2017 Ford Super Duty Says Tanks a Lot

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Did you catch that the new 2017 Ford Super Duty pickup trucks now have more fuel capacity, which will translate into much longer distances between fill-ups? Here's how Ford has staggered the three sizes of fuel tanks — 29, 34 and 48 gallons — now offered.

  • Long-bed regular-cab and short-bed or long-bed SuperCab Super Dutys equipped with the gas engine get the 34-gallon tank.
  • Long-bed regular-cab and long-bed or short-bed SuperCab Super Dutys equipped with a new Power Stroke diesel engine get the 29-gallon fuel tank and the larger 7.5-gallon diesel exhaust fluid tank. Short-bed crew-cab Super Dutys (160-inch wheelbase) with the diesel get the 34-gallon fuel tank and 7.5-gallon DEF tank.
  • The big news for the heavy-duty segment is that a Super Duty crew cab with the 8-foot bed (F-250, F-350 or F-450) comes standard with a class-leading 48-gallon fuel tank when equipped with either a gas or diesel engine.

And if offering larger fuel tanks isn't a big enough draw to lure prospective buyers to dealerships, Ford has embarked on a nationwide tour with the new Super Dutys. During stops at 14 cities now through Nov. 13 (Ford says more events may be added), Ford will have Super Dutys and competitive vehicles on hand for visitors to drive, empty and loaded, on test tracks. Ford also will offer demonstrations of the new features on 2017 Super Dutys.

Take a look at the dates below, find the location nearest you, then make a reservation on the Ford website.

  • Henderson, N. C.: Sept. 2-5
  • Puyallup, Wash.: Sept. 9-18
  • Wood River, Neb.: Sept. 13-15
  • Nashville, Tenn.: Sept. 15-18
  • London, Ohio: Sept. 20-22
  • Reno, Nev.: Sept. 21-25
  • Bloomsburg, Pa.: Sept. 24-Oct. 1
  • Dallas: Sept. 30-Oct. 11
  • Concord, N.C.: Oct. 6-8
  • Anaheim, Calif.: Oct. 6-9
  • Ormond Beach, Fla.: Oct. 13-16
  • Moultrie, Ga.: Oct. 18-20
  • Las Vegas: Nov. 1-5
  • Avondale, Ariz.: Nov. 8-13

Curious about pricing for the 2017 Super Duty? Check out the chart below. All prices include a $1,195 destination fee.

Super Duty Pricing

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I have a 2009 F150 with a 36 gallon tank and I LOVE IT!

So Ford is extending the distance travelled between fill ups to keep pace with the Duramax. Too bad they had to make the fuel tank larger to accomplish it.

I have a 2016 Tundra with the 38 gallon tank and it is so convenient. I traded in my 2012 F150 with the 26 gallon tank. I can't ever go back to less than 400 mile tank range.

Our duramax at work when pulling a trailer it get around 200 miles a tank before you pull into a station to fill up. Our rams with 52 gallons can go most of the day pulling heavy without the need to fill up. Our fords were ok with the 37 but the 48 will be a welcome addition. Gm needs to get on board and offer consumers that work there vehicles something besides the couplehours you can run a duramax before needing fuel when hauling heavy. Theyalso needto get rid of theurea fill under the hoodsnd the below frame urea tank. They are expensive to replace when you go offroad.

I can't drive more then 400 miles without stopping to take a leak. I guess some of these guys must enjoy pissing in a bottle or wearing depends since they are so lazy.

Why put a 48 gallon tank on a Ford for? They normally broke down before they burn 36 gallons of fuel HAHA!

It's not about driving without stopping. It's about driving and not having to find and stop for gas!

It's nice to go a whole trip and just stop at a rest area for breaks or to get a bite to eat without having to find a gas station and fill up every 200 miles!

Drove the 2017 F350 SRW and F450 DRW and they are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I was most impressed with the ride being empty I thought it would be rough but it was like riding in my wife's expedition.

I wouldn't mind stopping every 200 miles to full up so I can show everyone I have the best truck on the road.

I Love the 36 gallon tank on my truck. I rarely drive my truck on long highway trips. It's just nice not to have to stop and fill up with gas as often. Especially where I live in the country and don't drive past a gas station normally. I have to drive out of the way 5 miles then 5 miles back to go get gas from my house and then head out the opposite direction to my farm. It's a pain when I need to run out to the farm but I'm low on gas so I have to spend an extra 25 minutes to go fill up first. I will never buy ANY truck again that doesn't have a large tank. It is easily the best advantage my ford has over my dodge.

Jim if you can't go more than 200miles without taking a leak then go check your prostate.

Larger tanks make more sense and they should be offered in all brands and models of truck. I hate the 26 gallon tank on mine.

Another copy and paste article from putc. It must be nice when you don't have to write a single word yourself...

If you don't like 400+ mile range because you need to take a leak often then I have a simple solution for you:
Just put 20 gallons of fuel in your 40 gallon tank.

I can't drive more then 400 miles without stopping to take a leak. I guess some of these guys must enjoy pissing in a bottle or wearing depends since they are so lazy.

Posted by: Jim | Aug 27, 2016 2:04:01 PM

Jim it looks like you are talking from experience with pee bottles and depends. As for me, bring on the bigger tanks.

Really nice like my user name and guess who is gonna follow? if you guess it well yea. Garbage motors. NO EXCUSES JOHNNY D you have to admit it garbage motors is a follower watch in their next junky trucks they are gonna put the same tank sizes just watch.

My buddies got a 2001 I think it is F-250 diesel van and that thing just keeps on going it's got three hundred thousand on it now he has kept up the maintenance and doesn't beat it he Hauls heavy Maybe 3 times a month and-to- light Monday through Friday it sure has helped us make a good living

but a 48 gallon tank will cost MORE to fill it up than a 22 gallon tank!
maybe some people can't afford $100 to fill up the tank,, has anybody thought of that?

According to the SD Ford website. All Super Crew Gas versions are getting the 48 gal. tank. Look under capacities.


Yup, FORD has been testing the larger fuel tank for some time and you can clearly see the improvements. Everything is bigger and badder. Admittedtly, there are some things that Ford just does better than their competition. Just take a look.


WOW, Ford just keeps on giving its customers what they need. Time for everyone else to follow as usual. These are the best trucks made today. Thanks Ford.

GM doesn't need a bigger tank. Who actual uses or relies on a GM to pull something? Aren't they made just to go get feminine products at the local grocery store?

I think the larger fuel tanks is an excellent idea for Towing. In rural areas gas stations are few and far between. I tow with my 2005 Duramax with a 34 gallon tank . The extra range provided by a larger tank would be great. Im in the market for a new truck and for the first time Im taking a hard look at the new F 450.

Some of these commits have given me a hard laugh, thank you!

Duramax are for flat brim hat drivers with lift kits and 24 inch wheels with low profile tires. Brodozers are what gm trucks are for. Duramax arent really for work or towing.

but a 48 gallon tank will cost MORE to fill it up than a 22 gallon tank!
maybe some people can't afford $100 to fill up the tank,, has anybody thought of that?

Posted by: BankruptinPA | Aug 28, 2016 2:21:09 AM

Then just put in what you can afford dumba$$!!...I can't believe some of the comments on this site...geez

I can't drive more then 400 miles without stopping to take a leak. I guess some of these guys must enjoy pissing in a bottle or wearing depends since they are so lazy.

Posted by: Jim | Aug 27, 2016 2:04:01 PM

Hi, Can someone please relay this message to Jim? Tell Jim that Ramon - -the fella he met about a week ago? - -tell him that Ramon went to the clinic today, and I found out that he has, um, prostate cancer and that it may have been sexually transmitted, and I think Jim should go check himself out with his physician to make sure everything is fine before things start falling off on the man.

I've always looked underneath a pickup truck and wondered about all the wasted space and all the uses for it. I'm all for bigger tanks. A large tank is a big issue for me if I'm doing comparison shopping.

As others have said, if you don't like large gas tanks then just fill it up with five gallons at a time and visit your favorite gas station twice a day.

Feel sorry for the firemen who have to put these flaming Fords out. Now their is more fuel for the fire.

Great job Ford, now thats military grade, GM will come out with the same in 5 years

Thanks military grade aka really? Aka RCOB aka several other names. Thank you for showing the Ford is continuing to monitor common failure items and extend coverage under recall to prevent issues and cost to owners. It is great to see that a company is being proactive in quality. Thus why Ford always ranks higher than the other 2 of the big 2 plus fiat in reliabilty. GM and fiat could take note. It is also good the Ford is making sure it's vendors that produce parts for them like Bosch maintains high quality control.

Really, what do parents have to do with anything. As you have shown Ford is keeping an eye on problems and taking care of them. Take fiat for example, they were caught not taking care of problems and suffered a recorder setting fine. They they were caught 6 months later that they were hiding the fact their products were injuring and killing people. They swept it under the rug till they were caught again. Now they were caught falsifying sales data to make their company look better on paper. The FBI found that out. Then take GM with hiding the ignition switch issues. Then they wanted to hide behind the bail out. I am glad Ford as you have brought out is looking at issues and taking care of them.

Really, thank you for the long history of Ford taking note of issues and taking care of the problems. I for one appreciate a company identifying issues and correcting them. It sucks when you have to rely on vendors for parts bur that us the world we live in. Thanks again for showing how responsible ford is.

Really, aka GMSRGREAT, I really like the pinto example. That was the dawn of the safety age. If you notice Ford took action by new designs afterwards. They stopped putting the fuel tank so close to the rear bumper and kept the fuel tanks in a safety enclosed area. GM did not. GM decided to place the their tanks between a fender and the frame. I guess they did not learn. Then Jeep only a few years ago placed the tank in the same spot as the pinto. Once they were forced to, fiat decided to place a hitch to help protect the fuel tank. Talk about epic fail and not paying attention to history.

Then we have the Explorer Firestone issue. Even though it was proven that the accidents were the fault of the drivers because they freaked out behind the wheel. So many outside reporting and safety agency's conducted tests that the Explorer would not roll over in case of a blow out. But we learned Firestone did not back their product so Ford ended their relationship with firestone. This is a good thing because now Ford owners get the better tires on their vehicles now like Michelin, Goodyear, BF and not subpar tires like forestone. Which fiat and GM now uses. Good news for Ford owners.

The output shafts speed sensor issue was one of the latest vendor issues. Ford changed vendors and took care of the customer by not only issuing a calibration recall, but extended the warranty on the transmission part. So Ford went above and beyond to make sure the customer was taken care of. The failure rated was very low but Ford took care of the customer. One day GM and fiat will follow suit.

Really aka GMSRGREAT, nobody is using those speed sensors. The vendor fixed the issue. And GM for some reason did not learn from history. They have a deal with Navistar now. Why,who knows.

@ LMAO I apologize for what I said about ford. So we are cool LMAO? I love ford but I don't know what happened.

I drive a 2014 ford f150 man the things has power!!!!

I hate shakevrolet there is nothing like ford power.

I run a F450, usually fuel daily or at least every other day. But that's what I bought it for, to work

What mpg do the recent '15 & '16 model f350's get during towing: 7,500-12,000 lbs.? Please, no exaggeration.

I had Ford trucks for over the years & still enjoy driving them
It has been 35 + years Never had a Major
Problem with any of them I just Purchased
a New 2017 F 250 I purchase a different
every 5 - 6 years. I'm excited to see what
this Truck will do Have a 35 ft Holiday Trailer
to pull. When I pulled Heavy Loads with my
2011 did a Great Job pulling over 30,000 lbs
behind it , still getting around 13 miles to the
Gallon Only once was I left on the Road,it was
less than 1/2 mile from home

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