2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Diesel Video

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After spending a few weeks behind the wheel of a new 2016 Chevrolet Colorado with the 2.8-liter inline-four-cylinder Duramax turbo-diesel, we put a few thoughts together about the midsize pickup truck and share them in our latest video. Check out Cars.com senior editor Mike Hanley as he takes the torquey little midsize through amaze of Chicago city streets, parking garages and Illinois highways.

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Now we know where BARFO went.

UM DenverBARF - small trucks do have an advantage off-road just because of smaller dimensions and weight.

So WTF is your point other than your prostate problems related to the aluminum F150?

Oh... denverBARF's ultimate wet dream: a small truck with a small diesel.

Must be associated with something else in your own centre console that is small and manually shifted by yourself alone.

Just picked up my Canyon Duramax diesel today B.C canada. Full load leather SLT. Soft touch dash and doors with stitching, unlike the Colorado that has the hard plastic dash and door materials. Diesel has impressive torque, and truck drives nice and quiet, exhaust brake is awesome. Icing on the cake is we got 33 mpg on a 150 mile trip over the Anarchist Summit (8% grade) and back thru Kelowna to Summerland, lots of hills. Truck is very very comfortable. Now i have to figure out all the gadgets for phone and Nav system.

@Sean : Congratulations!

@Sean - 33 mpg USA gallon or Imperial?

@Sean - Oh, forgot to ask. what did it cost?

"@papa, a buddy of mine was going to place an order for a diesel. That's why we were at the chebby place to start with. Plenty of gas trucks but he was told they would take the order but don't expect one any time in the near future. No excuse given other than unforeseen problems right now. Phone calls to other dealers stated the same thing".

I don't hear dealers saying there are unforeseen problems. The problem is high demand for a new truck.

Lou, Mine cost $52,000.00

@SEAN - so who are you then?

kinda killed your credibility with that last blog name entry

and what was your mpg again?

Wow, for all you out there whining about not being able to fine a diesel on the dealers lots, where are you looking? I just bought an ext cab Z-71, V-6, all black, and when we went looking they had two diesels on the lot! both 4x4, both loaded, and went for 42K and the other 46k, but that was a Trail Boss. I would have bought one, but I do not want, like or need a crew cab! that is the only way to get a diesel! Oh well, maybe next time! Now I have to comment on the Colorado, and I think the trucks is as good as all the magazines have been saying about them, sure the air dam is low, and not as easy to remove as on the Silverado I had. I was able to get a great trade on the Silverado, and also get a great discount on the Colorado, I found the only dealer I know of that is discounting, and not at the expense of going through a lousy dealer, no, I went through the largest dealer in N.E. and was able to get a discount of 5K!! A new Colorado Z-71, with the Chevy My-Link 8" with Nav and Bose, with the tow package, for the total sum of 30.5K! Even so, I would have been able to get a better deal on the Silverado, but I wanted the Colorado, as it will fir in my garage, gets better mpg, 18 cty/24hyw, so far. One more thin, it does pull my Airstream fine, I know the diesel would do a better job, but I wanted the ext cab long bed, the crew cab long bed is as long as the ext cab Silverado!

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