Ford Vs. Chevy 2015 Sales Recap

Ford F150 Towing lead II

We know this is long overdue (as several of you have not-so-quietly reminded me) so here it is.

This is a recap of the 2015 sales numbers for the two biggest half-ton and HD players in the U.S. Astute readers will remember that no truckmaker gives us the sales breakdown among half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickup trucks, so we rely on our own "black magic" experts here at (some people call them software analytics pros) to sift through tons of data to pull out these nuggets.

As you can see, the F-150, although just a tick behind the Silverado 1500 by July of 2015, came on strong in the second half of the year to push a good distance ahead of Chevy. Of course, as any diehard GM fan will tell you, if you combine the Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 sales numbers (they are produced and assembled on the same plant lines), the total trounces F-150 sales.

Likewise, the Ford Super Duty continued its domination of the heavy-duty segment. And that's true even if you combine Chevy and GMC HD pickup sales numbers. image by Angela Conners; graphics by Paul Dolan









Ford F-150 550,000

Chevy Silverado 1500 450,000


Posted by: JC | Jun 18, 2016 12:45:15 AM

Ford F-150 550,000? I think you need to learn how to read a graph. I'd say 520,000 max.


They all group their trucks together, including Chevrolet. Last I checked it's the Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500, and Silverado 3500. You're accusing Ford of doing something Chevrolet, GMC, and Ram all do. You group Chevrolet and GMC together like it's one model whey they're not. Show me the GM model! There isn't one. People who group them together are the liars. Ford claims to be number one. Does GM refute that? No! Why? Because Ford isn't lying, that's why.

Show me the GM model!

Posted by: Jim | Jun 18, 2016 10:59:42 AM

Show me the F-Series model!

David Wilt ‏@2016GT350R 10h10 hours ago

@mrlevine I remember GM fans saying the Silverado 1500 outsold the F-150 ,now in the comments they want to also add the Sierra
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Mike Levine
@2016GT350R They are always trying to distort reality. The scoreboard doesn't lie.

Show me a GMC dealer that will sell you a new Silverado.and visa versa. Show me a GMC Sierra coming off the same assembly line directly after a Silverado. Show me a GMC lover that will buy a Silverado and show me a Chevy guys who can afford a Sierra.
Posted by: Cool | Jun 17, 2016 10:36:05 PM

Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 sales numbers (they are produced and assembled on the same plant lines),

I didn't spent 19 hours looking. I've lived near one of them Dealer ships all my life. I just happen to scroll down the comments and seen you're dumb post and proved you wrong once again.

Nope, bought my one trucks From that dealer

Nope, bought my one truck from that dealer.

Damn to early need more coffee.

Sorry GovMotors Fans... It is how it is and its how the GovM wants it.

The GovM goes to GREAT lengths to differentiate the makes and models of GMC vs Chevy. They do this of their own free will by choice. While they make try to standardize as much as they can get away with as time has gone by this has been less and less. Fenders, hoods, grills, headlights, bumpers, taillights all different. Different materials inside and style changes, sound deadening, pricing, distribution, advertising, different target markets, different options/features/packages... all different by choice.

These changes all have different parts numbers. Go to an auto parts store and ask for a "2016 GM full size truck Grill". There is no such thing. Do you want a 2016 GMC Sierra grill or a 2016 Chevy Siverado grill? They will have different prices and parts numbers because they are not the same.

Go to the DMV/MVA and register your truck... It will ask for Make and Model. "GM is not a make. GMC and Chevrolet are Makes. There are no "GM" trucks registered in the US.

Sales figures rarely combine makes and models. Since there is no GM make taking it a step farther and combining 2 different makes each with a model is something no one ever does when compiling segment sales leaders. Camaro and Firebird sales have NEVER been combined. Escalade sales have never been rolled into Suburban sales which have never been combined is the Yukon XL sales... It goes against he purpose of having individual brands in the first place.

I have seen where total company sales have been presented and that's a bit different in that its a broad summation of production and total sales.

Sorry gov fans. The GovM doesn't want you combining its models. If you really were a fan of the GovM and understood its "strategy" (which honestly have failed it once so far) you would understand that. Also don't forget there occasionally are years where the F series does outsell GMC and Chevy full size trucks combined.

GM has seen a 2.3% drop in pickup market share even when you add up all of their truck sales i.e. Colorado/Canyon plus Sierra/Silverado LD and HD.

Chevrolet and GMC are legally two separate entities. GM has no choice but to count sales separately. If they legally could add them up to claim sales supremacy they definitely would.

Ford used to own a large chunk of Mazda. The Ranger was sold and so was the Mazda truck. Ford never could legally count them as one even though they shared everything but a bit of sheet metal and badging.

If it makes you feel better to say one company sells more than another then do so. It is highly childish to argue over this.

This site has truly become a cesspool.


I think what you are pointing out is what people get worked up about. Yes, GM has two division and can't technically be added together but every truck guy knows that Silverado, Sierra are the same truck.

So Ford has been flaunting a technicality for 39 years. It's not just an occasional mention either. The claim is attached to every Ford truck commercial they put out. Not only that they attach it to ads about F 150 making it look like the F 150 is the sales leader for 39 years.

Now think about it this way. What would you say if Chevrolet came out next month and stated the 5.3 V8 is the number one full-sized truck engine option for the last 7 years.

@Jack - I'd be fine with it if it was statistically true. GM already says they have the most fuel efficient V8 and the most powerful V8 engine.
Advertising pushes the boundaries of the truth and they do not tell the complete truth. They must be legally vetted to ensure that what they say stands up in court.
GM can't claim number one selling truck brand since they have more than one brand.
What they can legally say is what they can legally advertise.

The f250/f350 must have slowed after midyear. It sold more in 2014, So it's losing market share. Bad considering fleet sales were are are hot. Wonder how ram heavy duty are doing?

Ford vs GM . . . . then RAM and all others. The truth is all of the trucks made today are outstanding. I'm currently driving a 2013 F-150 Platinum 3.5 with he max trailer package -- great truck. I've owned every brand of truck except for Nissan. They have all been terrific in their own way. If your looking for the "best truck" . . . well thats going to be far more subjective. As far as who's the largest manufacturer of trucks . . . I think the numbers for Chevy and GMC should be combined. I'd like to see compact, mid-size, 1/2 ton, 3/4 = 1 ton be counted separate from one another and then a total truck sales of all combined. Why a total of all? Because I think it gives us an idea of a companies overall plan for the "greater segment". I'm not brand loyal, although I currently only purchase trucks built in the USA. That is the main reason i don't buy GM and RAM trucks right now. Why do I only purchase "made in the USA"? Because contrary to popular belief it truly does help us to buy our own products. I appreciate that Toyota makes the Tundra in the US . . . just wish they would update the product more often.

The real question regarding FORD SALES, how much is part of the FLEET SALES. Unlike GM, FORD still has over 32-36 percent sales to fleet. Meanwhile, GM has cut back for a reason in allowing fleet sales. Now, does FORD still remain king of truck sales? NOT LIKELY...

Nice to see this information finally. F150 still selling more than any other brand. We can all assume that combining GMC GM sells more half tons. Look at those HD numbers though. Wow! Looks like people know where to go for a HD truck. Can we see Ram 1500 numbers too I bet they are pretty high I see Rams all over the place.

The real question regarding FORD SALES, how much is part of the FLEET SALES. Unlike GM, FORD still has over 32-36 percent sales to fleet. Meanwhile, GM has cut back for a reason in allowing fleet sales. Now, does FORD still remain king of truck sales? NOT LIKELY...

Posted by: Stlaurent | Jun 22, 2016 11:13:39 AM

You might want to read a GM Sales PR or two. The only Fleet aspect GM has lowered is Rental. GM has for months upon months INCREASED Commercial and Government Fleet Sales.

@COOL... the GM twins are both made at the same plant on the same exact assy line..

Dan G.Take your own advice. GM is shooting for 20% fleet and commercial mix.

Another nice thing GM does is pullout retail deliveries on each brand to give those numbers too.

McDonald's sells the most hamburgers, yet they are far from the best (mic drop)

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