Nissan Announces Pricing for Gas-Powered 2016 Titan XD

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The gas version of the all-new 2016 Titan XD, the first Titan pickup in Nissan’s ambitious long-term strategy to better compete in the U.S. against the Detroit Three full-size pickups, is now ready for consumption.

The Titan XD is offered in five different trim levels — S, SV, PRO-4X, SL and Platinum Reserve — and each level is now offered with a V-8 gas or Cummins turbo-diesel engine. Although pricing varies slightly with trim level and optional equipment, the difference between choosing a gas or diesel engine is about $4,000.

Looking at the pricing of the Titan XD trims, it’s easy to see that Nissan priced the truck similarly to competitors’ premium half-tons while delivering a much greater range of options and features than any three-quarter ton, all in an attempt to leverage the XD’s strong value proposition.


Here’s how the 4x2 2016 Titan XD crew cab is priced:

Trim Level                 V-8 Gas      V-8 Diesel

S                                $36,485       $41,485

SV                              $40,255       $45,255

SL                              $48,255       $53,225

Platinum Reserve     $53,665       $58,665


Here’s how the 4x4 2016 Titan XD crew cab is priced:

Trim Level                 Gas V-8      Diesel

S                                $39,485       $44,485

SV                              $43,205      $48,205

PRO-4X                     $47,165      $52,165

SL                              $51,225       $56,225

Platinum Reserve      $56,715       $61,715

(All prices include a destination fee of $1,195)


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this might be my next pickup. Wow!

Although pricing varies slightly with trim level and optional equipment, the difference between choosing a gas or diesel engine is about $4,000.


Don't you mean $5,000.?

This will not be my next truck. Nissan makes pure junk.

What are the payload capacities of the Gas XD in various trims?

Payload is so low they cannot show.

They say people look like their animals, Jim I hope you don't look like this truck! Phew.

The XD gas payload is about 500lbs more than the XD diesel. Pay less for the XD gas and get more versus the XD diesel. Fail!

Chevrolet and GMC Make GM the Hottest Retail Automaker in the Industry

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Fri, Apr 01 2016

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Ford beats GM in March with high fleet sales Nathan Bomey, USA TODAY 3:08 p.m. EDT April 1, 2016

Ken , so let me understand this...I can get a Diesel Platinum Reserve truck for $2900 more than a POS Ford Limited (MSRP $58770) or a gas Platinum Reserve for $2000 less than a POS Ford Limited!

I can get a Cummins Diesel PRO-4X truck for $200 more than more than a POS Ford Platinum (MSRP $52400) or a PRO-4X for over $5000 less than a POS Ford Platinum!

You can pay more and have this....

You can pay less and have this....

You can pay more and have this....

You can pay less and have this....

Ken you’re a military grade

On the website it lists the gas powered crew cab payload for the S model at 2500 and unavailable for the other trim lines.

2500 is not bad at all.

Great. Now where is my manual transmission?


Yea Ford border crosser,

We're still waiting for you to figure it out. Your welcome to try again but stay clear of youtube videos as it will continue to shrink your paint huffed brain - you can't afford any more of that.

The XD gas payload is about 500lbs more than the XD diesel. Pay less for the XD gas and get more versus the XD diesel. Fail!

Posted by: ken | May 2, 2016 6:25:26 PM

Gas is also lighter and the fuel is not good in extreme conditions.

Diesel the fuel is not good in extreme conditions such as weather Turbo Laaaaaagggg!!!

They're going to need to do better than that. This new titan has been the biggest disappointment in trucks I can remember. Might be worth a look though if they can offer th same discounts that the big three often offer. But that is unlikely. Is this truck class leading in ANY way? For value it does poorly. Mpg is likely to be worse than competitors. Ride quality will probably be worse than any half ton. Uhh. This truck is hardly worth a lok unless you are doing a lot of towing. And then it's going to be very poor compared to any 3/4 ton.

@Beebe--You comments make you sound like you have a lot of information.

How many of these trucks have you had the chance to drive?

If not, what is the source of your info?

I am also on the side of the fence to buy a gas XD but the test ride and the discount I get will be a bigger factor.
give me $8000 to $10K off the sticker price of a Pro 4 and i'm sold

Well if payload is up and price is down for those not towing obsessed or willing to step up to a real 3/4 this might be a legit option. Im not sure the savings are of the 5/8th truck are fully justified versus what you get with a gasser 3/4. Will have to see a comparison.

For those who work a half ton excessively but aren't towing this could be a good fit.

Again its targeting small markets. That means low volume sales. Its dancing around what most need/want in a truck. If Nissan wants to sell in volume it needs to hit the bulls eye not target the outer ring.

Did everyone over there at PUTC hit their head? you published all of this 5 weeks ago:
You could have AT LEAST included the specs that Nissan has up on their site now.
Meanwhile, other outlets have a refreshed Amarok, with a V6, Official fuel economy numbers fro the Ridgeline, More coverage on the MB pickup... then there is always fluff like a round-up on aftermarket equipment. Just seems you're not even trying anymore.

hopefully they are not like GM trucks with payload and give decent numbers only to find out to achieve them you need to remove the bumpers, spare tires and center console

Another real truck with a V8, when will Ford get the picture. No one wants a g@y sounding Eco pop v6 with a 60 mile long timing chain that worns out with in 100,000 miles, if stressed by towing.

Nitro Ford did that to LMAO!!

"Ford, which also deletes certain parts when calculating towing and payload numbers, has not said it will stop the practice."

Probably why the max tow F150 beer can drags its bumper with only 1,500 pounds in the bed. They probably rated it with out the bumpers, spare tires, bed and center console LMMFAO!!!!!!

If Nissan follows a long term plan seriously with this version of the Titan (unlike the last one) and gradually/continuously refines it into an item with more mainstream appeal it will gradually earn marketshare over time. Toyota is also taking a long slow approach with the Tundra. The good news for both companies is 2 fold. 1. Neither NEEDs to make money on the full size trucks to stay profitable regardless of the economy they have profitable quality small/midsized cars that sell in volume to keep them safe. 2. Every single Titan and Tundra on the road is a sale lost by 1 of the big 3 minus 1. That should bother Ford, GM and Fiat very much. Because unlike Nis and Toy they NEED those sales.

There are plenty of people who have been burned by the big 3-1 enough that some are actually smart enough to break the cycle of abuse and open eyes that were blinded by loyalty and see there are viable alternatives. These are the people that effect change in the marketplace and the companies that choose to be blind to it deserve to go under in a free market.

@papa jim. There have been numerous drive reviews from numerous places. Unless there is some conspiracy there is no doubt the info. I shared is true. I haven't read any reviews that make the truck sound impressive. Reports of fuel economy with the diesel show it will be about the same maybe worse than 3/4 ton trucks. They say the ride isn't even comparable to half ton trucks. Power from the diesel engine is........ not great. The only real advantage over any half ton i can Gather from the reviews is that it will handle a load well. But better than a 3/4? No way when it is so underpowered in comparison. And pricing is available to show it will be as close to a 3/4 ton as half ton in price while having way less towing capacity. In fact you can probably get a superior 3/4 ton for less unless Nissan offers the same kind of rebates. Which is unlikely.

You do realize the diesel has been on sale for months now? I haven't driven one. I have no reason to since I don't plan to buy a truck right now. But the info. Is out there in many places. I'm disappointed because I was hoping this could be a good option for my next truck, but I know without even driving it yet that that is very unlikely.

The big 3 HD trucks gas engines have more payload than the diesels counterparts, so the big 3 have been "failing" for a long time I guess...

@Clint- the fact that Nissan and Toyota profits don't depend on pick-up margins definitely changes their strategy. In Toyota's case, their truck plant is is near capacity, so investing in the product to sell more wouldn't work. The J200 Landcruiser just got refreshed, which means there is no new Tundra coming for a while. We will see the 8-speed and DI engines with VV-TiW (marketed as Atkinson) soon.
Nissan would do well to integrate the V9X diesel (3L V6) into the 1/2ton Titan and Armada/Patrol.

Anyone who bothered to look at the gas-XD compared to the half-ton competition should see that it is on average 3k cheaper than the big three (in 4x2 crew cab base trim), has more payload and far more towing (you could get the Ford to beat the tow rating but for a significant increase in price). So it is cheaper with more payload and towing. This is a legitimate option. Stronger than a half ton, cheaper then a 3/4 ton.

@suburban. A crewcab ecoboost starts at 35,365. Base titan xd starts at 36,485. f150 platinum is 53,230 wherw titan platinum reserve 53600. Ford has way more options and class exclusive features and will likely have much bigger rebates to make it 3 to 5 thousand less than the titan.


Most of your comments about the XD are very speculative.

Why not go and test drive one, then report back to your fellow commenters here at PUTC about the experience?

Instead of looking at assorted website BS, why not get hands-on info and make an informed decision.

Share what you've learned, instead of just giving opinions based on something you remember reading someplace.

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