Nissan, Chevrolet Pickups Top J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey

Chevy Accel 2 II

By Brian Normile

Which pickup truck manufacturers can claim bragging rights from the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Initial Quality Study? Both Nissan and Chevrolet top the survey this year, with several other familiar players close behind.

It's worth noting the two GM pickup trucks (the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500) were the only two players that had a score above the average in the segment. 

The IQS surveys more than 80,000 consumers who purchased model-year 2016 vehicles; they rated objective problems and subjective dislikes in the first 90 days of ownership. To read more about the survey, manufacturer rankings and who won each of the 25 different categories, click here.

Here are the winners and two runners-up in each of the pickup categories.


Midsize Pickup: Nissan Frontier

Runners-up: GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Colorado

Large Light-Duty Pickup: Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Runner-up: GMC Sierra 1500 (others were below average)

Large Heavy-Duty Pickup: Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500

Runners-up: Ford F-250/350/450, GMC Sierra 2500/3500 lead image by Angela Conners


2016-Chevrolet-Silverado-3500HD-030 II



GMC wins its fourth Vincentric Best Value fleet award supported
by the ... lowest maintenance cost, and lowest total cost of ownership in its class.

No other brand has more JD power quality awards then Chevrolet

@ Johnny doe
Said you work pipe lines, guess you're not or around a welder. Sorry for assuming.

HEY being problem free for the first 90 days soooooooooo important........ Please re-do this and show me info after 10,000 miles 20,000 miles.............and so on:)

Pretty much all the lines I do are plastic.

Cool beans Johnny Doe. I do some plastics too.
My want to get AC piping checked. There is a bracket that puts to much stress on a hose which breaks the hose, apparently changed design of bracket. Maybe the same on 5.3. That was a crap 1.5 hour drive after work.

I have a 2000 Silverado LT (5.3 liter) with 427k miles on it that I bought new. That has been the most amazing vehicle I have owned. It's only on its second alternator and battery. The hoses are still the factory hoses, and the a/c compressor has never been recharged, but still blows cold air. The brakes last over 100,000 miles before needing replacement. I'm looking around for a new/newer truck, but I don't know how any other vehicle can top the one I have for durability; even another Silverado.

Winning awards never hurts. But the real success is in sales.

Now boys stop the bickering
Pick up is fair and tells it like it is.
JD powers is not the last word on reliability
the nissan being the oldest has had the kinks worked out

Now boys stop the bickering
Pick up is fair and tells it like it is.
JD powers is not the last word on reliability
the nissan being the oldest has had the kinks worked out

GM and Nissan Best in the business
both serve up high strength steel and a rugged chassis
GM crash test minimal damage with big heavy duty high strength steel bumpers extra duty durability
Nissan lighter bumpers but well thought out vehicle reliability to the max Can't go wrong with GM or Nissan

Ford aluminum is nice but not in the bed , lots of mechanical problems 3.5 v6 turbo so many problems they already need to revise it.

toyota could of been a contender but they opted to cheap their trucks out for extra profits. no high strength steel no rear disc brakes no electric seats on top model taco
its eye candy rust buckets all the way

Ram always on the lowest rung in reliability no match for GM

IF you want to see how they all really stack up
google ( ( model name) complaints and defects)
and see how many different problems each has

Ford is terrible Ram is off the scale and toyota and GM are about the sane while Nissan has by far the least only 2 minor complaints.

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