2017 Ford F-Series Adds STX Trim

Super Duty STX II

In the constant search for undiscovered customer needs, Ford is creating a new trim level to provide both the 2017 F-150 and Super Duty pickup trucks with some new territory in the form of the STX Appearance Package, a new value-packed trim.

Previously an option package and slotting in between the base-level XL and well-equipped XLT, the F-150 STX is available in SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations with three engine choices: the 2.7-liter or 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost, or the 5.0-liter V-8. The new F-150 trim comes equipped with 20-inch aluminum wheels, a black grille, body-colored front and rear bumpers, privacy glass, unique cloth seats with lumbar support, decals and fog lamps.

The Super Duty STX, available in all cab configurations with both V-8 gas and diesel engine options, will get a chrome grille, chrome-accented front and rear bumpers, STX badging, unique aluminum wheels and an upgraded entertainment system.

Interestingly, the F-150 and F-350 (single rear-wheel) STX will start at less than $37,000, while the F-250 Super Duty STX lists right around $36,000. Look for more information about the new pickup when we publish our "2017 Ford Super Duty: First Drive" story shortly. 

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams; manufacturer images


Super Duty STX 2 II

Super Duty STX 4 II

2017-F-150-STX II



I like that look, get rid of the ocean of tacky chrome.

Chrome looks good on classic cars, not modern trucks. It's a disease that must be destroyed.

meh... more trim levels... nothing wild about that.

Again I say what LMAO said, those who cant afford it wont buy it, those who can.will and do......

The half ton, just cannot get over how it looks like a 1994 Dodge Ram...put a Ram grill on it and no one would know the difference.....

All those buttons on the controls. How can someone concentrate on driving with so many distractions?
xl trim and V8 please

Nice 365 hp and 450ftlb for something south of 40 large that's not a stripper

Very nice trucks. Wish I could afford a new one. Not right now though. Love the new Fords.

That red F150 is so hot. Wonder if the FX2 Package will make a return on XLT and maybe Lariat. SPORT's good, but the FX2 Sport on 2WD complements the FX4 Off-Road on 4WD. Like a couple of guys pointed out, less chrome is better on new trucks.

What a disappointment! The black XL grille is the only inoffensive grille offered. The chrome looks horrible in all it's versions. Would be nice to have a body color option...

@ Grnzel1,375 hp and 470 lb-ft


"That red F150 is so hot..."
Posted by: Liam | Aug 11, 2016 1:45:21 PM

That right in line with the Ford theme....





Really Hot Vehicles!

I like the 1/2 tons but the super duty is just disgusting IMO. I especially hate those badges/vents on the sides and the headlights. I agree about the chrome. The only chrome I want on my truck is on the bumpers. The grille maybe ok. nowhere else.

IMO it still has one of the ugliest front ends of all trucks. Looks like it ran into a concrete wall.

It cracks me up that PUTC calls this "adding" an STX trim. Actually they dropped it (and brought it back).

The previous STX was a great value because it smoked the Chevy LS package on the Silverados and it put pressure on RAM too.

They were fairly smart to bring it back, but they were stupid to drop it in the first place--a whole LOT of truck owners don't need leather seats and loads of chrome.

@ DAVE The Half ton doesn't looks like a 1994 Crappie Dodge someone need glasses and besides nobody wants to copy rams chale homes dodge is garbage.

Painted bumpers suck, My Fathers 2013 STX looks more like a rust bumper instead of a painted bumper. The chrome bumpers rust to, but at least you can buff it out fairly easy.

It's not a trim level. It is still an appearance package.

If you like the old STX F-150, you could have built one last year without the STX badge. It's called the Sport Package with 20" wheels option on the check box!

But this STX package gives you a little more and groups everything together and gives you larger wheels and Sync 3 with the 8' Screen.

And actually it is something new for Super Duty.

The 2014 STX Sport is the 2015 Sport Package + 20" wheels.

The 2017 STX is the 2015 Sport Packge with the STX sticker instead of the Sport sticker, larger wheels standard and the Sync 3 screen.

Ford is smart to drop and bring back options. Because when they bring them back, people like papa jim get excited about the STX decal. Oh wow. They brought the STX stickers back!

Sport with Special Edition is similar to the old FX models.

That interior is horrid. The F-series interior has always been too busy.

Will Ford come up with the "STX Plus" by adding a chrome or alloy collar on the blinker stalk?

If there is serious competition Ford would be concentrating on building cheaper and better product, not just adding tiny feature changes and declaring it a "new" trim.

Ford needs the Ranger and soon, or GM will out sell Ford continually in the future.

We want more pickups, from different manufacturers!

Judging by the picture there is lots of chrome.

STX is just a naming convention.

It's still a Ford at the end of the day. Ford need to bring in a smaller pickup with the 2.7 in it.

The new F-150 interior is chintzy and cheap. Have you actually looked at one?

I thought GM made cheap looking interiors. Ford now has the cheapest looking interiors around. Even the Mustang looks cheap.

I'd expect the cheap quality interior to come from some poor nation.

Ram interiors look better.

Scott P,
Right you are! It is an appearance package.

To me differing models should be more equipment based in changes, not just some cheap add ons and some of that cheap plastic chrome.

I was pushing stuff around my parking lot and hit my f150 chrome bumper with the corner of the bucket. lightly scratched it and couldn't really see it when standing by the truck. Ill take chrome bumpers any day over painted. my new Silverado hit a ditch I couldn't see leaving the motocross track from my pit. nailed the lower bumper and bent it. cant really see the scratches even though I bounced of some rocks. paint would have been very noticeable. I use my stuff and prefer the chrome for durability. Paint looks good, paint chips don't.

I'm not a fan of the new F-150's looks. When you see them on the road they just have a cheap look to them.

That interior is horrid. The F-series interior has always been too busy.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Aug 11, 2016 8:18:45 PM

It is horrid because it's one of the lowest model trims. Read the article.


In the constant search for undiscovered customer needs,” What a joke”. Ford could care less what the customer wants , they are more interested in anything that will sell the F150. Customers wanted a Ranger but instead get the more expensive aluminum F150, they wanted better fuel mileage but get the F150 torque monster, customers want a smaller diesel for the F250/350 but instead get the up dated 6.7 torque wars engine that fits all from F250 to F750. Fords first and only concerns, protect the F150 and being No.1.


Please note, Ford probably has a very good idea of what their dealers want. That's what they care about.

The dealers take care of the customers--not Ford.

And if their hope is number one in trucks, they fall way short to General Motors every month. GM's total truck sales kills Ford in the monthly totals.

The dealer get what Ford gives.

A classic example is when the new F-150 was rolled out. How many wanted a work truck and Ford only offered a fancy princess wagon.

plastic chrome fades out in the sun after a few years and it looks "TERRIBLE" and there's NO way to bring it back to look good and no matter how clean and wax and polish it won't stop the chrome from fading away

you guys should know better

What a disappointment! The black XL grille is the only inoffensive grille offered. The chrome looks horrible in all it's versions. Would be nice to have a body color option...
Posted by: Toycrusher | Aug 11, 2016 2:19:19 PM

I agree somewhat. The 3 bar chrome grille is nice. The Black XL grille is nice. The black sport/STX grille is okay. The chrome bar grille is way to hideous.

I hate to admit it, but if I was to go HD/SD, I just might have to give these new SD a look/drive! The diesel would be great but awfully complicated with two fuel/dfp fills and all, but the gas engine has plenty of power for what I would need! As much as I like Chevy's and believe their HD is very nice, I feel the extra mile Ford has gone in these SD covers it! But I have no need for two to three years and maybe Chevy GMC will address this chain of improvements from both Ram HD and Ford SD, to bring all trucks up to par, domestic trucks that is! As I would never buy foreign with the high quality American branded trucks we have!

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