2016 Mopar Ram 1500 Rebel Limited Edition Video

MP016_004RML II

If you're looking for more attitude from your Ram Rebel, you might want to look at Ram's latest limited-edition package. With a more aggressive stance, the new 2016 Mopar Ram 1500 Rebel looks and sounds like a serious player. Better airflow into and out of the engine means more rumble and a quicker throttle feel. We spent some time with the new special package (Ram is producing just 500); this video takes a closer look at the unique features the Mopar version offers.

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Still hate the front end, but love the truck, why in the h*ll did they do that the beautiful front end?

RAM is the Dollar General of trucks

Gm is the good will of trucks, and Ford is Military grade

Not to be outdone by the Rebel....Ford is recalling Exploders made at the Chicago Assembly Plant earlier this year over a faulty driver's seat.

I guess Ford always has to have the spotlight!

Ford even came out with a Fire Works version of the Super Dooty for the 4th of July...


Ford is the flower shop of trucks. WEAK!

Ram is one heck of deal. First you pay more for the truck then it depreciates the fastest of the all brands. Hopefully you don't get in a wreck while driving it because likely it'll amputate your legs during a front collision. Lastly, you can always have pride in a truck made in Mexico by an Italian company soon to be bought out by a Chinese one. Sign me up....NOT!!!

I hate Ford!

I really like it! Much better than the 2017 F150s with the 10 speeds that dont work!

@johnny you are too late, it already been known GM is the goodwill of trucks, as they are used with nothing new......although it is good to point out that once Ford takes the risks and it works, then GM will copy it, and by that time it is old news again

"Still hate the front end, but love the truck, why in the h*ll did they do that the beautiful front end?"
-- Posted by: Nitro | Jul 1, 2016 7:36:48 AM

At least it's not as pretentious as the Ford and GMC noses.

"RAM is the Dollar General of trucks"
-- Posted by: Robert | Jul 1, 2016 8:00:04 AM

... that claims the highest durability, saying more old Dodge/Ram trucks on the road than any other.

Another Slow , crappy mpg , recall Kaden Fiat .


This will take sales from raptor!

Ram is only producing 500. They'll mostly take sales from other Rams.


Chap as truck with ugly grill like the chebby.

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