Analysts Expect May Sales to Slow

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After starting 2016 with several strong sales months, putting the auto industry on track to repeat its strong 2015 showing of more than 17.3 million vehicles sold, some experts are predicting we’ll see the first hint of a slowdown when May sales totals are released next week.

According to Automotive News, one of the reasons industry analysts expect to see a slowdown in new vehicle sales is because May has only 24 on-sale days, while last year it had 26. But other reasons such as higher fuel prices and a sluggish economy could be contributing as well.

Although these predictions relate to the overall auto industry — cars and trucks — we're guessing pickups will make a strong showing for May, continuing to outpace cars as incentive spending slowly increases on popular half-ton pickup models and new housing construction continues to grow.

The two half-ton players that seem to be leading the incentive race, according to U.S. New & World Report, are the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500, each offering several thousand dollars in discounts and bonus cash, depending on the model. For those looking for a new truck during the long Memorial Day weekend, this could be the best time to buy a half-ton.

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So in other words, Gm is betting on half tons to keep them going like in 08......good business practice right there.... one thing is for sure, Ford will remain at number 1.

So in other words, Ford is betting on more cheap paying fleet sales....good business practice right there.... one thing is for sure, Ford will remain at number 2 far behind GM in trucks sales.

Why couple a slow sales article with a picture of F-150. I guess all the fleet sales have been delivered and now Ford sales are about to look ugly. GM has the enviable position to offer more choices for the consumer and continue their sales dominance.

Love the way they said that chebby and ram are leading in the incentive race. Money on the hood boys. Gotta move em somehow. @johnny sierra doeboy, that's why they put a picture of an F150 there. They know FORD is #1 and chebby #2.

I wouldn't mind to get 20k+ on the hood from the RAM . Great for the customers.

May be great for the customers but it wont pay for the heart ache that will follow.

I couldn't care less about some CEO buying himself a second yacht, because honestly, I don't see more quality or value in much more expensive products.

The 2014 gas-price buzz is old news now.

For a couple of years families and small business owners have been getting a modest "raise" from the cheaper energy prices but that's no longer a lift. It's just reality.

Economic conditions have been generally poor for America's middle class since 2001.

As a result, everybody who was holding back on a truck/big SUV purchase bought one. Now it's back to the crappy normal until the economy comes back.

Unless there's some real change in Washington after next fall's elections, expect more of same.

When to buy a new truck? Not now.

Wait until late July. By then, the latest crappy numbers on the US economy will be on hand. Selection will probably not be as good--you may have to do without your wife's favorite color.

I was surprised by how strong these pickup sales have been. Heck, even auto sales have been crazy strong. I thought the average Joe 6-pack's disposable income was tapped along time ago. I'm sure they currently carry a lot of debt, are under water with their relatively new vehicle, and are in little shape for a new $50k vehicle.

U S News and World Report haven’t checked in my area because Ford has had $12,000 off F150’s from Feb. to Apr. The first of May they went to $13,000 off plus $1,000 extra for Vet’s and Retirees. G M is $9,000 off 1500’s I haven’t seen what Ram is offering.
Ford should out sell everyone this month because after they added that last $2,000 off they been selling real well.

"Unless there's some real change in Washington after next fall's elections, expect more of same."

Considering the choice is between a protectionist wannabe conservative and a neoliberal liberal, good luck on that.


Point taken!

However, if Clinton or any other Democrat wins in November, they won't even have to print business cards because the same officials will be running practically every federal agency.

Like Trump or not, at least there will be new people appointed to run the government in Washington. As it is now, the same folks have been at the top cabinet agencies since 2009.

IRS, Dept of Justice, Dept of Commerce, Pentagon, FAA, EPA, Veterans Admin. and Dept of Education are all agencies very sorely in need of a big flush.


I'll go easy on you here--believe it or not, Joe Sixpack is not the only guy buying trucks.

My local county government has parking lots overflowing with brand new F150s and Chevy Impalas. No bureaucrat in this country today is too lowly to drive a five year old vehicle. When was the last time you saw a Ford Crown Vic in uniform.

They've all been converted to taxis.

My point you ask? The big sales are fleet sales. Rental agencies, police depts, municipal fleets and utility companies.

Anyway PUTC, where are last years sales totals?

Did Ford forbid you from posting them, like they've done with other articles in the past?

Hint: F150 was outsold by Silverado 1500 last year. Ford just needs couple more months to squeak out some more sales for 2015.

Pretty much any Ford with that gas guzzling 2.7, Ford will save you 7,050. No payments for 90 days.

Hey, that's "several thousand", although not up there with GM, which is already selling some trucks for $10,000 off, that are 1500s.

I told them they ought to just wait till about December or January, and they could get about 12 or 15 thousand of them Chevrolets.

Love the way they said that chebby and ram are leading in the incentive race. Money on the hood boys. Gotta move em somehow. @johnny sierra doeboy, that's why they put a picture of an F150 there. They know FORD is #1 and chebby #2.
Posted by: Done | May 27, 2016 2:31:12 PM

Love the Fanboys from go out and buy a Ford and pay And while you are paying more, you can look forward to this....

Ford building confidence on May 25th...

Ford building confidence on May 23rd...

Ford building confidence on May 18th....

Ford building confidence on May 15th....

Ford building confidence on May 3rd....


Ford building confidence on April 27th....


But don't worry if you insist on buying a F150....there are plenty of incentives out there for these


You're missing the forest from the trees if you think state and local municipalities are in any better financial condition.


You can't be serious. The two are totally different.

They just issue debt securities and put the load on future generations of taxpayers--they're called municipal bonds.

You and me? Not so much. We need to qualify. Municipalities in America today are drowning in debt and they still haven't figured out how they will pay for employee pensions--but they're going to have new vehicles and other gravy.


Just as with anything, there is a point of no return and it's true with both personal finances and municipalities. Debt is borrowed and needs to be repaid otherwise there's systemic failure in retirement plans, pensions, social security, etc... As they say, it all stops working when you run out of other people's money.

They say that when your the best everyone else follows you and feeds off you.
Posted by: Done | May 27, 2016 11:11:50 PM

Yeah stop following me you weirdo!


You began by saying that you are surprised by vehicle sales, which you seem to think are "strong." You said that Joe Sixpack must be buying more cars/trucks.

I replied that government agencies and other fleet sales account for much of it.

Evidently you agree. That's a question...

Well, we know the Tundra's sales will be down, but by how much? Will it maintance the 10% decline?

Also, I'm, curious to see how the mid size market will compare to the full size market. The incentives to buy are huge, but so are the MSRPs.


I think your difficultly in following conversations is more than a poor attention span or not having enough pictures. As with anyone else correcting you on a daily basis, they don't do it because they agree with you. Now to the point once again.

There are conditions now but those conditions aren't fixed. They can change. Vehicles sales can be strong and then weak as future sales are robbed as consumers and tax payers become tapped out. Yes, we already discussed that.

I get your strategy. You seek out attention in the online world, twist a response to get a disagreement and hopefully give meaning to your insignificant life. And then when the other person peels your artificial onion of confusion you change the discussion to save your low self-esteem. What a sad existence.

@papa jim don't worry about Ken he's just another loser from the second place Ford Junk Company.

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