June 2016 Pickup Sales Breakdown

Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 31 II

The Toyota Tacoma continues its domination of the midsize pickup truck segment, selling more than 15,000 units in June; however, on a percentage basis the vastly improved little pickup is not keeping pace with its competitors. It was down slightly down compared to June 2015 while the other midsizers posted double-digit gains. Still, with more competition and corporate reluctance to indulge in cash-on-the-hood incentives, some folks might be surprised midsize pickups are still selling so well. Toyota has increased production of Tacomas at its San Antonio plant (at the expense of Tundra production) and is likely to sell more Tacomas by year end than it has in many years.

It's worth noting that the new Honda Ridgeline was on sale for only a few weeks in June and is likely to benefit from some pent-up demand for several months. If that translates to 3,000 or 4,000 sales a month, Ridgeline sales could easily pass any previous sales record.

We're not seeing any significant changes in the full-size segment either, as Ford continues to push F-Series' sales to new heights. GM — the only player with a three-truck strategy of midsize, half-ton and heavy-duty — is handily outselling other manufacturers when totaling up its pickup truck sales. By adding together all Chevrolet and GMC pickup sales, GM is outpacing everyone by a wide margin. Unfortunately, that's also impacting half-ton market share because half-ton buyers now have more choices.

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Chevy Silverado 2016 Rally II



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Of course the GM twins are going to be experiencing more growth over the last year than the tacoma. A year ago they weren't even fully up to speed.
They won't catch the Tacoma, ever.
All growth is limited, Tacoma is at a much higher plateau than the GM twins, so there is more room for growth.
At the end of the day, Tacoma will always win because
Toyota > GM. End of story.

Sorry if I threw in some heavy math for the RAM and GM dudes.

Not bad for the Ridge. I saw two at the dealership and one at an audio equipment store. GMC Canyon should be worried as far as monthly sales. Looks like the Ridgeline had better initial reception than the Nissan Titan XD. We'll see how it plays out in the rest of the year.

Excerpt from article:

GM is outpacing everyone by a wide margin. Unfortunately, that's also impacting half-ton market share because half-ton buyers now have more choices.


Impacting the half ton market is not a issue as long as the midsize trucks are as profitable as the ones they are replacing.

Titan XD has been a total FAIL.

There was so much hype, with the impressive Super Bowl commercial, and the prediction that this 'Tweener would be a game changer to those truck buyers wanting best of both worlds.

GM, Ford, and Ram sold more pickups in half a day in June, than Nissan sold Titan XD's for the first six months this year.

Their so called market research and interviews with REAL truck owners prior to embarking on this billion dollar investment has totally missed the mark.

If Ford made the Ranger again it would outsell GM. Until GM added the little trucks they were 2nd to Ford every year. Still are when it comes to real trucks.

Well done GM for selling the most trucks. They would sell more Colorado's and canyons if they produced more, you cant barely find any on lots.
Im always a gm guy but one thing I likes about ford is that offers "choice" in their pickups. mostly all the gm truck trim levels looks alike. Ford they offers 2 tones, diferent grilles, rims, interiors and different choices. basically a truck for everyone's taste.

Ford has done a really good job there. and that's why they outsells the Silverado,

Titan XD fails to sell because the only ones available are the completely loaded 4 door showroom queens. When they start selling the basic stripped down models then they will have some sales. Failure is two pronged. One , production is slow and has not filled dealers lots with trucks. Two, marketing missed the mark by trying to sell a few over priced showroom queens first. Give me a basic truck at $35K and the sales will be there.

Excellent job again Ford F series trucks, number 1 over and over

Why isn't Ram doing better?

Excellent job again Ford F series trucks, number 1 over and over

Posted by: Nitro | Jul 8, 2016 9:52:12 AM

It takes all 5 plus different models of F - series and 2 different body styles combined to outsell the Silverado.

I didn't even know the Ridgelines were on the dealers lots already. Guess I'll have to go take a look.

I'm seeing quite a few of those Colorado's sold were I live to them unprofitable fleet sales.

It takes all 5 plus different models of F - series and 2 different body styles combined to outsell the Silverado.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jul 8, 2016 11:15:19 AM

Correction, it takes Ford F150 through F550 to out outsell chevy AND gmc 1500 through 3500 including their chassis cab that competes with Ford chassis cab. So GM has 2 types of 1500s with various options for those and 6 types of trucks to compete with Fords superduty. So GM has 8 different trucks to compete with basicly Fords 3 types of trucks.

The Frontier is doing remarkably well considering it's relatively unchanged since 2005. Imagine what it could do if Nissan did something revolutionary like, oh I don't know, update it or something.

Cheap quality=cheap price=fleet sales=Ford f series

Meanwhile GM with the most trucks sold yet again

GM=low CR reliably=GM fire sale=Ford still outsells GM full size with less discounts=GM tro11s have to combine GM full size and mini trucks to say GM out sells Ford=GM is down 1.6% in sales and Ford is up 6.4% in total vehicle sales.

Truck sale is a sale as the Ford people use to say. Good Job GM for smoking the competition. Can't wait till AM takes over some van production so we can put a really hurt n on Tacoma's sales too.

If FCA adds two midsize trucks like they been hinting at, it looks like Ford could very well end up in 3 place. Definitely if the new Ram make over goes well. If I was Ford I would be very worried.

Can you list the 4 different brands of GM trucks so we can all see how smart you are?

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jul 8, 2016 1:27:30 PM

He meant 2 brands Chivy and gmc and 2 models full size and mini truck. Aka chivy Silvia, gmc serra or whatever they are called, Colorado and canyon. 4 different trucks aka 4 different exteriors, 4 different interiors.

Can you list the 4 different brands of GM trucks so we can all see how smart you are?

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jul 8, 2016 1:27:30 PM


I drove a Titan XD the other day. Absolutely amazing ride and truck. But it weighed 7340 lbs empty and had a GVWR of 8800. That put payload on the platinum model at just 1,460 lbs. I don't want to drive around 85% of my GVWR as dead weight.
This truck does not have to be this heavy. Absolutely no excuse

I remember when Michigan Bob aka GMSRGREAT used to add the Avalanche, Cadillacs and Suburbans to the Silverado/Colorado totals to say GM sells the most trucks. The guy has issue problems.

This was Ford/GM conversation about who sells the most trucks.

GM: We sell the most Trucks, but we must bundle, Chevy Silverado 1500-3500, Sierra 1500-3500, Canyon, Colorado to beat your single F-Series.

FORD: That's cute.

GM does not even gloat about selling the most because THEY DON'T.
Posted by: Frank | Jul 8, 2016 2:13:20 PM

The last chart says a different story sorry.

For 34 consecutive years, the Ford has had the best-selling vehicle in the United States and the best-selling truck for even longer.

What difference does it make who out sells who?
You all seem to be looking for validation for your purchase.

You want to know what the best truck is? It's the one "YOU" chose.

The one I chose is the best for ME.

6.2L actually has less cylinders than a V6 as it runs in 4 cylinder mode most of the time. And good luck with the Chevy shake!

Everybody: Ford Motor Company how come ever year since you added dual turbo V6s engines to you're truck you have lost market share.

Ford: We don't know, we just get v8 gas mileage with a V6 and barely keep up with the competitions V8s. We got a great truck if you live 12,000 feet above sea level where no one really lives though! We changed to used beer AL and still really haven't made any head way. We are hoping that the ignored 5.0L V8 we got well drags us out of trouble.

What shocks me is Fords marketing/PR 1970s/80s tactics. Way to much hype and spin, dog and pony show before the product got to market. The PR people I am smart he is dumb because I say so or if they cannot out argue the source then discredit it (he’s an idiot/fag and his mother/sister is a slut).
I know the level of education in the US is not at the level it should be but I do not believe people that would buy this type of marketing/PR can afford to buy new pickup trucks.

Toyota sells ONE THIRD as many trucks year to date but PUTC photo editor puts the warmed-over 2016 Tacoma in the top spot for a story that details all of the ways that GM smokes everybody else in the truck business.



#1 GM :D

I see too many people buying new trucks that don't need one.
I see dealers with too many late model used trucks.
If you own a 2009-2013 with 60K miles you're just stupid to buy a new truck.
You should be able to expect 10 years or 130K miles from your truck before you need a new one.
If you do need one the best bargain is a used truck one or two years old that you can save a lot of money.
I can go out now and buy a used 2015 Ford or Ram 4x4 with full options for $25K where a new one will cost $38K.
The Ram and Chevy hasn't changed and the front grill on the Ford is ugly.
The economy is bad and a new vehicle you don't need is the worst thing you can do with your money right now, you'll be better off spending the same money fixing up your house or saving it for bad days ahead.

Hard to base the midsize sales success based on numbers when the Colorado/Canyon are practically nowhere to be seen on lots. Go to a Toyota lot and Toyota does well to stock the dealerships with good numbers keeping a good balance of supply/demand. GM has demand with very limited supply for their mid size segment.


No available GM mid size trucks on the lot?

Since January: Sixty eight thousand people say you're wrong.

@papa jim,

Many dealers in Canada, the GM midsize is hard to come by and allot of dealers don't even have 1 available. For the first time I seen a diesel version last week, but of course it had a sold sign on. Because of the supply issue, I'm hearing they are selling for close to retail, which is not usual for domestics. Sales are good, but how much better can they be if showrooms were full? Could they close in on the Toyota Tacoma? who knows...

I also hear supply issues for other brands, but from what I understand its more of a Canada issues as manufacturers have more of a focus pushing inventory to the US as the profit margin is higher due to dollar.


Sorry but the economy in Canada is in the crapper ever since Oil prices crashed. Given the choice, GM is selling the trucks where they believe the demand is strongest.

@papa jim

with the current oil prices, trucks have been selling in record numbers so I don't think your theory is correct up here. We have tons of full size inventory, just lacking in midsize canyon/colorados stock. When oil prices are through the roof, then truck sales go down in favour of more fuel economy vehicles.

Nice to see Tacoma doing so well, in spite of the new midsize pickups from GM.

Getting ready to trade my wife's 2010 Tacoma for a 2017 Tacoma.

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