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The biggest debut of the 2016 New York International Auto Show, regardless of what any car guy might say, was the introduction of Nissan’s all-new half-ton 2017 Titan. We thought you might want to see Nissan’s full press release about the debut as well as more detailed photos of the pickup truck. We’ll know more about the truck when we get a chance to drive it later this fall. And just in case you want to see the winners and losers from the New York show, click here.

Here’s Nissan's press release:

NEW YORK (March 24, 2016) — Today at the 2016 New York International Auto Show, Nissan officially unveiled the standard bearer of its family of TITAN pickups – the 2017 TITAN Crew Cab, powered by Nissan's 5.6-liter Endurance® V-8 gasoline engine. With the all-new flagship XD model of Nissan's reimagined TITAN family of pickups already in dealer lots, this volume model, half-ton TITAN will go on sale in the late summer of 2016. TITAN will initially launch as a Crew Cab model with Single and King Cab variants planned for later in the model year.

"TITAN shares its aggressive style with the TITAN XD, but the two vehicles are completely different underneath the skin," said Fred Diaz, Division Vice President and General Manager, North America Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, Nissan North America, Inc. "TITAN will compete in the heart of the full-size pickup segment — the half-ton — while the TITAN XD provides a unique solution for customers by bridging the cost and capability gap between traditional half-ton and full heavy-duty pickups. Between TITAN and TITAN XD, we will cover about 85 percent of the full-size truck market.”

TITAN is built on a separate chassis from TITAN XD, and is approximately 228.1 inches long (14.7 inches less than XD) and 79.5 inches wide (same as XD), with the cab size shared between the two vehicles.

"We've said before that even the lug nuts are different from TITAN to TITAN XD," added Diaz. “What's important is that these two trucks are serving a completely different type of customer. As the head of Nissan's light commercial vehicle program in the U.S, I’m thrilled to be getting this truck into the lineup as an option for fleets as well as for the personal use buyer."

TITAN will be available in 4x2 or 4x4 drive configurations and three bed lengths — 5.5, 6.5 and 8 feet. Similar to TITAN XD, TITAN will be available in five trim levels — S, SV, PRO-4X, SL and Platinum Reserve.

The TITAN will be powered by Nissan's 5.6-liter Endurance® V8 gasoline engine, producing 390 horsepower. This engine, which will also be featured in the TITAN XD V8 Gas and the all-new 2017 Armada, will be mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. A V-6 gasoline engine will also be available (details to be announced at a later date).

The Nissan TITAN will be assembled in Canton, Mississippi, with the 5.6-liter V8 gasoline assembled in Decherd, Tennessee. The truck goes on sale in summer 2016, and pricing will be available closer to its on-sale date. For more information on the 2016 Nissan TITAN XD and 2017 TITAN, including photography, please visit www.NissanNews.com

Cars.com photos by Angela Conners


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Looks like a Ford but built better! No soda can here!

It seems to me that 1200 XD units per month, the diesel Titan isn't exactly a great success. Not sure how many light duties Titan's projects to sell, but it seems very difficult for Nissan and Toyota to compete with Ford, Chevy and RAM.

Im excited to see what hopefully is another worthy competitor in the full size half ton market in price, features and capabilities.

Everything "looks" good/good enough. Lets start getting in to the tests/comparisons/stats/impressions. While not as advanced as the F150 (then again nothing presently is), it doesn't necessarily have to be (as others have shown) to be successful in the market.

I still don't get the Titan XD... 5/8 ton capabilities for almost 3/4 ton prices. 1200 units a month but be the number of people of people who fit into that tiny market for a beefy my little bit more than a half ton has a diesel V8 and your half ton doesn't, and I got the money to burn crowd.

This should be cheaper then the big 3, parts from Japan and non-union labor

Good Gawd Nissan, you need to build and design your own, stop copying FORD.


GM is going Aluminum, you're gonna eat CROW, friggin dolt.

@Frank, yep when gm does go to aluminum the gm dolts will say its the best thing since sliced bread, wait and see. Bunch of sorry dolts.

Nissan should really slow down with this new 1/2 ton Titan rollout and drag it out even longer. It's not like we've been waiting 10 years for it or anything...

Looks like a Ford but built better! No soda can here!

Posted by: Greg | Apr 7, 2016 9:01:09 AM

That truck has a beautifully designed interior like the Silverado High Country. Unfortunately the dash looks too busy similar to a Ford.

@George- there's that 1200/mo number coming from? I don't see it here.

@Clint- how many gears in the Ford transmissions? Which engines have variable valve lift? I'm with you on the XD- at least on paper, it isn't quite right.

@Dave- Japanese parts aren't any cheaper than American one, not that it matters- this will be right up there with the F150 and Tundra for domestic content. Can you blame any auto maker for not wanting to open a UAW plant????

I am really curious about the capabilities of this truck- in going with a destict light and heavy half-ton, I would hope to see some good weight savings for the light truck.

Nissan would love to sell 100K of these and the XD. It could happen the first year once complete production is in effect. Sad fact for Nissan is neither this nor the XD are going to be ground breaking enough to separate it from the competition. Maybe it's lighter than expected and has great economy with solid capabilities? Somehow I don't expect it will, if Nissan has good news about this rig they should get it out sooner rather than later.

Please for the love of all that's holy have a crew cab configuration with a 6.5 foot bed!

I wouldn't buy a steel truck if someone is making aluminum trucks

Very nice truck, much nicer than GM twins for sure, but falls short of the military grade F series......I do love the japanese parts comments from Greg, I guess the Mexican frames on the big 3 are all ok with you?

Might be the neatest engine bay I've ever seen. Just look
at a late model Duramax or Jokestroke. It's possible to throw
a hand full of rice under the hood and nothing will hit the

I am considering buying one but none of my Nissan Dealers within 100 miles have any 2016's in stock, they have plenty 2015's
I hate the copper color like the one in the picture, I want the gas engine instead of the diesel.

@Dave: Tundra uses some parts from Japan, with a high rate of US Materials, and non union as well. Both are built in the states.

But the Tundra is no cheaper than the Big 3.

The xd gas with a 7 speed will be something to watch. The trans on these are solid! 7 spd is really good number of gears. I have a good feeling that these gas models in both ranges will be powerful trucks. My 8 speed shifts a lot compared to my last 6 speed. It isn't needed really when you aren't towing something heavy. And in reality when I was towing with my eco boost in the steep hills 25mph to 65mph it would act like a 4 speed. I would always say all I want is one more gear before The first over drive. This truck isn't equipped with that engine though and the twin turbo pulls uphill with authority even with a good load behind. It will be really interesting when tfl does an like pull with the gas versions.


Yeah you want everyone in America to make 5bucks an hour.. you know those people that pay their taxes while you want to siphon more money to the elite and they just move the money to a lower tax district just like they already do with jobs. Yeah that is good! /sarcasm

Engine bay still looks pretty tight to me but if you think about it, what new car or truck isn't. Throw rice in any of them and you'll be smelling cooked rice before long.

I have a bad feeling for Nissan's pickup effort. The XD diesel missed the mark and the half ton will struggle to make it's way in a very competitive field.

The tailgate is too much, the rest looks great.

You know the military grade F series SUCKS A#@!!!!! When even Nissan has more transmission gears. At least Nissan didn't come crying to GM like Ford did to built them a 10 speed LMBO!

Good job Nissan you will be getting tons of sales from the brain dead people that are known as Ford clowns in no time.

I'm really disappointed with the new Titan. They had how many years to come up with something groundbreaking and they lay an egg with this!!?? Imagine if they would have came out with something similar to the Warrior concept. They had a chance to make in-roads into the full size market and they blew it. I really don't know why they spent so much money on design/engineering for this effort.

The tailgate is too much, the rest looks great.

Posted by: papa jim | Apr 7, 2016 6:06:21 PM

Agreed, it do look like a Ford tailgate.

The tailgate is too much, the rest looks great.

Posted by: papa jim | Apr 7, 2016 6:06:21 PM

Agreed, it do look like a Ford tailgate.

@ John did

All the 10 speed auto patents have been filed by Ford.

Yeah sure Cool LMBO!


HA a real truck you say! Right, real trucks come with V8's and are made of steel like GM, Ram, Nissan, and Toyota. Oh wow two patents LMBO!!!!!!!! To bad they still needed GM to put it together for them so it will last LMBO! More like they need GM's help to build a real truck. That's why you see a Ford rolling off GM's test ground. Better go smoke another stupid stick Ford clown!


You mad brah ???? It's OK you can cry.

Chevy ordered that Ford pickup. That's why it was leaving there proving grounds. All the patents on the transmission were filed by Ford. Johnny doe you prove your ignorance over and over again. Glad you are gm.

@MrKnowitall... 10spd right around the corner (although honestly I think if someone brought a spilt rear to the game real advances in ratios and mileage would be huge instead of tiny). There are also plenty of other modern features the F series... Start stop, small displacement, Twin turbos, DI, cameras, trailer backup assist, and are ahead in utilization of modern materials... Yes its currently the most advanced.

I don't see the new Titan 1/2 ton being a MPG monster even with a good V6 in it (which should be easy for Nissan to do). Unless they have a small displacement 6 cyl Cummins or other diesel up their sleeve for it look for pretty typical to back of the puckish MPG figures for it. Which will still be a big improvement over the previous Titan but that's nothing to brag about either.

Chevy ordered that Ford pickup. That's why it was leaving there proving grounds.

Posted by: Fed up. | Apr 8, 2016 3:38:16 AM

Probably leaving the proving grounds for some warranty work or a recall to be performed at a local Ford dealer. LOL!

I agree....crew cab and 6.5 box...usefull size

Please for the love of all that's holy have a crew cab configuration with a 6.5 foot bed!
Posted by: Taylor | Apr 7, 2016 1:07:20 PM

Chevy ordered that Ford pickup. That's why it was leaving there proving grounds. All the patents on the transmission were filed by Ford. Johnny doe you prove your ignorance over and over again. Glad you are gm.

This is correct, in addition, GM is copying the Aluminum Structure design, the GM Dolts will eat crow, because after all, GM copies FORD on everything.

@Taylor- you can get that- Just says XD on it.

@lou DC- the Gasser won't be out for a little bit- like mid year. If you really want one, call the salesmanager at your friendly neighborhood Nissan dealer, and tell him what you want, and to call you when you can get it.

@TRX-4 Tom- sure about that? compare some apples to apples. the Tundra is a really good value.

@Clint- Pretty sure Nissan was first with surround view cameras, but whatever....
6cyl diesel... none of the current press stuff mentions it, but at one point, they proclaimee that there would be 4 engines for the Titan line-up. Nissan has an in-house engine a lot like the FCA Ecodiesel. UNtil recently, it was available with this same 7sped in a top trim Navara (global Frontier).

because after all, GM copies FORD on everything.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 8, 2016 11:53:23 AM

Thank GOD they don't copy Ford's styling. I prefer a truck that looks the part.

This fool just admitted that GM copy's Ford, in addition, he wants a truck that rides like a car. You're right home.

"Thank GOD they don't copy Ford's styling. I prefer a truck that looks the part." - da trvll

@Frank, there is a sucker born every minute, by golly GMSRBAD is the definition.

As I told someone before, thank you for finally admitting GM copys Ford GMSRBAD!

Sooner or later all truck manufactures will have aluminum bodies.

Sooner or later gas v8's will no longer be available in the half ton market. It will be diesel or v6 turbocharged. This will be done in order for truck manufactures to meet EPA requirements in the future.

@blow by u, I agree on that statement. Kinda like the imports for cars, just about all of them are now 4 and 6 cylinder turbo engines, lots of diesels as well. Only a matter of time for the trucks other than ford to start scaling abck V8's and go with 4 and 6 turbos

more power than any ford engine
Ford's weak point is engines
Toyota's weal point is frame

RAM GM and NISSAN all others are not worth my money

Mr Knowitall

The local Nissan Dealers are blowing smoke telling you the 2015 and 2016 XD is the same truck.
I know better cause I read PUTC

@ Nitro and Frank : does your F- series have on-star or built in wifi ?


Yes, it's call 911 Assist, and it's FREE. Also, when using My Ford Sync you can activate HOT SPOTS for WIFI, and it's FREE.

Now tell me, does your GM Series truck have Off-Road Type Truck (Raptor)?

Does your GM series truck have 360 degree camera view?

Does your GM Series truck have twin turbo V6 in trucks?

If you answer any of the above, you're a moron.

@ Frank ! My truck has a awesome sounding V8, 6.2 L with 8 speed trans and better fuel economy that your 3.5 twin turbo with a, wait, what's that? A 6 speed trans you say. Oh, i'm sorry.

Oh, are those cameras Polaroid. LOL!

Stop lying you have no 6.2L V8, and here is GM's best car with that V8.


The Ford kids are some damn dumb it isn't even funny. They should lay off the drugs, and a clue. You'll never seen a GM rolling out a Ford's testing site because they know what they are doing unlike Ford.


GM 10 speed transmission patents.

US20080300092 * 4 Jun 2007 4 Dec 2008 Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc. 10-Speed Transmission

US20090036253 * 31 Jul 2007 5 Feb 2009 Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc. 10-Speed Transmission

US8007398 * 25 Aug 2008 30 Aug 2011 GM Global Technology Operations LLC Multi-speed transmission having at least ten speed ratios

US8047951 * 17 Oct 2008 1 Nov 2011 GM Global Technology Operations LLC Ten-speed transmission

US20090192010 * 17 Oct 2008 30 Jul 2009 Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc. Ten-speed transmission

US20090118062 * 25 Aug 2008 7 May 2009 Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc. Multi-speed transmission having at least ten speed ratios


Now who is really building the 10 speed transmission? Oh that's right GM is, Nice try Ford clowns.


Yea the tailgate is to much, but I do like the rest. I would like to see a mid grade SV or an SL without the two tone.

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