2017 Ford Super Duty: All You Need to Know

Super Duty Gooseneck HorseA II

Although there have been a few interior and exterior styling changes over the years, and even a few powertrain upgrades, it's been almost two decades since we've had a significantly redesigned and re-engineered Ford Super Duty.

Now, 2017 Super Dutys have an aluminum body, new cabs, new beds, stronger axles, more powerful engines and even the biggest fuel tank in the segment. Of course, we've done a lot of writing about this truck and produced several videos (one being with the chief engineer) to try to bring you as much of the important information about this new heavy-duty pickup truck as possible... So, just in case you missed something, here's a list of all the stories and videos we've done so far. Enjoy.

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2017 Ford Super Duty Says Tanks a Lot
2017 Ford Super Duty Video
2017 Ford Super Duty: Engineer Interview Video

Cars.com image by Mark Williams

IMG_0741 Mud II



The diesel wars march on...
Recall the last time Ford was first to release power figures? GM trumped it, then Ford came back with a re-calibration (for free) that bumped up hp/tq over GM. Wonder if this will happen again?
It's a fair criticism that if you can't get that power to ground, it's kinda moot. So, good on the GM powertrain Engineers for the job they do with the DMax - Allison combo.
A head to head will be required shortly....

head to head will be exciting! Tow the same weight this time is each truck!

the new super duties are nice looking trucks better looking then all the other trucks dodge is out dated an chevy they never change.chevy is a rust bucket nice trucks FORD

awesome trucks FORD

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