Chevrolet Upgrades 2017 Colorado V-6 Powertrain

Colorado Beauty 1 II

As one of the big success stories in the pickup truck universe, the Chevrolet Colorado is on track to sell more than 100,000 units by year-end. For 2017, Chevrolet will upgrade the Colorado's V-6 engine and it will boast an all-new eight-speed transmission.

Slated to be the biggest change for 2017 models, the new 3.6-liter engine is a modified version of the one it's replacing, meaning it still offers a DOHC 24-valve aluminum V-6 with direct injection and variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust sides of the cam. But it will now offer active fuel management, which allows the engine to slip into a fuel-sipping four-cylinder mode under "light-load" situations. The new engine is already used on some Cadillac models, and it offers 308 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 275 pounds-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm.

In addition to the new engine, the 2017 Colorado will also come standard with a new eight-speed transmission. The transmission offers both a shorter 1st gear and taller overdrive gear, so it will feel quicker off the line and potentially provide lower-rpm cruising. Although the EPA mpg ratings have not been released, we don't expect there to be much (if any) change in city, combined or highway mpg numbers.

"We look at this change as adding to the Colorado's level of refinement," said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet Truck Marketing Director. "A lot of our new customers are coming out of crossovers so they're looking for a higher level of comfort and smoothness, and we're delivering that with this new Colorado, without compromising a single pound of capability."

Neither of these powertrain changes will affect gross vehicle weight ratings, payload or maximum towing capacities, and the axle gearing (3.42:1) will remain the same as well. The 2017 models will arrive in dealerships by the fourth quarter, with pricing scheduled to be announced closer to that time. Chevy Colorados are offered in WT, LT and Z71 trim levels, and include special-edition models called the Shoreline, Trail Boss, LT Midnight Edition and Z71 Midnight Edition. photos by Angela Conners


Colorado Engine 2 II

Canyon Shifter 1 II



Gm twins, mid size or full size, the best never rest.

The little 2.7 ecoboost stomps all over this engine and laughs about it. 6800 rpm?? Really???

Gm twins, mid size or full size, the best never rest.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Aug 26, 2016 8:19:23 AM

You are correct and GM is doing a great job keeping up with that company for sure. Even if it's midsized truck is not in the states. I don't understand why they are bothering with the 8 speed. They have the 10 speed. Throw that baby in there. That will truly wake up that truck. Should be able to out run a Honda ridgeline then and maybe out MPG it too. The active fuel management on a DOHC engine is a nice feature too.

More gears? Don't need them, 6 is enough. Different engine? The one it has is fine. Both the trans. and engine just need a better tune from the factory for more responsiveness and better shift patterns. Factory tune makes the truck seem as it's pulling a ship anchor all the time.
What would be a nice addition is keyless entry, push button start,
Homelink, shark fin antenna and 6 way power driver seating, front air dam about half the width of the current one and drop the tail end down about 1 3/4 inches and I think the truck would be about perfect. Oh, and make the sliding rear glass an option and not mandatory on certain packages. It can't be reached from the front so why would I want one?

I was hoping for a little bit more of a power bump, the cadi version of the all new LGX 3.6 is 330 Hp. A 3 HP and 6 more TQ is kind of disappointing, but with the 8 speed it's sure to be faster and get better MPG then the Honda Ridgeline which barely beat the current configure of the GM twins in them two categories. Good job GM!

Lou: what's stopping GM from putting turbos on this girly motor?

Posted by: Robert | Aug 26, 2016 8:37:44 AM

GM has put twin turbos on the 3.6 V6, look it up.

They need an upgrade for sure, when the ford comes out next year the gm twin will be so far behind again, they will be playing catch up just like in the half ton and up category.

Yup GM has 3 turbo versions of the 3.6L, current two make 455 HP up to 600 HP, Everyone has see with Ford, even with AL beer can bodies. Turbos gas V6 in trucks don't give you any better MPGs then steel body V8 trucks.

More gears does not equate a better truck that will last longer!

This trend to make trucks more in line with female drivers is going to hurt their reliability down the road!

My 5-speed manual and 6-speed auto in both of my Tacoma's have been solid and reliable so far! 6 gears is good enough for a pickup!

Now I will have to pull out a Colorado with 8 gears off-road when it gets stuck, man oh man...

Still won't outsell Tacoma's. Nice try though.

This is a nice and unexpected improvement for the mid sizers from GM.

This V6 makes better power across the rev range , is more refined , gets better mileage and combined with the new 8 spd tranny will make the truck much better in terms of drivability .

The 8 spds seem to be much better calibrated than the 6 spds from GM recently .

Trucks may be a touch quicker AND a bit more efficient win.

The picture above already shows that new 8-spped leaking on the ground, nice...

Nice rear shock mounts and low front end...

They need to put the sound deadening stuff in it like the Canyon does along with the AWD transfer case, and I would buy one when they come out

I have a 2005 Colorado crew cab, it has been a good truck. It is getting up there on miles and is getting harder to tow my camper. I have already started saving for the 2017 standard 8 speed. Can't wait. Chevy for life. Reptile

More gears here, does equal a better truck.
Faster, smoother, better mileage.
Twin-torsional isolator in the torque converter? probably.

I hope GM gave it bigger front brakes.

Less gears does not equate a better truck that will last longer!

This trend to make trucks more in line with teenage boy drivers is going to hurt Toyota's reliability down the road!

oxi's tranny blew up in his old Tacoma and he had it replace under warranty! 6 gears is good for a pickup but 8 is better!

Now we will have to redo the shootout while the Tacoma still has 6 gears while the Colorado has 8 gears, man oh man...

GM's LGX stomps over the 3.5 naturally aspirated V6 in the F150. 282hp@6250, 253ft-lbs@4250.
Scale the displacement *exactly* and the LGX make 4% better specific torque, 5% better power.
The 3.6 V6 Pentastar in the Ram. Actually slightly better specific torque to the Pentastar. The lack of direct injection/high compression ratio hurts torque slightly, by ~1%.
The Pentastar Upgrade, should cancel out that torque deficit.

Thank goodness the 6 speed automatic is retired. You couldn't even top out 3rd gear, before the top speed limiter halted acceleration. {what 99mph is 6100rpm?}

G M already has a update to the 2.8 diesel engine but I doubt we see them put it out until they see what the competition comes out with.

The medium pickups from the General are nice. Great to see the first eight-speed for trucks this size. The half-tons will probably come out with the ten-speed shared with Ford in the 5.3 and the 6.2. Hopefully the 4.3 will get the eight. Ford and GM collaborated on a transmission, so come on guys we should root for trucks of all brands, all sizes. Too many wannabe crossovers on the road as it is.

reat to see the first eight-speed for trucks this size, except Honda already has a 9 speed in the Ridgeline.

Honda is the way to go!

LOL 2nd in truck model sales, 1st in bankruptcies... and 2 more speeds = 1 more MPG... yawn...

Best selling vehicle in the US 40 years straight F Series... 7 of the top 10 selling American cars of all time are Fords, and 4 of the top 10 selling cars of all time are fords (only 1 GM).

Well, about time.

Of course, with that, the cost will go up too.

I don't see how oxi the stoner thinks that adding an eight-speed is making it more in line with female drivers... making it more in line with all drivers that want better performance.

Something which Toyota has barely looked at for their trucks.... kind of low on the order of what to do on a Tacoma.

Now they can actually possibly have better acceleration than the Ram 1500 with a V6, and the more gears will make it better for towing a heavy load which the Colorado and Canyon struggle as it is.

One major problem with these trucks, there's only about three different models in which to get them. Plus, they barely cost less than a full-sized equally compared.

Would have been nice if their little midsize challenge included a truck with a 6 & a half foot bed, as I already had a 5 foot 3 inch bed in a Dakota and it wasn't enough.

I see some people can't understand the difference in power between one being turbocharged and one being naturally aspirated.

Although I do like the diesel option, it's just too bad you have to change the timing belt at about a hundred and fifty thousand miles on it.

Time will tell if GM direct injection has the problems that Ford currently has, as well as Volkswagen and various other brands.

Can you even get heated mirrors on these? Puddle lamps? Self dimming mirrors, all three of them? And of course, remote start.

What a bunch of garbage just to try and meet gas mileage constraints. I stick to bicking and walking .

@TRX-4 Tom My 2016 Z71 Colorado has remote start, fog lamps which I guess you mean by puddle lamps? The rear view mirror is auto dimming. No heated mirrors though, then again my Z71 is fully loaded.

isn't fully loaded*

Sure wish they would put a small V-8 in the twins as an option. They would rock. I miss the torque the V8 provides. I would be happy with the 4.3 too.

I realize the diesel has tons of torque, but it has no HP and is too slow.

1995 Pontiac Bonneville called. Wants its transmission stick back. That transmission lever is right out of 90's Pontiacs


What year Bonneville do you drive?

They need an upgrade for sure, when the ford comes out next year the gm twin will be so far behind again, they will be playing catch up just like in the half ton and up category.

Posted by: Nitro | Aug 26, 2016 9:07:08 AM

Ford mid size is so far behind, its about to be lapped.......again!

@TRX-4 Tom
The Chevy midsize has a 6'0" bed length at the top of the bed. The bottom is 6'2" bed length. I measured.
Ram 1500 is 6'4" bed length. Gm and Ford go to 6'6" lengths.
I wish the front ends of these trucks would be cut a foot so a full size with the bigger crew cab and 6'4" bed would fit in garage.

Papa jim we dont have our Bonneville anymore. We sold it about 8 years ago.

It needs a larger displacement V6 that puts out 300ftlbs of torque or more. Midsize trucks need to be drawing from full-size buyers or downsize to small trucks entirely, however those don't make as much money so there isn't any incentive to sell them.

Did anybody see the video of the Canyon with the 2.8 diesel did better than a F-150 with the 5.0V8 in towing a 9000 lb trailer over the Colorado mountains?
NOT ONLY did it climb the mountains in better time it got MORE than double fuel mileage doing it !

no Chevy or GMC Dealer within 50 miles has a Colorado or Canyon in stock so they try to sell you the shake-shake-shake Silverado instead
then when you tell the salesman about the Chevy Shake Problem he gives you a BS story saying he never heard of that!
ha-ha-ha-ha !

personally I am waiting for the 2017 Nissan Titan XD gas engine

People will be very surprised by how this changes the truck. I wont own a truck with less than 8 speeds ever again. I feel no need to add performance with the low first jumping off the line with more force than my custom tuned ecoboost. Anyone who actually owns an 8 speed chevy knows with the 3.42 gears they pull a trailer much better than you would expect it to. The fuel economy is phenomenal when I travel. its insane how long before I need to put fuel back in. and I tow daily. I'm impressed with the Silverado. I think I would be impressed with this too!

"@TRX-4 Tom My 2016 Z71 Colorado has remote start, fog lamps which I guess you mean by puddle lamps? The rear view mirror is auto dimming. No heated mirrors though, then again my Z71 is [not] fully loaded. "

Johnny Doe, puddle lamps are usually located on the mirrors that illuminates the area beneath the front door entry/exit zones. The fog lamps are the bumper lights. I don't think the Colorado comes with puddle lamps, but the Silverado is available with them.

This article is inaccurate, the only thing that is shared is displacement, this is a clean sheet engine that replaces the current LFX engine, I know that is owned by Ford, but GM doesnt change engines that often but when it does, its significant, as they make the best overall powertrains, always have, always will.

The 3.6 liter V6 LGX engine is GM’s new high-feature V6 engine. It is a clean-sheet design and shares little with the 3.6L six-cylinder LFX engine it replaces.

Gm loves to screw people over for buying the first year run and then upgrading the transmission the 2nd year, they do it all the time.

Guess the new 3.6L is being called LGZ in the twins, so it's not the LGX.

Here more info on Colorado and Canyon changes.

More gears equals more searching for gears thus lower reliability!

I can't believe GM hasn't abandoned Active Fuel Mgt (AFM), it destroys engines by 60,000 miles. I have a 2011 Silverado that's been "repaired" at least 9 times. spark plugs, valve covers, oil pan baffles, rings, pistons. I have to drive around in manual mode in 5th gear to keep AFM off. the range contraptions don't work for long.


The 10 speed is expensive and is best put to use on heavy vehicles or where the luxury performance is required.

The 8 speed is a hand me down, but is still massive upgrade. The 6 speed shifted like yogurt, made poor logic choices and was generally undergeared when paired with a 3:43 ring gear due to the lack of low end torque on the 3.6. The 8 speed shifts faster, has 200x the CPU inside the powertrain computer and a wider gear spread. It basically fixed the one massive issue with the colorado.

The variable displacement on demand will increase fuel economy for those of us who sit (not moving) in city traffic. The measured difference under those conditions is 3 MPG.

Overall I expect a 1 MPG gain on paper, -0.2 seconds off of the 0-60 time, -3-5 seconds 0-60MPH while towing a 5000lbs load and a significant up tick in overall owner satisfaction.


The problem with Active Fuel Mgt (AFM) not working is a 5.3 liter specific issue.

What occurs is GM gears the truck for fuel economy, your pedal input is light and AFM kicks in on a RPM by RPM basis. The problem is that the 5.3 doesn't make enough torque to keep the system on while moving forward when paired with the highway ring gear option that GM keeps pushing onto users.

This never occurs when a 5.3 liter is equipped with 3:73 ring gear, nor does it occur with the 6.2 liter with either 3:55, 3:73 or 4:10 ring gear options.

OR you could just purchase a "Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device"

Assuming GM did it's homework... I am hopeful that they will not repeat their past mistakes.

Thats all fine but did they fix it's biggest problem???
No HVAC vents in the back seat. So stupid not to have those. Gm must have said "Lets see where do we sale the most trucks in the US, oh southwest. Where it get really hot and really cold, they dont need vents in back let the kids/animals deal with it, it builds character"

Lets see if Ford and Nissan get it right when they launch thier mid's. Honda got it right, not sure how GM missed, had my money ready for all that #techandstuff until my kids started bitchin during test drive on a hot day and noticed no vents in back.

Jeff S. Honda has a nine speed, that's true, however that is only offered in the top of the line Pilot SUV. Not in the ridgeline "truck".

My 2005 4cylinder Colorado has been a great truck over the last 200,000+ miles. Parts are sooo cheap and easy to change it is awesome.
This truck is my daily commuter vehicle an hour each way to work. Since it has the same 4speed auto my Silverado had in it... it should last till the truck trusts apart some day. That is more important to me than mileage.
I hope these new transmissions will be as over built/long lasting. Same hope goes for the engines. I am setting up to get a new one next year. I will read up a little more on the drive trains before I do. If the older 6speed and engine look tougher. I will just have to buy slightly used... unless the financing is right.

Drive both trucks with an open mind. You won't go home with a Tacoma.

GM adds value with 8spd and higher power V6. Toyota rips off their customer with tech 20 yrs. old. (See rear drum brakes)
Great for Toyota shareholders back in Toyota City, Japan.

8spd leaking in the picture? No.

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