2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Starts at $41,700

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Toyota just released pricing and equipment information for its most capable off-road pickup truck to date: the performance-oriented 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. All Tacoma TRD Pro models will have four full-size doors, the high-tech 3.5-liter V-6 and will be offered only in four-wheel drive with a short bed.

The TRD Pro gives customers a choice of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Transmission choice determines cost. The Tacoma TRD Pro Double Cab with a manual transmission will cost $41,700; the automatic adds $2,000 for a total of $43,700. Both prices include a destination fee of $940.

The Tacoma TRD Pro also includes 16-inch black alloy wheels, a TRD aluminum front skid plate, a heritage-inspired Toyota grille, a blacked-out hood scoop, unique headlights and taillights with black bezels, black badging, unique 1-inch-lift front and rear springs, Crawl Control, the Multi-Terrain Select traction system, a cat-back exhaust and newly tuned Fox internal bypass performance shocks.

All Tacoma TRD Pros will have logos stitched into the head restraints, floormats and shift knob; they also will have a sporty leather-wrapped steering wheel. You can get your Tacoma TRD Pro in three unique colors: Barcelona Red Metallic, Super White and our favorite, Cement. Expect Tacoma TRD Pro models to be in dealerships later in August.

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$42k for a compact/midsized pickup...unreal.

Nice truck, but the big news this week is the first road testing of the '17 Super Duty. Where is PUTs write-up?


I may trade in my 2016 Tacoma SR in a few years for one of these awesome trucks!

I am really going to hate pulling out Ford Raptor's though, it will get quite old!

I guess they have 16 inch wheels with tall 33 inch tires? That way you will have lots of sidewall flex when crawling over rocks. Hard to find a good tall 16 tire now days, most have gone to 17's and 18's as stock wheels. really only thing I can see as of-road is the 1 inch lift, as you can get skid plates with the regular TRD. Hopefully they put soft shocks on to get better articulation and it will not beat you to death like the TRD does.


Never have owned a truck in your life?

Trucks are not cars, they are meant to do work or off-road!

The reason trucks are so expensive is because folks like you want cushy caddy rides and luxuries. I remember the days when trucks were barely above $10,000 but thanks to a dumb society, just to have a simple work or play truck, you have to get a loan out instead of paying cash!

I know used are out there but I am talking new here!

Harsh ride is because the bed is empty and Tacoma's are built for off-road, that is taller with better ground clearance, so what do you expect?

You know how I solve that issue, I keep a sandbag year round the far rear of the bed and my spare 3 ton jack system also. Ride is solid with just that amount of weight back there and is safer to drive because the suspension is compressed a little and not unloaded. Trucks are meant to carry payload, so judging a truck empty is not knowing physics!

41k is great. Colorado Z71 is the same price and not as hardcore

If you think $42k is high wait until the Canyon Denali comes out.

@oxi - a 10k truck in 1980 is now $29,252.18 based upon an inflation calculator.

Luxury adds cost but a base vehicle now is loaded with way more safety and extra features than a comparable vehicle of 36 years ago plus being better built.

To anyone that owns a 2016 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab: Are those functional cargo lights on the center brake light above the rear cab window or just white space? And disappointing to Toyota for not putting it on extended cab models!

@redblooded, where is the 2017 HD info, I want to see that too.

I think the grill thing started with the Ford raptor grill, then Toyota TRD Pro announcement in Feb 2014, then Ram Rebel Jan 2015 and it all went south from there. Let me know if I got that timeline right.

All of this sounds great but will the frame last? Or will it rot out and fail prematurely like the 05+ Tacoma's. Including the one I own http://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1092814_2005-2008-toyota-tacoma-could-have-frame-rust-may-get-free-fix?preview=true

Nope, I think I'll stick with the new '17 Honda Ridgeline which has many features well beyond the Toyota.. $43,000 is too much for a TRD with a short bed. A V8 is not necessary. The ride in one of these is rough. Sorry Toyota, you missed the mark.

Delayed gratification. Wait a couple years and buy used.
And never buy a truck from a dude who wears his hat on backwards or puts stickers on the windows.

This is why I'm no fan of midsize trucks. I like them, but for the price you sure don't get much. I'm all about getting the most bang for my buck. It's about $15000 too much for me to have any interest at all.

That's a great price. A bargain. And while the GM twins depreciate 50% in 4 years this Tacoma will depreciate much less. Put a Tacoma for sale on Craigslist in the morning and it will be gone by the afternoon


I agree about the Craigslist comment you make, but I have a different wrinkle for you

Drive a Tacoma from Kansas to southern California.

You'll pay any price for a chiropractor to fix your sore back once you get to LA, you bet.

Papa jim I also agree with you. The tacoma is a rough and tumble truck. It is not a grocery getter. Ridgeline will give you comfort if that is what you like. But for people that want a TRUCK the Tacoma is a great investment

For a few grand more and tad less window dressing you can have a REAL truck with ALOT more interior space, that hauls and tows ALOT more, has ALOT more power, and gets almost the same mileage. I used to upsell from midsized to full size all the time. It was super easy with how much sense it made to all but the old the young and those who just had money to burn for an image.


Some of us do not want a full-size, understand this!

I can fit my 2010 Tacoma off-roader next to my wife's Subaru in the garage and have massive room to spare to get around. Cannot do that with a full-size!

I also do not care for that extra roominess, size because I prefer not to have such a big whale on the roads that can barely maneuver properly, just watch drivers try and park them, sad!

I do not pull trailers nor haul that much. I have a home to support and a Tacoma fits the bill and gets me around easier than a huge full-size.

Full-size are fine, but do not come on here t trash folks that buy the mid-size because their is a market for them and I am willing to pay to get a mid-size, that I want and desire than a huge whale of a truck that serves little purpose in our home!

$43K for a mid-size truck with very little real offroad equipment and highway oriented tires.


Could they at least throw in disc brakes for that atrocious MSRP?

The real problem is that people will buy them.

Nice pickup, especially the shorter wheelbase TRD. I like the suspension mods.

This will most likely be more suitable for most people than a Raptor. The Raptor is a great desert racer, though it could be a little to large for less open forests.

The Raptor is a generally a perception enhancing product, like RayBans, so is this, to a lesser degree.


What's wrong with folks buying them?

If that is all you care about disc brakes, you will not get far in life!

Toyota will sell a lot of these. Good for the workers in San Antonio.


42k... No.

Tacoma is a good truck for its purpose, I have 2001 4cyl. 5spd manual most basic model it has 320000 miles now, it has been to Los Angeles and back to Phoenix only god knows how many times, still runs good and I don't plan on getting rid of it any time soon. I paid $16500 brand new back in October 2000, but I would never pay $43000 for any Tacoma, that's just my opinion.

So now it's not only bigger than before, it's more expensive as well? Why would anyone want to spend $40K or more for a pickup truck?

I would not 43k for a vehicle but if Toyota can get this for this model then more power to them. I don't think that this is out of line with what the Raptor is going for. The average Joe will not buy this particular trim but they will buy a Tacoma or a Tundra.

A bargain. this Tacoma will depreciate much less. Put a Tacoma for sale on Craigslist in the morning and it will be gone by the afternoon
Posted by: Jerome | Aug 3, 2016 8:31:56 PM

That's due to the delusions of the average Tacoma buyer. If they bothered to climb under a 4-year old Tacoma and take a look at that famous Toyota rust rot, they would realize that they're making a huge mistake paying such a premium price.

Even after Toyota recalled the "defective" frames, they changed nothing in how the truck is built or protected from corrosion. Even after a couple years, rust is bubbling up under the paint. Cheap recycled steel.


Sorry I don't waste my money on buying Toyotas.

Toyota is still working on the frames. The 95-00 Taco expired on buy back... 01-04 Tacos will still be fixed if its less than 15yrs old and had a coating.. they are replacing 05-10 Taco frames now and Tundra 00-06 frames

So you can stop with your blatant wor shiping of Toyota, nobody is listening because you are not an expert on anything but how to be a Toyota f-a-n-boi!

Every pickup I have been under where I live has massive rust under them!

So you can stop with your blatant hatred for Toyota, nobody is listening because you are not an expert on anything but hate!
Posted by: oxi | Aug 6, 2016 8:28:40 AM

Sure, every truck will develop SURFACE RUST. The problem with the steel frames used by Toyota is that they rust so severely that their frames become PERFORATED quite rapidly. The poorly coated frames probably help to accelerate rust instead of protect against it.

I don't know why you think I have a 'hatred' against Toyota. I'm just calling it like I see it. I've owned several Tacomas (and pre-'95 "Toyota Pickups"), Nissan Harbody's, S10's and Rangers. They all rusted, but the Tacoma's rust problems were PROLIFIC. Even back in the early 90's, my Toyota Pickup V6 Xtra Cab was a perfect example of Toyota's rust rot problem. I swear that thing had rust before it made it to the dealer's lot. Based on what I see today, they're continuing that tradition.


So where can I purchase one? None of my dealers in SD have any. And one salesman told me I'm looking for the Unicorn of Unicorns since I want a manual.

silly price

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