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Super Duty Horse Goose 3 II

You can't really call the 2017 Ford Super Duty completely revolutionary, but you also can't call it a simple evolution of the previous generation. You can call this new heavy-duty pickup truck one of the most technologically advanced and powerful full-size pickups ever. If this doesn't push the entire segment to new heights, nothing will.

Among our favorite changes are 350 pounds of weight savings, a 48-gallon fuel tank option, an aggressive three-position exhaust brake, adaptive (ratio) steering, a zoom-in camera and lockable storage under the rear seats. As a quick correction to the exact number of trim packages available in the new Super Duty, they are: XL, STX, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum. More to come.

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The only improvement to load and tow is competitive against itself. Not another brand, so yes you are correct in a way of sorts or another way of say'in is you are wrong in a politically less sensitive way.

Here's an example, I have a business that needs at most to carry several thousand pounds and tow X amount with a trailer. What do I do? Buy a F Series HD? Why would I? Because you are a Ford fan seems to be the only common sense logic.

Why can't I buy another Dodge, Chev or GMC? I don't care if the Ram has 3500 on it and the Ford 250. If the Dodge has an engine to do what I want and the vehicle can do what I want and is cheaper to buy and run, I will buy a Dodge.

As I highlighted this so called added capability can only really be assessed against itself and not the competition. This doesn't mean the Ford is the best, it is only better than an older Ford.

Try buying trucks. Numbers on the body and magazine articles aren't how you buy. This is how I know you ain't a trucker.

Not as great as the Ram!
The Ram 3500 has 42,000 towing where the F-350 is 36,000 !
All the past Ford diesels were failures!

Congratulations to all the Ford Superduty fans. After 19 years of suffering with flexing frame rails damaging your tailgate, death wobbles, spark plugs blowing out of the cylinder heads with super high repair costs, Diesel engine headgasket leaks, EGR coolers leaking, injector failures, rear leaf springs wearing out on the overloads stops, etc, etc, etc.. you now get a new Superduty. This one, I hope for your sake is better, albeit , 1 of them has already burnt to the ground. Good luck!


I don't like the SUPER DUTY words stamped on the front. Is there any way to order the truck without that marking?

I cannot wait to start the bid process on the 2017's. We need a few more heavy tow vehicles and these will fit in very well with our current Ford heavy tow vehicles.

Posted by: LMAO | Aug 4, 2016 7:11:04 PM

The only thing you are biding on is which truck magazine you are going to buy next month.

I don't like the SUPER DUTY words stamped on the front.
Posted by: Enrique Iglesias

That's one thing I do like and wish all makers would go back to doing. Maybe not on the hood but on the tailgate like Toyota does and like the others use to do, looks lot better then some cheap big plastic glued on symbol to me anyways

Still the same Ford rear end sag when hooked up to a trailer , I see. And the "man step", multiple moving parts to rattle and it is still a shin scraper, though they at least moved the upright handle off the tailgate so it won't get full of sand and grit. Lots of power and huge tow capacity for those who need it though, so good job Ford, but don't get too comfortable, the new GM's are coming! Looks like its , "Game On! " (again). :)

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