Happy Father's Day To All Truck-Loving Men

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PickupTrucks.com wants to wish all the fathers and mentors out there who are and want to pass their passion for pickup trucks down to their children, a relaxing happy father’s day. May you have all the right gear and tools in your bed for whatever activity you’re performing today. You are appreciated. 

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Thank you to PUTC for the father's day wishes.

With any luck this particular story won't turn into a cascade of idiotic comments, from the usual suspects, as did the similar-toned Memorial Day message from PUTC a few weeks ago.

There is hope!

Happy Fathers day to everyone!!

Happy Father's day to all the dad's on PUTC. Enjoy our day !!!

Cool just won the internet!

Best Father's day racing gift.

Ford GT Le Mans 24hrs racing team finished 1-3-4.

Best Father's day racing gift.

Ford GT Le Mans 24hrs racing team finished 1-3-4.

Henry ford if alive couldnt have asked for a better father day... 50 years ago ford iconically won lemans and today ford with an ecoboost took top honors in one of the most gruelling auto races these days proving the reliability is second to none in the 3.5 ecoboost! 3 of the top 4 spots were fords second gen ecoboost. No ohc v8 or pushrod v8 could match the power and reliability of the ford v6 ecoboost.

Congrats ford for your dominate performance on this father day. All ford employees would make henry proud!

Thank you PUTC. Happy Father's Day to PUTC crew and all the fathers in here. Best father's day gift are my kids.

Congrats to all the fathers, we wouldn't be here without one.

The special day for our father's has arrived!

Furd was sandbagging, only way for their junk to.


Johnny doe doe. And now for the rest of the story.... Weight added to ford gt as well as power pulled from it prior to the start of the race. Corvette got to take more fuel which meant less pitting and got a power increase prior to start of the race.

Guess what ferrari is crying also snd protested the win say for 3.5 v6 is just to darn fast! Losers always cry so its to be expected from the losers.


Only loser is Furd, they got to cheat to win HAHA! Can't get anymore loser then that!

Ford got increased weight and reduced boost. Gm got more fuel and more power.

Losers always cry much like you johnny doe doe. Us winners that drive ford take the prom queen home. Gm guys take the jergens home.

Sorry Furd cheated, like normal.

I knew johnny doe boy would have to ruin something as simple as Fathers Day. Give us a break with your ignorance man.

1-800-crybaby Done, better go dial it. Sorry I just hate false info. Furd cheated plain as day. You can blame blueman for ruin something as simple as Fathers Day as he posted the trash here to start with.

Nope ford had to add weight and pull boost as there was alot of complaining by gm before the race even started cause fords were just to fast with their 3.5 v6 compared to gm big monstrous v8. If gm could engineer a decent v8 they could compete

If Ford could learn how to built a real Race car, instead of giving h@nd j0bs to the members of the Balance of Performance people. No way 10 KG or 22Lbs and a unwrite cut in boost is going to matter much in 8 sec different lap times.


I guess if you can only win by cheating and paying people off, then brag for your Loser brand HAHAHA!

FACTS: The Big Block Chevy V8 Corvettes got beat by a small block 215cid V6 Ford GT.

I like the dash logo on the Chevy Corvettes.
"Race to Win Corvette.com" LOL

Hey, ford guys, could you talk at least about a trucks, if you don't want to talk about Father's day at all ?

This is about trucks. The same 3.5 ecoboost that won le mans even after being handicapped cause of gm's crying is the same second gen ecoboost going in the 2017 f150's. Most potent and reliable supercar motor is going in a truck you can go buy from you local ford dealer.

Win on sunday, sell on monday!!!

johhny boy,

" Ford GT: 10 kilogram increase in weight over qualifying spec, reduction in turbo boost pressure
Ferrari 488 GTE: 15 kilogram increase in weight over qualifying spec, 2-liter increase in fuel capacity
Corvette C7.R: 0.2 mm increase in air restrictor size, 2-liter increase in fuel capacity
Aston Martin Vantage GTE: 0.2 mm increase in air restrictor size

In other words, the Ferrari and Ford were made slower, the Corvette and Aston Martin are allowed to run faster, and no changes have been made to the Porsche 911 RSRs in the class. "


So is it safe to say that the Vette's and Aston Maten's engines are being restricted.? (restricter plates) Kind of what they do in NASCAR on the big tracks to keep the power down.? I'm just asking, I did not do any research. If so Then the Ford turd v6 wouldn't even stand a chance.

Well , in that case, my HEMI wins every weekend drag racing. Best Father's day racing gift. LOL.

Did your dad told you, he doesn't want to see you anymore ? You will get over it.

RAM - when you get over the fact that today is another Ford victories day...OK!!...so go cry somewhere else....

Sorry bro. Today is my victory.

In your dreams..ha

It just happened.

What?...you blew your HEMI again??...hahahahahaha!!!!

No, I am a father of 3 very good kids, I should say adults now . You will understand one day. Maybe not. I don't care.
Let me enjoy my day please now and enjoy your imaginary victory.

Oh ok...Happy Father's Day bro...

Thank you. Very appreciated.

I don't "love" my truck. I own one cause I need it. I prefer to drive my car instead of my truck.

This is so sad.


FORD GT #! !!!

First On Race Day!

.... almighty engine tributes in the new F150...whoa...it will leave the GOVT's motors 6.2 in the dust for sure...heh heh heh

Posted by: Lionel | Jun 19, 2016 8:54:29 PM

Not sure about that, however, FORD is probably recording the sound track of a GM 6.2 to play through the eco boost sound system. LMAO!

@GMSRNOTGREAT - it's clear from GT's win the small & quiet ecoboost V-6 kicked everyone's butt including all the loud & noisy covettes...yep, V-8's will be a thing of the past, all noise & nothing to show for it....hahahahaha!!!

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