vs 504.


Fiat looking to Toyota for a merger..... hahaha sergio has lost his marbles.

Folks there is big trouble in FCA and their looking to cash out

If FCA couldn't force GM then they have no chance at forcing Toyota into a merger. Volkswagen is in the same category.

FCA will be bought by a Chinese company. That's about the only segment of the manufacturing base that would benefit from FCA. IF no one buys FCA, expect another bailout request soon.

So right after this site posts the huge GM recall, they post this pretty useless one that affects practically nobody on here!

Hmmm, I see what is going on here!

my tundra was a peace of crap and a dealer who thought Toyota had perfect trucks. Note to Toyota see ford for info on how to build a real truck. No wonder the tundra never took off if they were as sorry as mine was.

Well, I guess this isn't surprising when the reality is the Tundra is no better than any other truck in terms of QDR.


such modification to an engine not made for such will create issues.

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