Spied: 2018 Ford F-150 Turbo-Diesel

Spy F-150 diesel 1 II

All truckmakers are pushing their powertrain engineering teams to explore and innovate multiple paths to better fuel economy in order to meet the aggressive EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fuel-economy thresholds by model-year 2025.

To meet those new light-duty truck mpg standards in just eight short years, Ford is looking to diesel and hybrid powertrains. Our spy shooters just caught a camouflaged F-150 with tagging that could mean a new baby Power Stroke diesel engine could be available as soon as the 2018 model year. Here's what they sent to us.

"Today we bring you further proof of a 2018 Ford F-150 with a turbo-diesel engine destined for sale.

“Caught earlier testing on Michigan roads, this emissions certificate on the back window of the prototype pickup indicates it is a 3.0-liter unit rather than the 3.2-liter diesel that's offered in the full-size Transit van. The JFC1-3.0-966 on the sticker is the emissions calibration code. The JFC1 is the control unit catchword; the 3.0 is the engine displacement; and the 966 is the last three digits of the vehicle tag number.

“This further confirms that Ford will be using the Lion V-6 found in current Jaguar/Land Rover vehicles such as the Range Rover. The engine was developed while Ford still owned JLR. The F-150 diesel is also identified by the venturi exhaust tip, necessary to more efficiently cool down gas temperatures.

“Ford will be gunning after the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, which uses an Italian-sourced 3.0-liter V-6 and eight-speed automatic transmission, for the segment fuel-economy victory. Whether or not the F-150 diesel (which may or may not be called a baby Power Stroke) will debut with the face-lifted F-150 series is uncertain (see last photo below), but it should come equipped with the new 10-speed automatic jointly developed with GM and going into the 2017 F-150 and Raptor. We expect to get our first chance to drive it next year."

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Spy F-150 diesel 3 II

Spy F-150 diesel 2 II

Spy F-150 diesel 4 II

Spy F-150 diesel 5 II

Spy F-150 facelift 1 II



The Peugeot (PSA) had a good diesels. I don't know their today's situation, because they use rebranded FIAT JTD sometimes and I don't know which engine ford has in this truck, so I would appreciate any source you have Robert.

Just noticed something look at the top picture. The head light is shape like a j. Ford is even telling you their junk with their head light LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ford went from being America's most innovative automaker (during the 1980s) to being the company most likely to be fighting the last war.

At a time when all of the market signals are pointing to building luxurious and powerful half ton trucks (upscale Ram, GMC Denali, new Nissan diesel), Ford is trying to address the concerns that shoppers had back in 2011.

I'm not in the market today, but if I could I'd try to locate a late model-low miles, upscale V8 halfton, like the Lariat, the Denali, etc from 2013 or so, instead of a brand new truck with less bling. Why Ford wasn't putting its development dollars into that market a few years ago surprises me.

Why would anybody want a half ton truck with some foreign made diesel engine that can barely pull the hat off of your head?

Lol, I get a laugh out of you!

Ford has been working on a F-150 diesel for so long, yeah, right!

Because Ram has been flirting with it long before 2010.

I guess Ford still can't figure it out!

One thing for sure, it will cost out of this world, and it will ride crappy as well!

Ford does have the advantage of knowing the eco diesel's numbers and being able to possibly beat them. I'd rather Ford get it right than get it first.

RAM has an advantage of selling full size half ton diesel and making lots of money from it for few years already. Ford is still spending money for testing. LOL.

RAM has an advantage of selling full size half ton diesel and making lots of money from it for few years already. Ford is still spending money for testing. LOL.

Posted by: RAM | Jul 5, 2016 12:07:22 AM

Take at look at earnings, profit etc and tell me who's laughing...

Here's a hint. It's not FCA.

You will find PSA has a lot of input into other Ford Diesels. What I can make out they design the engines and Ford develops them at Dagenham. Makes sense as it cut costs for both.

"The Lion engine family was developed and manufactured at Ford's Dagenham Diesel Centre for use in PSA Peugeot Citroën vehicles (as DT17 as part of joint venture begun in 1999), Jaguar Cars (as the AJD-V6), and Land Rover vehicles. The engines share the same bore/stroke ratio, with the V6 displacing 2.7L and the V8 displacing 3.6L. The V6 was launched in 2004 and as of 2011 also serves in Ford Australia's Territory SUV; the V8 in 2006. The V6 engine meets the Euro IV emissions standards. A 3.0L was added in 2009 and is based on the 2.7L."

Curious about the towing ability. I like the truck as shown, a contractor special; still too tall but also not a bloatwagon or car with four doors and a bed. If it can two 8K pounds it will be my next truck, though I'd test the Ram 1500 with the diesel as well.

I roll my eyes at you the boys bashing each others' brands here. Grow up and do some work with your trucks. I don't give a rip who makes it (or where) as long as it fits the bill for hard work, which is what trucks are for.

All the people saying Ram "rushed theirs to market" are idiots.

Ram was looking at doing the half-ton diesel over 8 years ago. The market crashed, pickup sales slowed, ALL THREE of the domestic companies took money from the government contrary to reports, and then the Ram 1500 diesel project got put on hold.

They re-evaluated the idea, decided the Cummins V-8 wasn't what was best for MPGs (which ended up being a great decision) and brought the in-house diesel instead a few years ago.

Nothing was rushed to market, and they did NOT copy Ford. Ford clearly has been pushing EgoBoost tech and had stated many times that they wouldn't do diesel.

Well, guess who's eating crow now? Ford!

Sorry folks Ford cant lead on EVERYTHING.

Just most things.

It is embarrassing that all of the big 3 minus 1 took so long to bring small displacement diesels to the half ton and pretend truck markets (and no the diesel rangers of the 80s that barely existed don't matter/count). Part of that is on GM for poisoning the diesel well in the late 70s in America but honestly there should have been more movement on this in the truck market after the success of Cummins and Powerstrokes was cemented.

Fiat has definitely taken the lead on this one and the Ecodiesel is a sales and mpg success and on its way to being a proven engine (I still haven't heard of anyone with 200 troublefree K on one). By all indications it was a smart move.

But for every ecodiesel that sells the ecoboost sells many times over and also has the advantage of also being useful in the car/crossover/suv lines as well and getting that payoff sooner was in the big picture smarter.

The lead in aluminum will also pay dividends especially since there were no big issues (so far). As long as a big issue doesn't present itself that was another hugely successful and complicated pioneering maneauver.

That's fine, I know the history of the ford using not in the house completely developed diesels ,without any big success in the Europe. I was asking to get a source about this engine used in f150.

It could be completely new diesel based on all-new 2.0-litre Ford EcoBlue engine revealed on the end of the April and developed by Ford engineering teams in the U.K. and Germany.
I am not a big fan of the minimised crankshaft bearing diameters and a belt-in-oil design for the camshaft and oil pump drive belts, but it could be a reliable engine, which still needs to be be proven.

Just for you guys for perspective and to compare , this completely new ford engine has new fuel injectors , which are capable of delivering up to 6 injections per combustion event, with each injection taking as little as 250 microseconds.

Third generation of Multijet II introduced in 2009 Fiat Powertrain with innovative injectors with hydraulically balanced solenoid valve enables up to 8 consecutive injections per combustion cycle and the time between injections has been reduced to 150 microseconds.

Basically, the Multijet II is 7 years ahead of completely new ford diesel engine .
The better MPG in the ford (if any) is going to be a results of smaller bearing with less friction and less lifetime and belt in the oil, which I am not a fan of at all.

I get a kick out of These Ford guys. Do you actually believe that ram and gm copied ford by putting diesel engines in their light trucks.? My god really.??? If someone does it before Ford then let's say "they rushed it to the market" oh and still copied Ford. But when Ford rushed their crappy rivetted glued and weak bed aluminum it's " innovative "??? And Chris who was the first to offer 170 deg. Rear doors.?

Ford will use diesel as a banned aid just as the others. Ford knows diesel isn't a long term solution though. Oh well diesel will be welcome option.

I think it is the same Lion 3 litre engine, that had Jaguar input( Jaguar is now in the process of developing a series of inline six cylinder engines that will be Petrol and diesel) engine would be "new" in the US

2 Litre Diesel , a pretty much in house development, will replace the current 2.2 engine in the Transit. 2 litre really meets Euro 6 requirements.
Ford England did have the 3.2 engine in some variants of the Transit, but it did not meet Euro 6. Used in the Ranger here as we are Euro 5

I think , it's the Land Rover 3.0 L diesel too, but we don't know for sure , because of no any source.
Yes, that all new 2.0 L diesel revealed in late April is the engine I was talking about.
Still 7 years behind Multijet II.

The Injectors design and parameters are 90% of the diesel engine, but I have no idea, what did you want to bring in to this discussion. I guess, you are just but hurt, because FIAT had more sofisticated diesel engine in 2009 , than ford in 2017 .
If you want to discuss diesels further, be my guest. I am ready.

"Ford knows diesel isn't a long term solution though..."
Posted by: Jerame | Jul 5, 2016 12:16:44 PM

Oh Ford knows that their diesel isn't a long term solution!


Did I hear someone say Navistar?....lol

If you want to discuss diesels further, be my guest. I am ready.

Posted by: RAM | Jul 5, 2016 6:49:43 PM

I seriously doubt that. So far you have yet to prove me wrong on diesels. In fact on every occasion I have proved you wrong and you try and change the subject or skew off some other tangent. But I have a few minutes to burn. So explain the 8 cycles.

Google it. Internet is full of the information about this topic.

Ford don't even need a diesel for exhaust to leak into the cab of their vehicles.


You are a stupid, so I expect you to ask "Why 8 cycles " over and over again. My final answer is, because you are a stupid idiot.
Posted by: RAM | Jul 6, 2016 11:00:08 AM

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I appreciate your post and I will have no problems to meet your rules.

You got an answer from me already, so please stop flooding this forum with the same question over and over again, because you'll be baned.

Posted by: RAM | Jul 6, 2016 12:18:58 PM

It is a simple question. You merely copied and pasted a blurb on what it does. You want to brag about that. But I am asking why are they doing that. I will also add this, who makes the fuel injectors. You claim fiat is the diesel leader of the world. So who makes the injectors?

Because I promised Mark, I will meet his rules, I won't call you the name, you know who you are already anyway.
You keep asking this question, because you want me to say a Bosch. Yes Bosch makes them. Who cares ? Bosh makes great stuff. Most important thing in this conversation is, who designed them and patented them .
It's not a Ford and certainly not a Bosh.

The new Multijet II injector has been designed and patented by the FIAT Powertrain Technologies, produced by Bosch and integrated by Magneti Marelli.


Here is a link why.


FIAT is a Diesel technology leader. VM MOTORI A630 engine has Multijet II technology, Ford does not have.

Rambot, I'm sure Mark does not mind if you say I am great. Feel free to say it. You are still avoiding my direct question. Why do they have 8 cycles. I did not open your links nor do I care too. If you are so great and intelligent like you claim, this should have been really easy for you. I really don't care who makes the injectors but at least you do know since Bosch is one of the leaders in fuel systems globally. So again, you claim to be smart, why the 8 injection cycles.

The EcoBoost delivers a lot of what the consumer wants - excellent performance. These trucks are quick, and they have much better towing power than a naturally aspirated V8. They work well in the mountains. Unfortunately, for the most part, they don't deliver on the mpg promise. Basically they equal or slightly under-deliver compared to the V8 engines.

The diesel will indeed deliver the goods on fuel economy. But it will be more expensive, slower, and have higher maintenance and more headaches than the EcoBoost.


The diesel will indeed deliver the goods on fuel economy. But it will be more expensive, slower, and have higher maintenance and more headaches than the EcoBoost.

Posted by: troverman | Jul 6, 2016 1:39:03 PM

While I do agree that a diesel option for the F150 will likely be higher than gas( see ecofiat 1500 diesel option price) and maintenance cost may also be higher. The ecofiat is expensive to maintain but other diesel engines are not to bad with the exception of the oil needed. But yes, they are more expensive in general.

However performance is yet to be seen. Just because the ecofiat 1500 is slow at everything, does not mean a diesel in the F150 would be similar. In fact the gas 5.7L fiat ram 1500 is slow compared to both Ford and GM. But, the Ford 6.7L and GM 6.6L both prove a diesel engine can have very impressive performance numbers even when towing. So while I do hope that the diesel if offered in the F150 will not be as slow as the lethargic ecofiat 1500, it may prove to be a good performer also.


The ridicules comments on here now account for 50% of the posts. Moderators need to do their jobs, or give us the option of filtering individuals from our default views.


Ecoboost was never designed to be efficient at towing. In fact if you compare GM's or Dodge's trucks while towing you'll see that Ford's Ecoboost are the least efficient while towing. Ford trucks did improve the ratio when they moved to aluminum body trucks, but that gain was from the weight loss.

Ecoboost was designed for maximum FE while unloaded while still providing power on demand. It's just not all that efficient when under that demand. This is the exact reason you won't see a SuperDuty Ecoboost motor.

If you tow 5-8k frequently or daily and fuel economy is your top concern then the FORD 3.0 diesel might be what you're looking for. I'd expect it will achieve 29-30 MPG highway in a 2x4 form, unloaded. I'd also expect it to tow 6000lbs effortlessly, just like the Dodge half-ton.

When you ask what does this offer that the Dodge doesn't... I'd suggest:

Acceleration: The Ford Lion Diesel 3.0 should have more HP than the Dodge eco-diesel. More gears 10 verses 8. Weight, 700lbs difference is significant enought.

All together the Ford half ton diesel should be significantly faster than the Dodge.

In bed weight capacity: I fully expect Ford not to build variations with diesel that severely gimp the bed capacity. Apples to Apples, I expect Ford to deliberately exceed Dodge's worst offering by 1000lbs of bed weight carry capacity.

Class leading mumbo jumbo: Ford will beat Dodge on FE by 1-2 MPG, and overall tow capacity by 800lbs

The class leading stuff is fluff... The overall utility will be higher, and justifiably Ford will charge more for it.

I'd expect Ford to charge slightly more for a half ton F150 then a Dodge 1500 with comparable equipment for the reasons listed above.

No one knows what the reliability will be, but I'm sure someone can lookup the overall reliability of the Lion Diesel in other implementations.

Ecoboost was never designed to be efficient at towing. In fact if you compare GM's or Dodge's trucks while towing you'll see that Ford's Ecoboost are the least efficient while towing. Ford trucks did improve the ratio when they moved to aluminum body trucks, but that gain was from the weight loss.

Posted by: mackintire | Jul 7, 2016 9:46:42 AM

While true the 3.5L GTDI does as well as GM towing and better than the Fiat 5.7L. The biggest thing everyone loves about the 3.5L when towing is it does not need to be all reved up in the power band when towing. It can stay down around 2K rpm towing heavy loads while other gas engines are in the 3K range. Makes for a better feel when towing. I have several friends with the 3.5L powered pre2015 towing 8K trailers. They lock the transmission in 5th gear and cruise down the hwy at 70 with no issues. One tried 6th gear and it would mostly do it but 5th is much easier on the engine.

My argument wasn't about capability...as Ecoboost is very capable. Gobs of low end torque always wins when towing comfort is a priority.

My argument was efficiency while tapping into that capability.

The 3.0 Ford Diesel will not be as much fun as a 3.5 EB, but it should beat it on fuel economy by 6-8 MPG while towing anything significant.

The 3.0 Ford Diesel will not be as much fun as a 3.5 EB, but it should beat it on fuel economy by 6-8 MPG while towing anything significant.

Posted by: mackintire | Jul 7, 2016 11:21:38 AM

Yes more than likely. It all comes down to what new diesel emissions regulations are in the pipeline now. Today's diesels are capable of so much more but they are being choked out by their own exhaust and everything that must be done to clean the exhaust.


you are trying to compare a vehicle from RAM's current lineup to a truck diesel half ton that Ford doesn't even build yet. Get real.

Ford doesn't have a diesel technology FCA , RAM enjoys for a decade already.

"you are trying to compare a vehicle from RAM's current lineup to a truck diesel half ton that Ford doesn't even build yet. Get real."

Dodges doesn't plan on moving to Aluminum body until 2020 at the earliest. They might be able to offer different ring gears and a revised fuel map, but that's not going to make up for a 700lb deficiency. Barring a new better designed diesel...dodge will end up competing on price alone.....IMO.

My comment was posted on an article for a 2018 prototype?.. Am I missing something or are you?

a good eye looks at pic three and sees the coupler with the dust cap for a natural gas set-up,plus the dump valve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cevMfV1ULm8

When will anyone build a truck for the man who works and uses his truck to make a living?
*light weight mid-sized pickup
*diesel with 28 mpg and 400lb ft torque
*stretch cab so I can keep my small power tools safe/dry
*8 ft bed for dimensional building mat'l
*8000 lb tow
*standard transmission with double OD (you show me an AT in a work truck that doesn't need a rebuild by 130,000 miles)
*Not more than $5000 over the base strip down model price.
Don't tell me $5000 for the engine and then tell me "Oh but I need to add $10,000 more for AT..." and crap I don't want.

You "knuckle draggers" ranting back and forth on the Ford vs Ram vs Chevy brand should get a life!

Bottom line is that all three brands are very competitive, but just because you have one brand vs another doesn't make you any smarter. Pulling the others down just makes you sound like an idiot.

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