Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: July 2016


Demand for pickup trucks and full-size SUVs continued to be relatively high in July, but both Ford and Ram showed signs of slowing sales. Additionally, Chevrolet has begun to slow some of the bleeding it's been doing the last few months; Chevy's sluggish pickup sales have been due in large part to parent company GM's strategy to keep a more balanced day's supply in the production pipeline. GM recently reconsidered that strategy because demand from dealers is quite strong. More Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras, the dealers say, mean more sales. We just hope GM doesn't forget that this strategy can backfire if it falls back into the habit of chasing market share instead of encouraging organic sales growth.

The big winners for July, from a comparative percentage basis, continue to be midsize trucks, with the Nissan Frontier up more than 80 percent year-over-year in June and more than 70 percent in July. Likewise, the GM midsize pickups, the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, had a good month, putting themselves well ahead of where they were last July. The Colorado is up almost 25 percent for the year, and the Canyon is up almost 20 percent. The segment leader, the Toyota Tacoma, is still selling close to double what the second-place competitor sells but is up only incrementally over 2015 numbers.

It's worth mentioning that this is the first full month of sales for the all-new Honda Ridgeline and it looks likely to settle into a nice monthly average of around 3,500 units. That would take Honda out of the pickup sales cellar by the end of August.

Expect Nissan Titan sales to improve before the end of the year since the all-new, heart-of-the-market half-ton Titan — not the niche-oriented Titan XD with the 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins engine, which isn't selling particularly well — will be on sale later this fall.

On a final note, Ford F-Series full-size pickups continue to beat the combined sales of the Silverado and Sierra but by only a small margin. The deep cuts into Ford sales that GM was hoping to make with the aluminum-versus-steel-bed commercial blitz don't seem to have materialized. That could mean we'll see more aggressive action in cab- and trim-specific incentives in the near future. We'll have to wait and see which manufacturer makes the first move in that arena.

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I wonder how many of those Nissan Frontier sales would have been Titan sales if a reasonably priced Titan had been available on the dealer's lot. Nissan blew it by offering only a $50-60K showroom queen.

Just got back from Jamaica and loved seeing all the Hilux and Ford Ranger action there. Awesome.

The Titan product manager needs to be fired. Just awful marketing and pricing decisions.

So since GM is doing so wonderful with"big profits", any chance Taxpayers will be getting any repayment on the massive bailout?

I believe it is time for the picture posted with the monthly sales totals to more accurately depict the leading manufactures efforts and accomplishments. As sales totals currently stand, a Silverado and Sierra in the picture would be the less confusing for those FORD fan boys who apparently can only read by pictures.

Just thinking here. Who sold the most pickups? General Motors or Ford in July?

The opening sentence should read,

*Ford not gaining on GM with Pickups Sales in July*

A pickup is a pickup. Does it matter if its a F350 or a Colorado?

The truth is like this, A two wheel drive King Cab Colorado is more a truck than a Raptor, because it has more truck capacity.

A Raptor is good off road, but so is a Range Rover. The Raptor will be overloaded with two guys and their lunches. The Colorado will still be able to carry 1 000lbs in the bed.

So why not just give a break down of all pickup classes or just combine them all? The way its currently done is misleading.

GM share prices include GMC and Chevrolet. They are not different companies.

@johnny doe, yet GM is the one who will be in trouble, why? because they know barry or hillary will bail them out again, trucks are king for them, where as ford does well accross the board, so the trucks wont sink them, and besides, they are number 1 in sales in trucks, so they have no worries.....

Posted by: Nitro | Aug 3, 2016 9:28:43 AM

HA go smoke another!

@WildWilly - GM reports Chevrolet and GMC sales separately because they are legally separate branded divisions.
If they could release combined numbers don't you think that they would?

Ford reports pickups as one under the Ford F - Series banner (up to and including F450) because they are the same brand.

GM (notice just the G and M) has Chevrolet and GMC divisions. Those divisions market Silverado and Sierra. Separate divisions and separated brands.

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) has their trucks under one division/brand namely Ram. They count up to 4500 as well.

This is all legally defined.

Why is this so hard to understand?

GM sucks in so many ways it is hard to mention all
but it be nice they stand on their on 2 feet and not the tax payers or the Canadians.

GM destroyed the Ford truck numbers for July! If they keep up this pace they will blow by Ford easily for 2016. And to top that off over 80,000 mid size trucks compared to 0 for Ford or Ram. Behind the eight ball once again Ford and Ram. Bad move on your part.

Whoa, the Honda Ridgeline increased exponentially!

When you can sell 10887 more trucks per month I think you have had a good month. 31023 of total G.M. sales were fleet, while 55321 were Ford's fleet sales for the month. retail sales was 236235 while Ford's was 161658. Any way you look at it G.M. had a fantistic month. They are going to make record profits for the third quater also.
Posted by: Denny | Aug 2, 2016 2:23:31 PM

You called it Denny!

"DETROIT -- General Motors today said its net income more than doubled to a third-quarter, post-bankruptcy high of $2.77 billion, as its focus on retail sales in the U.S. bolstered transaction prices."

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