Ford Pushes 2017 Super Duty to its Limits

Super Duty Camper test 1 II

When you build a new heavy-duty pickup truck (meaning a three-quarter or one-ton pickup), you know it’s going to be pushed to its limits in ways no other type of vehicle is going to be pushed. That’s why the engineers at Ford find creative ways to test new pickups up to and past their limits. 

Ford recently devised a clever way to test roll stability in its HD pickups at its Arizona Proving Grounds. Engineers used a custom-built mock-up of a slide-in camper to simulate a real camper to see what effect its higher center of gravity might have on the 2017 Super Duty. The simulated camper can be modified to weigh as much as 7,500 pounds, which is considerably more than any one-ton pickup is legally allowed to carry. The testing provided engineers with valuable data from high- and low-speed lane changes, mock slalom runs and emergency braking. The tests allowed engineers to fine-tune stability controls on the Super Duty.

We’re sharing Ford’s most recent test video, which demonstrates how Ford tests roll stability control on the 2017 Ford Super Duty. 


Manufacturer image 




Super Duty Camper 3 II



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