Chevrolet Adds High Desert Special Edition to Silverado 1500 Lineup

Silverado _High_Country_3_4_Front

By Bruce W. Smith

This is a banner year for Chevrolet Silverado 1500 buyers in the market for new special-edition pickups that reflect their interests and tastes. GM recently announced that a High Desert Special Edition will be available this fall, joining the Special Ops, Midnight and Realtree special editions showcased at the Texas Motor Speedway in April, where Chevy revealed the Rally Special Edition.

The 2016 High Desert trim package is an option on Silverado LT, LTZ and top-of-the-line High Country models. The upgrade adds a lockable, flexible bed storage system consisting of two side storage bins along the bed sides, flip-up/down dividers in the bed floor and a three-piece hard tonneau cover. The weatherproof system installs over the truck's steel bed, essentially turning the bed into a multifunction, lockable toolbox.

"The High Desert package blends the capability and utility of Silverado with the refinement and luxury of Suburban," Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet truck marketing director, said in a statement. "It's ideal for those customers who want both the security of a lockable cargo area, as well as the flexibility of a pickup truck bed."

The High Desert Special Edition also is the first Silverado to offer the option of the third-generation Magnetic Ride Control suspension, which should give the pickup the ride and handling of a sports car.

Magnetic Ride Control uses shocks filled with a fluid that changes viscosity almost instantly when a magnetic charge is induced as sensors "read" the road every millisecond. The magneto-rheological fluid contains minute iron particles that align in the presence of a magnetic charge, creating more or less resistance as the piston moves within the shock.

In the LT trim level, the High Desert comes standard with 20-inch wheels and all-season tires, while 22-inch wheels and all-terrain tires are available as options on LTZ and High Country High Desert trim levels.

The 5.3-liter Ecotec V-8 remains the standard engine for the High Desert Special Edition. Those who buy an LTZ or High Country model and need a bigger power kick can opt for the 420-horsepower, Ecotec3 6.2-liter V-8 backed by the new Hydra-Matic 8L90 eight-speed automatic transmission.

GM said pricing for the High Desert Special Edition will be announced closer to the fall on-sale date.

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Finally they came out with bed storage like Ram, we all knew it would be several years to come out with this on Chevy, although it matters none to me as far as needing this type of bed storage, it is pretty cool, in this case the bed is way too short for anything other than throwing groceries in

Its sad how gm only adds stuff to truck that only the rich will buy while the rest of us who use trucks as trucks dont get crap. Why do i have to buy leather seats and a sunroof just so i can get the 6.2? Yeah eff that ess. Same thing with camaros. Before, all you had to do was get the basic z28 package and boom you get the ls1.

I think this one comes with the FREE Recall App.


Actually it was Ram that copied the Chevy Avalanche and in this case Chevy is making an Avalanche without a mid gate.

Wonder if you can retro fit it to 14-15 trucks?

The upgrade adds a lockable, flexible bed storage system. To much hi-tech for me. LOL

GM not offering the 6.2 (with the max tow package) on LT and up models is really stupid. People would probably opt for the 6.2 over the 5.3 as they get similar MPGs but the 6.2 blows the doors off the 5.3. Only downside would be premium fuel so it doesn't knock.

I also think it's stupid that you can't get the 3.42 gears with the max tow package on the LTZ Z71 or High Country. You can only get the 6.2/3.42 gears max tow package on LTZ trucks ONLY. Again another dumb decision as other automakers offer the max tow package and towing rear end across the board.

This was reported elsewhere on the 11th. Why so slow ???

Im just shocked its not all black and stickers.

It really should be called the "Almost an Avalanche" package.

While I wouldn't call it an impressive package it is finally something special and unique with real advantages for those looking for factory bed storage.

Magna ride... meh... its cool. Never needed it though. Adds alotta cost.

Lou and I are against these things because they cut into the already small bed and sverely limit hauling capacity. Through it is great for the "appearance buyer" who doesn't need a truck.

@Dave Z

How do you limit storage when you add more storage to the sides and have flip up storage in the bed? You neverGMers are stuck on stupid! If it is isnt Ford you hate it!

@Jack, you are wrong on that GM never had a box such as the Ram box, not even close......come to think of it, Gm doesnt do much on their own, its always and idea already in use

The Avalanche did have a "Ram box" style of system.

I don't care for the Ram box because it takes up box space and cannot be collapsed or removed.
Big ATV's won't fit especially if you have aftermarket tires.

I'd rather have a metal "job box" that can be removed for increased box space.

'd rather have a metal "job box" that can be removed for increased box space.

Posted by: Lou_BC | May 17, 2016 1:40:29 PM
Agreed. But some may like the look of a painted job box that matchstick the truck. So if it was removable you can have both worlds if you want it.

Way to go chebby, you keep finding ways to make an already ugly truck even more ugly!!! That has got to be the lamest truck I've ever seen. LMAO!!!!


@Lou BC, did you ever actually try to fit an ATV in a ram with that box? I go 4 wheeling all the time, and know guys who have them, I'll take a pic next time, but not sure what you mean by a "big" atv, hers a link of one

@ Lou,That didnt work, do a google search and you'll see plenty.... on this CHebby though, you may get groceries but an atv you wont

Why does Chevy have to copy the class first and original Rambox. Why can't GM ever think, design, engineer anything on their own. The constantly are copying the other truck makers.

Why does chebby have to bring back something that's already been done and done away with before?? This is crazy. @sierra,johnny doe, Michigan bob and who ever else your stupidity sends you too, why bring up Ford?? This is so lame. Already been done. Chebby needs to make a game changer instead of this crap. They don't have a clue. Neither do you.

1st: Why is this 5-6 day behind every other car site when this is ""? Weak.

2nd: Chevy had the bedside storage 14 years ago on the Avalanche. Works great to keep booster cables, tow straps, tie-down straps, bungees, different hitch balls, rope, tools, etc. Hugely useful.

@Done I never said anything bout Ford in this story. You stupid crack head.

No you cracked up meth junkie, I use this name my only name on here. Email Mark Williams and ask for yourself, you dumb brain dead crack head.

Great storage solutions for contractors and active families. This was clearly inspired from the revolutionary Avalanche. I like this because it looks like it can be added to an existing pick-up. Look for Ford to offer something like this to their customers, as soon as, they can get the licencing rights from GM.

Oh that Generic Motors..always coming out with another lame package that makes them think that will increase sales on their crummy trucks...won't help as it is still just a chebby.

this would appeal to me cause I want to own a truck nobody else owns
I want a truck that's a head turner like when someone see's my truck say to themselves: "wow I wished I owned one like that"

I love how you gm people try to re post what was said to you, you guys make your brands look terrible, and dont represent very well....OUCH

@Nitro - 850 – 1000 cc “mud bogger” quads are around 49-51 inches wide with “factory” tires. You go aftermarket and you can get larger tires and wheels with some offset. IIRC the distance between the Ram box sides is 50-51 inches.

Unlike the Rambots and Govmint Motors types, I don't make unsubstantiated posts.

Ford offers a man step and built in BBQ. Ram box is awesome for hunters and anglers.

Nope, you didn't check I only use this name, have for probably 6 or 7 years now. I don't need to change my name like you, I could care less if someone gets angry over my opinions or facts I post with info to back it up.

"Ram box is awesome for hunters and anglers."

Straight from the horses mouth.

Ram..built for play.

Serious truck buyers buy Ford or Chevy.

Fords V8s are poor quality and Chevy copyied GMC so Ram is the best truck ever

"Actually it was Ram that copied the Chevy Avalanche and in this case Chevy is making an Avalanche without a mid gate."
--Posted by: Jack | May 17, 2016 10:00:02 AM

I was thinking pretty much the same thing. Personally, I liked the capability of permitting un-used seat space to extend the bed forward instead of stretching the overall length to get that space.

If you don't like a package, don't order it.

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