2016 Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboy Edition is Ready

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What do you do if you’re a huge Dallas Cowboys NFL football fan and you need to buy a new pickup truck? 

If you’re the Ford Motor Co., you must assume there are at least 400 of these types of buyers out there to justify this new limited edition production for the most rabid of Cowboys fans. 

Ford offered a similar F-150 package 22 years ago, but this one will based on an XLT model with the Chrome Package. Cowboys stars feature on the doors and tailgate, blue and white striping runs on the rocker panels, and a cargo mat in the bed with a giant Dallas logo is molded in the middle. The Dallas Cowboys edition F-150 is now available at select Texas Ford dealerships. 

Special team edition vehicles are not unusual in the half-ton pickup truck marketplace, as all the truck makers have dabbled in it in one way or another with specials that cater to a particular state or city and hockey, baseball or football team. Of course, we can’t imagine that any of the truck makers will ever offer a trim package to honor a particular player, but if they do, it might be interesting to see what a Colin Kaepernick Special Edition would look like. Any thoughts on what brand or special features a truck like that would offer? 

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Sad :( day when this is necessary. Guess the boys fans who drive Fords will snap these up. They need a Miami Dolphins version

Just buy the Colin Kaepernick bed mat and use it any time you need to haul manure.

Nice one Pappa Jim!!

ditto on the Miami Dolphins version!!

So this truck will break down more often like the team?

It will be in the service department for every day that Romo can't play.

This will be my next truck!

Come on Ford, you call this a Dallas Cowboy Special Edition truck? This does not even come close, all you have are some metal decal plates and minor stuff.

I'd do a better job of designing a "Special Edition" truck. A race strip decal package (hood, roof top and tailgate) should have been installed with the Cowboys logo, etc. A two tone paint job would have been nice as well.

I'm surprised it's not a Lariat version. (Rimshot)

Where is the next Superbowl Champions Arizona Cardinals Special edition?

The F-150 isn't tough enough to make a Pittsburgh Steelers truck

Bought a 1994 F150 Dallas Cowboy truck a few years back at an auction.
Sold to a guy from California. He flew in & drove it back.
It was blue over gray & had a numbered plate attached to dash.
Didn't even know they made such a thing.

Cowboys lost last night, so the rebates have begun. LOL.
Give me a Packers truck.
Yep, I'm live in Texas.

Nice truck.

Dumb truck.

Very nice truck. I don't like the cowboys but its good they are doing this. I like all the truck makers and editions like these just give us the buying public bigger choices no matter the make.

If I was a Cowboys fan I would be excited about it. It is a nice clean package. The article failed to mention a few things like the hand signed Jerry Jones autographed badge inside which is a nice touch. It looks much better in Ford's pictures. Huge Cowboy decals on the hood and roof like somebody else mentioned would be tacky and is something Ram would do. The blue and white helmet striping on the rocker panels is better. Jerry Jones is right. Do you want to be associated with a product that won't let you down? You will be with Ford. They are the only one who didn't take a bailout. That's the kind of stuff that I want to be a part of.



That's 400 extra 2016s that will sell while waiting for the 2017 10 speed Ecos to come out and Ford is getting a ton of publicity for the F-150. Whether you like Ford and the Cowboys or not, this is very smart on Ford's part.

Metallic Silver Blue would be NICE!

Imagine a terrible Eagles green and white F-150.

I really do think its a waste making a team based pickup.

Cap, tee shirt and sweatshirts are the best way to show your support for a team.

If I was a Ford fan, I'd buy a Ford cap and drive a Ram to show my support.

Should of at least been on a Lariat or above....but why did they want to go and ruin a good truck like that for.....go FORD and go Broncos, the 2 best at what they do..

Dave Z.. Get your facts straight. First, who ado you want to be assoicated with? GM brand trucks combined are selling more than Ford combined. Ford brand trucks are new. GM trucks are 3 years older. Ford also took secret bailout money so don't go there! Ford is failing but the Ford fans fail to see it. Let it be written. GM is on the rise and will rise again.

That's the secret word, COMBINED.

Throw a badge on the truck and call it special then charge an extra $3k and people will think they are buying a different truck. Works all the time

Why the hell would I want Jerry Jones' autograph instead of one of the players??? Yeah, that's pretty much a microcosm of everything wrong with the Cowboys for the last 15 years.

nothing like marketing through badging... but hey that's how you get the really low hanging fruit. Puts some black on it and they would be copying chevy.

The best part about this comments section is the intelligence of the people who think they are witty.

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