Four New Products for Your Pickup Truck

SB-Cover[1] II

Every so often we find products we think might interest you. Here are four new products that could improve life with your pickup truck. Of course, only two products require that you have a pickup truck to use them, but the other two could still provide a nice benefit if you ever find yourself in need.


Weego Jump Starter 44

Weego-Jump-Starter-44 II

From our point of view, smaller is usually better, especially if it's a lithium-ion battery pack that can easily jump-start your car or pickup. The Weego Jump Start 44 is a compact power source with a plug-in set of large-jaw terminal clamps designed to start your vehicle, but it can also charge your phone, laptop or just about any other small, rechargeable appliance. It even has a set of LED lights. The Weego easily fits into a glove box, weighs only a few pounds and costs about $149.99. The Weego can start gas engines as big as 6.4-liter V-8s and diesel engines as big as 3.2-liter V-6s. For more information, click here.


Camo Bedliners From DualLiner

DualLiner Camo Bed 2 II

If you've purchased a new pickup truck and it doesn't have bed protection, you can expect the paint to get scratched and the bed dented. Spray-in or drop-in bedliners can prevent that from happening. One of the least expensive (starting at $399) and easiest to install is from DualLiner. The plastic bedliner pieces snap together in minutes and come with a lifetime warranty. And now it comes in camouflage. For more information, call 800-992-1949 or click here.


Bedder Covers

Bedder Cover 1 II

We'll assume that the main reason you purchased a pickup was to carry things. But there are some loads that are affected by the wind, whether you're moving a friend or hauling a load to the dump. That's where this plastic-wrap-like covering comes in handy. This inexpensive lid solution for pickup beds covers the load by attaching to the sides of the bed, sort of like cellophane over a glass bowl. A 40-foot roll is $19.99. Bedder Covers (Get it, a better bed cover?) also has a specially designed cutting knife for $4.99 to help you cut exact lengths. For more information, click here.


Shop Blaster Toolbox

Shop Blaster 2 II

For those who like to work on pickups in their garage, this Shop Blaster workstation/chiller from Evapcool comes with topped with a good-quality, lockable toolbox. The rollaway 1/2-horsepower cooler pumps out gobs of cool air. The sturdy unit has a set of 120-volt outlets, MP3 and Bluetooth capability, an FM radio and heavy-duty caster wheels and costs up to $3,000 depending on your location. A little steep, we know, but it's a cool unit. For more information, call 602-437-1034 or click here.

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All good products, I am amazed what a little pack of lithium batteries can do. If that bed liner had carpet or felt on the sides that would be great, I could glue some on though

Do you have a camo bed may. I would be interested.

Have to admit i like the cling-wrap bed cover for those temporary needs. Not the strongest fan of the 'snap-together' bed liner, but even that could be useful in a crunch especially with the rubberiszed bed mat included. Woulldn't trust it for full-time use but if you carry a bed cap or hard tonneau would probably be good enough.

Hmmm Duraliner won't fit a Ranger.

700-horsepower Jeep Wrangler Bandit pickup.

The 700 horsepower fury under the bonnet? It may not be one of the famed Hellcat V8s, but trust that this Hemi engine can surely get the job done. Starwood says the 7.0-liter V8 “stroker” motor features forged internals, a high-performance fuel system, and a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger. What results is a veritable blast of power, which is all relegated to the Jeep’s rebuilt and reinforced automatic transmission and transfer case. Over the top? Perhaps, then again the rig does need to turn 40-inch tires and super-tall 5.38 gears, stuffed in big Ford nine-inch axles. As with all of Starwood Motors’ larger-than-life Jeep builds, this ‘Bandit’ Jeep Wrangler pickup is indeed for sale. Step stool not included.

I really like the "Bedder Covers"
perfect for my needs

I buy pickups with sprayed on liners it is a much better way


Five years ago I bought my Silverado with a sprayed on liner straight from the Chevy dealer. It has been the perfect liner, and I've had them all.

Costs more than plastic liners, costs more than no liner at all.

After five years of light duty it looks like new.

Here is something simple that hasn't been there yet. So I have DIY'ed it and have now started a Kickstarter project to make it available to all others. It is a very simple zoning/fixture system for the truck bed. I am using it for over a year now and it works great. I need your support by sharing the link, because this is how crowdfunding goes. Please check it out:


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