Honda Announces 2017 Ridgeline Pricing

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The all-new 2017 Honda Ridgeline is taking a slightly more aggressive tack as it re-enters the midsize pickup truck segment. The Ridgeline will be offered only in a crew-cab configuration, with one bed length and one engine option (V-6).However, new for 2017 the Ridgeline will be offered in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive, with five trims available for the former and seven for the latter. The jump to the Intelligent Traction Management all-wheel- drive system is $1,800.

We’ll be publishing our First Drive impressions of the Ridgeline soon; in the meantime, here’s how the pricing breaks down for the 2017 Ridgeline (all prices include a $900 destination charge).


Front-wheel-drive, four-door V-6

RT:                   $30,375

RTS:                 $32,415

Sport:              $33,915

RTL:                 $34,680

RTL-T:              $36,830


All-wheel-drive, four-door V-6

RT:                      $32,175

RTS:                    $34,215

Sport:                  $35,715

RTL:                    $36,480

RTL-T:                 $38,630

RTL-E:                 $42,270

Black Edition:      $43,770

Manufacturer image


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This will serve the same small set of people that the former Ridgeline did. The price is just a tad higher than what I thought it would be but for those that love their Honda Trucks - Go For It!

I really don't get the thinking at Honda. In the previous version it was the back end that needed fixing. Looks like that has been resolved.Now it is the front end that is awful. They should have left it alone.

This will be my next truck!

wow thats expensive for a car crossover, but it is a Honda

Might as well get a real truck with that pricing.

As other have pointed out, why is this truck so expensive? Damn

I'm not a fan of the snout.

Vulpine, your truck is here.

No wait - too big, too many doors, too expensive.

Styling is too car-like in the front-end They could've sacrificed aerodynamics for more masculinity. Square door handles in place of the Accord pieces and so on. I'd rather have a smartly-priced, manly-looking truck without the "Intellegent" AWD system for sure.

Wow...... what are they thinking!? that's so overpriced for a vehicle that doesn't even have a frame..... that's more than a limited Tacoma!

Now that the new Tacomas and GM twins have already hit the dealer lots, the only new truck info of any meaning is the next-gen Frontier. You hear me Nissan??? Get your collective @$$es in gear!

If you told me 10 years ago Nissan would neglect the Frontier so long I would have to consider a freakin' Toyota to replace it, I'd have laughed in your face.

I will not buy one (japanese truck who brought us Pearl Harbor)but I like the looks. Price is not bad either for the size. Show me a full leather decked out SUV that can haul 1,500lbs and tow 5000lbs for $40k, not gona happen
This is not to be mistaken for a off-roader and I laugh at the guy who sad something has to have a flat (brick) face to be manly....I like the looks of the 1990's F150's more then the current flat front ends of the current ones. Chevy has started rounding their front ends now and look nice

@ Dave "I will not buy one (japanese truck who brought us Pearl Harbor)but I like the looks." No sure if serious or joking.....yes, that was a terrible event but let it go. I would suspect they would have something to say about 2 atomic bomb tests and countless firebombings of Tokyo killing untold #'s of innocent women and children. They were not combatants.

There is another publication that has posted road test results on the new Ridgeline. Long story short they describe the drive as being on par with an Accord (so very smooth but boring)

I was not aware the Ridgeline bombed pearl harbor, interesting!

I know that the Koreans have copied the Japanese as far as vehicles go. Interesting that this Korean/Chinese Pickup Truck the SSanyong Actyon Pickup which came out in 2011, is very very similar to the Ridgeline. Unlike the Ridgeline it is BOF, is 4x4, tows roughly as much but a similar payload

I like That aerodynamic front end actualy,,should be easy on gas..
however this truck is way too small for my needs,
,besides,my 8 year old Silverado runs flawlesly,so have no need to buy anything new ..:)

I saw this little pick-up truck at a recent auto show. The truck doesn't look bad, the front looks like a Honda SUV that it is based off of.
The side profile looks good. It drew lots of interest from the crowd of people at the Honda exhibit.

It looks exactly like a chopped mini van. Maybe the goal was to attract mom's more than dad's? Anyway it should be easier build since it looks like it uses some of the same sheet metal.

I think the honda has done some things right. But the price is too high. So far looks like the colorados are a better option. But then you might as well get a full size unless you really need it to be small. Still waiting for a true compact truck. I like reading about these smaller trucks and seeing them around, just wish they were cheaper. Too expensive with not enough capability for a second truck. Basically these smaller trucks just seem to give you way less bang for your buck than a full size.

My 06 Ridgeline has performed flawlessly since the day I drove it off the lot with 5 miles on the odometer. I've pulled overloaded trailers, carried too much weight, driven through ice, snow, and mud without mishap and carried full sheets of drywall and plywood without a problem. It's also been the smoothest riding and most comfortable pickup I've ever owned in my 55 years of living. So yes, I'll be looking to upgrade to the 2nd Generation Ridgeline this summer.


You should stick to subjects you fully understand.

Japan made, nor honored, very few pretenses about civilian collateral damage in any of its military conquests of the 1930s.

Ask the Filipinos and Chinese about the Emperor's sympathies.

I also have an 06. It's been my favorite pickup and I've owned one of each of the big three the past 23 years. (I do have a soft spot for my old 93 F-150 XL, but it doesn't compare mechanically to the RL). I'll probably keep it for 5-10 more years if it's running well. I like this new one and it's improved mpg but it's too expensive. I got mine 4 years old for less than half the price of a new one. Probably do the same with when I'm done with the one I have now.


vul·pine ˈvəlˌpīn/ Adjective: vulpine. Of or relating to a fox or foxes. Crafty and/or cunning.

@Robert Ryan- I thought the same thing- the profile reminds of some recent Korean and Chinese offerings.
Price is a few grand north of what I expected, but its in line with the GM. The Tacoma can cost as much. I wonder at what price/trim you get the lane keeper and adaptive cruise. That would probably be only thing I'd want beyond the RT trim level.

Modern day El Camino.

It'll work for some people, but I think I'll stay with body on frame.

Built mom tough

It may be what I need (but not what I want), *IF* it can hold a pop-up truck camper like those made for the 4x4 Tacoma Crew (like by FWC or ATC). If it does, the new Ridgeline has about 300lb+ more payload than the Tacoma Crew and even 100lb+ than Tacoma Access Utility (sans rear seats), which means the Ridgeline would afford a bit more luxury (e.g. no more pealing the labels off the beer bottles to save loaded camper weight). Payload is equal to full-size reg cab work trucks short beds (Chevy has +300lb more). I won’t be doing the Rubicon, but I will be on rough gravel and dirt roads above the Arctic Circle, so the Ridgeline could be a fit. The MPG is in the range of competitors – still would like more. The price, however, is a bit much and competes with all the base midsize and actually costs more than full-size reg cab work trucks like RamV6, ChevyV6, and Ford 2.7 and price equal to base EcoDiesel. The problem is I may be too far enough into my second childhood to buy something so “Adult”. That will be the challenge.

@ papa jim You should look up the definition of a red herring argument in an effort on how to make an actual argument in the future.

I fully realize that Japanese have not apologized to the nations they occupied (China, Korea, Thailand, Philippines....) for the war crimes they committed up to and during WWII.

The original poster, Dave, said he would not buy a Japanese truck because of Pearl Harbor. He did not make the statement he would not buy a Japanese truck because of war crimes in the countries listed above. You were the one who brought this up which has zero to do with Dave's rationale for not buying the truck. Now if YOU say, or Dave comes back and says that they won't buy Japanese because of war crimes then that's another story. Give your head a shake.

@Chad your reply to Dave was retarded. I don't care what Dave said. Your remark was clueless.

@ papajim Brilliant comeback.... on par with "I know you are, but what am I"

My 07 Ridgeline is in the shop awaiting airbag fix and I have a 2016 Ram Crew Cab. Hate it. Less cab room. Jump to get in cab. My daughter asked"how can this be so huge but have so little space". No child locks on doors. This is a full size truck by cab and cargo size. Who needs to pull a house down?

I meant the HONDA is a full size truck - width and length.

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