Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: March 2016


Forecasters predicted a good March, typically a strong month for auto sales, and from the looks of pickup truck sales they were right.

When compared to March 2015, U.S. pickup truck sales jumped almost 10 percent, and year-to-date sales (comparing the first quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of 2016 numbers) are up 6.5 percent. That’s likely to be good news if you’re in the market for a new pickup — dealerships will be primed and practiced at making a deal. And with the fast-selling summer months just around the corner, we don’t expect pickup sales to slow down at all.

Every one of the major truckmakers are having a good year so far, on track to break most of the sales records in the last nine years. In fact, some analysts are saying the 2016 sales year could be the highest ever recorded, and much of that gain, appropriately enough, will be on the backs of pickup trucks.

The Ford F-Series broke the 70,000 unit barrier for the first time this year (the earliest since 2007), and is on track to sell close to 800,000 units in a single year. Other significant pickup truck news for March includes the Chevrolet Colorado for the first time passing the Nissan Frontier in year-to-date sales. Chevy has outsold the Frontier in monthly sales for the last two months, but with sales like these, the Colorado is not likely to give up the No. 7 slot on our list for the remainder of the year.

The Nissan Titan, which now includes the new Titan XD with the Cummins engine, is continuously improving its monthly sales pace by 20 percent and more, and when the half-ton version comes on line in the fall, that number is likely to jump again.

Finally, we see the inverse sales relationship between the midsize Toyota Tacoma and full-size Tundra, which makes sense because they’re manufactured at the same plant on the same line. If Toyota wants to make more Tacomas (which it does), it needs to drop the corresponding number of Tundras to make room for them. We’ll likely see this trend continue until Toyota finds a way to increase total volume at the San Antonio or Mexico plants. In the meantime, the Tundra is the only pickup posting negative March sales numbers besides the Honda Ridgeline, which won’t be updated until later this year.

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PUTC March 2016 sales chart


My local dealer has four titans and all are upper trim models. The pro4 is darn expensive too. I agree they could have tried to cut some weight but the frame under the XD is pretty sturdy. Maybe a larger diesel would have helped? Nissan has a fantastic 3.0 diesel they could have used to go after the ecodiesel crowd but even Ram isn't selling many of the them. They are around 18% sales from what I last heard.

We're going to have to wait and see when all the titan configurations hit the market. A 21% increase is a step in the right direction. Regardless, Nissan is committed to the truck market and I think Fred Diaz was sent there for a reason. I have family in corporate who said Diaz was sent to help the commercial and truck market at Nissan.

For those who continue to post BS, read the article. The new titan drives nice, but is a bit slow. After all, this a diesel not a race truck.

Cheap (sub $2.00) gas is really selling new pick ups & SUV's. Didn't Skippy want $8 gasoline?

Great to see General Motors is still leading the wannabees in sales, quality, durability, reliability, educated owners, gas mileage, longevity and attractiveness. Meanwhile, F limsy ,,,,,,,O illeaking R edneck D erelict Motor company continues to count up to the F950 to convince the poorly educated, gullible, $8 per hour, womanless, drivers of their junk trucks to convince them that they are not girly girly trucks that girly guys drive. However they failed. They are poor quality trucks driven by sissy boys.

its amazing to see the frontier as old as it is still posting good numbers. its a testament to a well built reliable truck. the titan gas version will boost the overall titan numbers once it hits showrooms in late summer, as the the new xd gains momentum

and if it werent ford fleet sales and stripped work trucks theyd be nowhere.

the two sets of GM twins need combo numbers to compete as ram holds its own.

lastly toyota taco is a puzzler cause its the most uncomfortable truck out there and the tundra is the overpriced mess.

Tundra is a mess, the Taco is just a better truck than the GM twins. I don't find it puzzling at all that it contiues to beat them.
If you aren't fat, it's not uncomfortable.
GM has a diesel option but who cares? Most people don't want to pay for it. It's really the only advantage over the Taco.

wheres Big Al and his military grade truck comments? could have sworn Al said ford would tank in sales. they outsell GMc and chevy combined once again, Al you out there? AL? where are you? we need your wisdom?
WTG to all brands, good to see the big sales, good for the economy !

chevy better be careful Ram closing in...

Nissan is only making 1 model of the Titan so far and in one configuration, so a bit early to say flop. XD is only in CC and diesel. They also stated they were ramping up production slowly. Not many on lots yet

I'm curious as to why the GM fanboys only want to count pickup trucks in truck sales... If you want to see who is the leader in total truck sales why don't we include Vans and SUVs in the mix as well. Or would the reality of that beat down be too much for the average GM brain to deal with??

Went to test drive chev new mid size truck. Not impressive at all. For that much money i rather buy a full size f150 loaded. Hmm... is f150 made with same aluminum like my moms 120k range rover.... sound like ford has a winner here....

F-150 scored #! in the latest 40 mph crash testing. It was the only pick-up that got to the top level! That, my friends provides vindication of Aluminum!

The competition will continue to deride Ford by name (that is a class-less way to advertise), but Ford will continue to be #1!

Over at GM there is a whole lot of shaking going on
How you going to beat Ford with rusty crusty steel no way in hell.
Either go aluminum or get out of the way
Nissan and Toyota have good machines but rusty crusty steel
won't muster anymore.

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