Spied: 2019 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty

Ram chassis1 II

There seems to be a flurry of activity around Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' Chelsea Proving Grounds in Michigan lately, with our spy photographers spotting a like-new Ram Heavy-Duty chassis cab in both eight-lug and 10-lug configurations. From the looks of the grille through the camouflage, Ram is likely keeping the Ram crosshair grille — at least for the commercial side. This early HD testing is a little surprising because the light-duty Ram 1500 is scheduled to get a thorough re-engineering and redesign before the HDs. Here's what our spy photographers sent us.

"Newly disguised Ram 3500 test trucks have now been spotted prowling around FCA's Technology Center; all have been 3500 four-door chassis cabs, and their entire hood/fender/front-end components are covered in vinyl camouflage. So what gives?

"We have heard the Ram 1500 is due for a major overhaul, with production reportedly set to begin in January 2018 at a new Michigan plant. The revamped 2500/3500 models are due later that year as 2019 models. There haven't been any signs of the next-gen Ram half-ton, so seeing these camouflaged HD models is curious.

"Our close-up view of the disguised HD truck running on public roads gives the impression that these are very fresh builds, with spotlessly clean components visible throughout the undercarriage. A look at elements of the front suspension that are visible shows some signs of muling compared to the standard 3500 models we were able to examine. There is a panel, or strap, that is riveted into place above the front suspension parts that suggests that some muling might be taking place. The form of the inside of the front wheel well also looks different from production Rams. It looks like there is some fiddling going on there by the engineering crew.

"While we might be looking at some styling tweaks designed to get the Ram HDs to the all-new 2019 model, the nature of these test trucks looks like we might possibly be looking at some early work on the next-generation models. We're on the lookout for more disguised trucks to see what direction this testing program is taking."

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Ram Chassis 2 II

Ram Chassis 3 II

Ram Chassis 4 II

Ram chassis 6 II

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I doubt those are 2019 models. We would not see mules for a minor refresh more then two years out.

Maybe Cummins decided to drop the 5.0 from the poorly selling Nissan Titan and offer it to Fiat Chrysler instead.

Cummins built the 5.0 V8 for Chrysler originally. They decided they didn't want it because it didn't offer any benefits. It costs the same as a 6.7 to build, it gets about the same fuel economy as a 6.7 (or at least it is very close). I think the sales of the Titan XD confirm FCA made the right decision

Who cares?

I would like to know more about the 2017 hd Silverado duramax!

The Cummins in the Tundra or the baby I-4 Cummins in the Taco would sell more units than Nissan could hope to sell. Hell Nissan XD Diesel and Ram HO Cummins 3500s use the beefier Aisin Transmission, a Toyota subsidiary. The Aisin in the current Tundra has been bulletproof, even with people doing the TRD supercharger @ 504 HP and 550 TQ.

Maybe testing over 1k lb ft of toque to set the bar higher?

The red one is a 4500/5500, not a 3500. You can tell by the 19.5" wheels.

Looks like it has a slight bulge in the hood, maybe copying GM with the Hood air intake.

hope they got rid of those backward slanting headlights

Where's semihemiv8?? He had to see that chebby burn last night @the Cup race in Kentucky. Know how much he loves fire. That was a good one and on national tv. Wasn't a FORD though. He's silent.

betting cooling upgrdes for the hood to feed the 1000 TQ cummins that is sure to come at some point

They should follow Audi and implement electric turbos to eliminate lag on full throttle starts.

You guys should buy one and get a 30' 5th wheel trailer and make big money hauling loads across the country.
You don't have to pay the fees and road taxes like semi trucks do where you can offer a much lower price to customers and still clear over $100K per year after expenses.
You'll have 5 or 6 years of the life of the truck then invest the money you made wisely and retire living on what you made.


Why the Ford F-150 is Truly America’s Favorite Truck?


Another round of one-upmanship on the way.

The Customer wins in capability and loses in price.

The red one has a Cummins "C" on the fender and a DEF fill, but the tailpipe is way smaller than what you'd expect. Remember C/C trucks use a much lower cal than the pickup version.


Posted by: Blueman | Jul 11, 2016 3:46:40 AM

Nothing new, F-150s break all the time.

I saw this sentence and did not know what " muling" was

"A look at elements of the front suspension that are visible shows some signs of muling compared to the standard 3500 models we were able to examine."

I looked it up and here is the definition

A regional (Swansea) term for extremely ugly or not very pretty. Usually applies to the female of the species but can also apply to men or objects.

so by reading this into the sentence, some one needs to go back to school

Breaking news!! Chebbies burn in the parking lots at NASCAR races!! Don't park near one!!!

The top photo clearly shows a hood scoop running across the front of the hood ... better airflow for the Big C!

Heck .. I can see it in all of the pictures. So this is a Mule testing the new 400 HP / 1000 TQ Cummins. 8-SPD AISIN would be nice...

Looks the same to me other then maybe a hood scoop like few other people said.

There is NO WAY that this truck is "redesigned" based on these images. Why would Fiat upgrade everything except the body? By the time 2019 gets here that old truck will look even older...

Clearly this is a powertrain testing mule.

EPA requirements for Diesels get tighter in 2017. These trucks aren't sporting any new sheet metal from the cowl back. I suspect these are engineering mules to validate the changes in cooling and intake airflow into, thru and out of the underhood area, required by the new regulations.

They are 17's they are testing the new cummins stage V engines and the new ram hood scoops along with a new exhaust systems and some other minor upgrades.

thats life

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