2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Diesel Video

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After spending a few weeks behind the wheel of a new 2016 Chevrolet Colorado with the 2.8-liter inline-four-cylinder Duramax turbo-diesel, we put a few thoughts together about the midsize pickup truck and share them in our latest video. Check out Cars.com senior editor Mike Hanley as he takes the torquey little midsize through amaze of Chicago city streets, parking garages and Illinois highways.

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An "Off Road" truck that couldn't climb over a sidewalk curb without ripping chunks of plastic off. Nice...

Have yet to see a diesel. See regular ones here and there. My dealer here has a good many gas ones. Said they cant get diesels for some reason.

Too bad in order to meet the EPA mileage ratings on the window stickers, you have to have an airdam that is 6 inches from the ground for aero. Too bad :(

i believe something is wrong with the diesels. they are not available at the dealers.

Have yet to see one on a GM car lot in South Carolina. These things are more rare than purple unicorns ridden by mermaids.

for all of the whining about diesel availability, how many of you have placed an order on one yet?

Whether diesel or V6 the truck would be a ball to blast around in the dirt.

Why all the grumpy comments?

The air dam is almost as low as the one on the F150 Police truck. They are all low, but can easily be taken off, I know.

Why would I want to preorder something I haven't test driven yet? I've always test driven what I wanted and THEN order. Your way of doing it would make me take a huge gamble in ordering a truck I will end up not liking.

@papa, a buddy of mine was going to place an order for a diesel. That's why we were at the chebby place to start with. Plenty of gas trucks but he was told they would take the order but don't expect one any time in the near future. No excuse given other than unforeseen problems right now. Phone calls to other dealers stated the same thing. He placed no order. Nobody being grumpy but the dealers.

Here it is hard to find a petrol version. They are " entrance" engines here.If you are pickup up parts in a Urban area or using it as a regular driver. Many manufacturers do not offer Petrol engines, only diesels.

Nice title: Cars.com for senior's.

I would rather have a 1985 ford ranger then that pos. the ram full size diesel (which is also a pos) gets 7 mpg better then the Colorado hooptie. What a joke!! LMAO!!!!! Ford is the king of trucks!!!!

No Chevy Dealer within 100 miles of me don't even have gas ones on stock, and if they do have 1 or 2 on the lot they are already sold!
Test ride? out or the question! you can't test drive one that's already sold!
funny how long the "already sold" ones sit on the lot for weeks!
what? everybody that buys one isn't in a hurry to take it home?

I know the scam! The dealers want to sell you a Silverado instead!

Took delivery of my diesel Canyon crew cab in February. Have 1,100 miles on it now. Hasn't seen less than 20mpg yet and even without the airdam does over 30mpg on the highway. Haven't towed with it yet, but I have had half a ton in the bed and it handled it much better than I thought it would. The torque is excellent, though going from a 300hp truck to this leaves me wanting a bit more top end sometimes. All in all, I'm quite happy with it though.

@Fed up

when somebody starts a story with "...A buddy of mine" you can bet the whole story is BS from start to finish.

buddy of mine went to the moon; buddy of mine dates Madonna, buddy of mine is Richard Petty's best friend, buddy of mine is...

"i believe something is wrong with the diesels. they are not available at the dealers..."
Posted by: xxx | Apr 19, 2016 3:34:41 PM

You must be going to a Ford dealership....not only don't they have a mid-sized diesel, they don't even have a mid-size....lol Ran away from the market like little girls!

Natethegreat78 is right Ford is the king of trucks...
Unless you want a Ranger in North America;
Unless you want a Ranger that doesn't have a faulty tow bar;
Unless you want a F150 where the brakes won't fail;
Unless you want a F150 that doesn't have ignition Coil Failure;
Unless you want a F150 without Head Gasket Oil Leaks;
Unless you want a F150 without Rough Engine Idling;
Unless you want a F150 with a diesel;
Unless you want a manufacturer who plans to keep building vehicles in the US and not Mexico.


Wish they would of had the Z71 Duramax Colorado on the lot when I got Z71. I would of bought it instead of the 3.6L.

My 4-cylinder 2016 Tacoma 4x4 can still whip the Colorado off-road!

I guess I will get ready to start pulling out Colorado's with my gas 4-cylinder Tacoma!

Steering wheel to seat geometry is wacked out. The wheel and seat are offset so you don't sit directly in front of the wheel.

The guys on the coloradofans site have been talking about their diesels since January. Most getting over 30mpg on the highway.

I've tested my friends brand new Colorado (Asian version) with this same 2.8 Diesel & he drove my 3 yr old global Ranger; we both agreed the Ranger's 3.2 diesel is just so much more powerful & smoother it made his Colorado seem outdated.

I'm sure Ford will update this already great platform for the US version & shake up the US midsize truck market....

Toyota Tacoma demand is still great, dealers only allotted 2 Tacoma's per dealership!

dale miler,
interesting! I take you word for it cause I never even was allowed to sit in one!
But when or IF I ever do sit in one I will take notice what you said where the steering wheel is off-set of the seat.
That will drive me crazy.
The Colorado-Canyon is the ONLY truck I never did a test drive.
I like information like that cause I read all the reviews and nobody said what you said.
Same way I give my personal reviews of other trucks with issues nobody else talks about for example the new 2015-2016 F-150 has the top of the windshield so low to the roof where I have to bend my head sideways to see out.

A buddy of mine is a real Buddy of mine. Don't tell me he ain't. I have no reason to lie about that and I have no reason to be on a chevy lot other than with a Buddy of mine. I forgot that you know it all too. SAD.

Friend of mine just picked one up- had to travel a few hours to get it- says he got around 30mpg on the drive home.
Fuel costs the same this week.

Love my trail boss.all the truck I need all the power I need all the mileage I need and it's gorgeous

I have a diesel Trail Boss. I love it! Ordered 1/26 and took delivery 4/15. Worth the wait and money in my opinion. The steering wheel seems centers to me.

I love the, heres a video on a truck and link you to another site since we dont do these on PUTC, but Cars.com does.......a bit wired for me, PUTC, are you saying we should start to check out cars.com instead of coming here?

The price is insane. I'm glad to see that most reviews online complain about this. Hopefully GM is listening. $45K?? For that money I'm getting the Ram EcoDiesel.

The air dam has gotta go. Its a toy for people looking for toys that cant afford a top of the line Raptor or cant handle driving a full size toy like the Fiat Rebel.

For the young single guys who don't value their money, or the old empty nesters with money to burn its another slightly cooler pretend truck option and they being the target consumer will like it and will buy it.

They are on the lots all around me. Not a lot of them in any one place, but 1 - 6 on nearly every dealer lot. I wouldn't expect to see many since most people will buy the gas versions. Test drive one and it will leave you wanting more. They feel like an old school, under powered gas engine. No power to GO when you really need it, like passing or merging. They would be a great truck for commuters looking primarily for MPGs. If you watched the whole video above, even they seem to prefer the gas engines. Most of the compliments they give are for the truck, not the diesel engine.

My 2016 Tacoma SR 4x4 was only $26,000 and it will be worth more after 5 years than the Colorado diesel...

Bought my 3/4" retrieval hooks to pull these diesel Colorado's out when they get stuck...

By the way, enjoy the maintenance at 100,000 miles or so...

This thing got only 22 mpg in their testing and it had no power!

@dale milner

You don't notice the offset steering wheel once you sit in the truck a bit. It looks strange but isn't an issue.

I looked at both the 2015 Colorado's and Tacoma's. The Colorado was head and shoulders above the Tacoma in front seat comfort and ergonomics. My one son who is around 5'6" tall preferred the back seat ergonomics of the Tacoma. He looked less squished in the Tacoma. I have yet to look at the 2016 Tacoma.

Last year my local dealer could not keep any Colorado/Canyon trucks in stock unless they had entry level fleet grade trucks on the lot. This year they have much more on hand.

@DC - they aren't trying to upsell to full sized trucks. A Colorado/Canyon sells at full MSRP. Full sized trucks sell with big discounts. I have yet to have a salesman push a full sized truck on me when I have asked to look at a Colorado.

capital land gmc has been selling canyon diesels. I saw 3 and in less than 12hrs later all gone!

@ooooxi, why do you say enjoy maintenance after 100k miles? Some of us have owned diesls for much more than that and dont understand, so please explain....My powerstrok maintenance is the same at 100k as it is now at 90k

@Nitro that's because this website is second rate, and the cars.com guys can do a better review than the authors on this website.

On the maintenance of these VM Motori engines; these VM Motori diesels are not going to be as reliable as the HD diesels. There are threads already about the 3.0 VM diesel (ecodiesel) oil blowby (oil separator)/sludge buildup.

The big diesels are pretty much tried and true, the first generation 6.7 Powerstroke had a lot of issues, but I haven't heard of many problems with the later 1st gen or the 2nd gen Powerstrokes.

You really never hear about any issues with the 6.6 duramax except on the LB7s with injector issues.

Only complaints I've heard about the 5.9/6.7 Cummins was transmission or emissions related.

for all of the whining about diesel availability, how many of you have placed an order on one yet?

Whether diesel or V6 the truck would be a ball to blast around in the dirt.

Why all the grumpy comments?

Posted by: papa jim | Apr 19, 2016 4:23:22 PM

Awww, don't be papa dork, have you placed an order for this POS failure, honestly, it's crappy.

Odd,the video shows the dude raising and lowering the seat manually.The Z71 pkg comes with electric seats.

Awww, don't be papa dork, have you placed an order for this POS failure, honestly, it's crappy.
Posted by: Frank | Apr 20, 2016 4:55:32 PM

Frank will place an order as soon as his mother gets her welfare check!


No, the video shows him adjusting the seat with power.



@Frank--did you order one?

And now for some real news

For the second time in less than a year, the Ford Motor Company is lowering the fuel-economy ratings for some of its vehicles.

Ford will reduce the mileage rating on six new models, most of them hybrids, and pay $125 to $1,050 to customers who own or lease about 200,000 of the cars in the United States.

The vehicles include four versions of the 2014 Ford Fiesta, as well as the hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of the 2013-14 C-Max and Ford Fusion and the hybrid version of the 2013-14 Lincoln MKZ. Most of the vehicles’ combined city and highway rating will be lowered by one to five miles per gallon; the MKZ will be reduced the most, by seven miles per gallon, to 38 from 45.

Those must have been "military grade" false mileage ratings, not the "regular false mileage rating like VW has!

Heeeheeee Ford what a mess....lol

Hi to everyone saying bad things about the Colorado diesel. I got mines since February an I love it to me it's better than the gas engine. I just did a 125 miles test drive on it an I got 35 miles to the gallon on the freeway going 65-70 mph . I would never get that kind of milage on a tacoma or any pickup in the market. The 2.8 to has a lot of power it also has a good take off . Nice job chevy.

too bad the timming BELT is due to be changed at 150,000 miles, costly.

Ok if you plan to sell before then.

Don't believe me? Look it up on the maintanance intervals.

My powerstrok maintenance is the same at 100k as it is now at 90k

Posted by: Nitro | Apr 20, 2016 1:14:36 PM

Are you rolling back the odometer? I'm pretty sure that is illegal.


TRX-4 Tom Better then the Ram eco diesel with ticking time bomb cam gears, that slip after 100,000 miles, and trash's the whole engine :)

This seems like a good pickup for those who pretty much want full size capability in a smaller package.

Diesels have never been traffic light racers. You don't buy a diesel if you want to race at the lights, or, for that matter most any commercial vehicle.

The front air dam that sits low is a feature on most ALL US pickups nowadays, so it appears these things are here to stay.

One only needs to look at the new aluminium F-150 FX4 to see how poor an off road vehicle this is with the front air dam fitted.

I would also state that this off road Colorado will have any new aluminium F-150 in the off road stakes. The only execption will be the Raptor, but then the Raptors HD size will make it cumbersome in many off road situations.

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