Own A Pickup? Watch Your Tailgate

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If you own a pickup truck in Texas (and we know there are a lot of you), be sure to keep a close eye on your tailgate. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Texas is the riskiest state for thieves to steal your tailgate. But don't think if you live in another state you're safe; tailgate theft rates are climbing everywhere.

According to Cars.com and the NICB crime statistics the number of tailgate thefts likely is growing due to the extra technology truckmakers are packing into the drop-down (or swing-out) gate. Features such as cameras, hidden steps, exotic materials, and specialty locking mechanisms mean today's tailgates can cost as much as $1,500 to $2,000 to replace and that's making them a bigger target for theft.

Traditionally, taking a tailgate off a pickup bed has been as simple as unclipping the cables, unplugging a wire loom and pivoting the tailgate. Thankfully, many new-truck makers now are integrating an electronic tailgate locking system into the key fob so gear inside the bed -- or the tailgate itself - is more protected.

But if your truck isn't equipped with that kind of system, there are plenty of high- and low-dollar choices you can add to keep your tailgate more secure. Our advice is to play it safe and be prepared, especially if you don't want to have to purchase an expensive new tailgate for your unlucky pickup.

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The F-150 has the aluminum tailgates, worth quite a bit at the local scrap yard. Could become a problem.

I love Ford. Ford is great. Buy Fords everybody. The only military grade tailgate on Earth

Most trucks made within the last 10 years have a tailgate lock, all you have to do is lock the tailgate.

If you don't have a lockable tailgate then just install a stainless steel hose clamp on the bottom open slot round hinge and coat the screw of the clamp with super glue. Also use a paint marker to write the VIN number of the truck on the bottom of the tailgate so you can ID it in case it is robbed. You have to prove it's your tailgate or it's not yours. They rob the tailgate then sell it online classified, even if you know who is selling your tailgate the police can't do anything unless you have proof it's from your truck. Also watch out for criminals crawling under your higher 4x4 truck and drilling hole in the gas tank to steal your gas, this happens a lot in my area. plastic gas tanks are easy to drill thru with a cordless drill and doesn't make any noise.

A US Specific vehicle theft. Why would anyone want to steal a tailgate? Never happens here

mine locks with the doors. most new trucks will be that way soon.

good luck!

One of the biggest thefts around where I live is stealing catalytic converters. Catalytic converters can be taken of in a few minutes with rechargeable saws by cutting the exhaust pipes.

@Robert Ryan--The market for good used replacement parts is why tailgates are stolen. Unless tailgates have locks they are relatively easy to steal.

Handles to open tailgates will be a thing of the past eventuslly making tailgate theft a non issue. Just remote open like ford but without a tailgate handle and the common thief wont be able to open it to steal it.

I've seen many people with tailgates down in my city, so I guess it's thankfully not a big problem. Yet.........

I don't really want a tailgate that opens remotely. Just another electric gadget to go bad and replace. I do like tailgates that have a lock on them. Also there are times I have needed to take the tailgate off of my truck.

It really does happen. Did a quick Craigslist search for tailgates and found quite a few in my area from different trucks. Why else would someone post a a tailgate for sale?

@Jeff S,

Also there are times I have needed to take the tailgate off of my truck.

@Jeff S

Would that be when you realized it reads ISUZU on the back?

Aim small, miss small.

Aim small, miss small.

PUTC must be running out of ideas - this story seems to be frequently rehashed.

Yet another reason to own an old beater truck that does honest work, not carry the suburban tribe to Wal-Mart or commute.

No one would take my tail gate if I gave it away.

it`s a good post !

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My dealer told me that if the tailgate is locked there is no way for it to be stolen. Banking on that.

Wow ...can't find the link anymore...seems to have been taken down. What it showed was a guy with a 20 dollar hand held pick...just stuck it in the tailgate lock...slowly squeezed it, gave it a turn an tailgate opened...showed it on 2 different colored tailgates. So...not so sure if a real thief wanted it he could get it. Wish I would have saved that.

My dealer told me that if the tailgate is locked there is no way for it to be stolen. Banking on that.
Posted by: Tom | Jan 3, 2017 9:51:06 AM

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