2016 Ford F-150 Special Service Package Now Available

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In order to provide for the largest, most demanding fleet buyers in the country — federal, state and local governments along with law enforcement agencies — Ford is announcing the introduction of the latest Special Service Vehicle Package for model-year 2016 F-150s. The last time Ford first promoted the SSV Package for the F-150 was in 2012.

The new SSV F-150 option package will be available in both 4x4 and 4x2 drivetrains, with a choice of either the SuperCrew or SuperCab configuration. As you might expect for a vehicle likely to see punishing duty cycles, this package includes long-wearing and easy-to-clean vinyl seats and flooring, a high-output 240-amp alternator (necessary for extended idling times) and a center console delete option to allow for more space or customization.

Ford already offers SSV or Interceptor packages for the Explorer and Expedition SUVs, and it even offers a full-size SSV Transit Prisoner Transport van for law enforcement and correctional facilities. In fact, the Ford Explorer Interceptor is the best-selling police vehicle in the country.

The SSV F-150 can be ordered with the 5.0-liter V-8 engine or the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost; all SSV pickups are available in the no-nonsense XL trim level. Both Ram and Chevrolet offer special police packages as well.

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Anyone not offering Emergency Service / Gov vehicles is missing out on a very visible market and should only avoid such markets if they don't have a chance in them. Being foreign owned I would think would hurt Fiat's chances of contracts beyond locals. Its foolish to ignore this market or the rental market or the fleets... being a top safety pick does help too.

"Look in the mirror and tell me how many fools you see."

@papa jim

Remember, if you look out the passenger mirror - "objects are closer than they appear"

Ha ha

Police aren't stupid, they want MILITARY GRADE!!!!! Way to go ford. Once again leading the way. They won't need to put bullet proof panels in the doors, bullets can't penetrate military grade aluminum.

Posted by: Natethegreat78 | Apr 19, 2016 5:50:33 PM

You sound stupid. Do you work for police ?

s RAM some retarded 3rd Worlder? Reading his illiterate comments that praise the worst truck mfg gives me a head ache.

Posted by: I was a GM and Chrysler fan. Until they failed in the marketplace and went bankrupt. | Apr 19, 2016 9:36:09 PM

Nope, Retarded 3rd Worlder would be your USA engineers producing recalls over recall for RAM, GM ,FORD....

Ford needs to find away to get these f150"s off there lots, no one is buying them so why not sell to the government.

Posted by: heyyouguys | Apr 20, 2016 12:23:45 AM

They seem to be doing a pretty good job at it right nkw. Even with GM offering $10K off off their trucks right now.
Ford does a good job selling super duty's you meant to say.

The poor canine looks like he already misses the Suburban canine vehicle he was previously assigned to. Wouldn't you?

Posted by: papa jim | Apr 19, 2016 7:12:25 AM

Haha, that poor canine is probably thinking, what is this s#!t !

Smart move to use the safest 1/2 ton available for law enforcement and as a K-9 unit.

The RAM and GM trucks are a disgrace

Police pickups are nothing new. My town has used them for years. Even the police chief's cruiser is an F150.

Now read between the lines. What you're looking at is the official replacement for the Taurus Interceptor. Since the Crown Vic went away in 2011, more departments chose the Explorer over the Taurus. Alabama State Troopers are running Explorers alongside Chargers, Caprices and Tahoes. They won't even touch the Taurus. To be honest, a Crew Cab F-Series is more desirable than a Taurus for a patrol vehicle. ford knows what they're doing here.

@ papa jim:

I think poor old Pup-Pup is lonely. He's just wishing for a "passenger" to keep him company on that long, lonely ride to the station.

I doubt that the Taurus interceptor is going away. They are selling more and more of them around here. All around me the police and sheriff's got together for a massive bid and buy for both the Taurus aND Explorer. Many of these precincts are dumping the chargers early because they are junk and cannot rely on them. Throw in the small space inside and you have a loose loose situation. The town I work in kept their chargers for 3 years and dumped them. They keep their vehicles much longer than that. Well at least they did with the Crown Vics. They are in Explorers now and they love them. Seeing less and less chargers now. More Taurus's, Explorers, and Tahoe's.

Almost forgot, Rumer mill at the sheriff's department was fiat told them they are improving the reliability for the next generation vehicles. I don't think they care if they are or are not. No one wants the chargers around here.

Our security department just bought 6 more police Explorers. They love the other ones that have now and wanted more.

@LMAO - I have yet to see the RCMP with a Charger. I've seen a few Nissans and one lone Ram 1500.
Taurus, Explorer, Tahoe 4x2 and 4x4 and Suburban makes up the bulk of RCMP vehicles. Ford and Chevy HD's are common up north in rural areas. Corporate fleets are either Ford and/or GM. Rarely FCA.

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