2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Gains Power, Fuel Efficiency

2017 White F-150 Raptor hero shot II (002)

The numbers are in, and they might blow up our computers; they'll certainly mess up a few chassis dynos. The long-awaited 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor, with the new and upgraded 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost engine, will deliver a whopping 450 horsepower and 510 pounds-feet of torque, which makes it one of the most powerful power/liter or power/cylinder engines ever put inside a pickup truck. Ford showed it off during the 2016 State Fair of Texas.

The bigger, upgraded second-generation EcoBoost — also offered in a less powerful configuration in several F-150 trims — will be the most powerful engine the Raptor, or any other half-ton pickup truck, has offered, and that includes anything supercharged or with 10 cylinders. In addition, this new Raptor powertrain will offer 23 percent better fuel economy than the less powerful 6.2-liter V-8 that it's replacing. EPA-certified fuel ratings for the new Raptor are 15/18/16 mpg city/highway/combined.

The new Raptor will also include the 10-speed transmission available on several other F-150 models, as well as offering one of the best four-wheel-drive systems around, featuring six different terrain modes. The Terrain Management System connects throttle response, steering speeds, traction control, transmission mapping and more in order to provide the pickup the best traction possible no matter the circumstance, terrain or weather conditions.

Look for the new Raptor to be available near the end of the year with a starting price of less than $50,000. In the meantime, enjoy the video below.

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With the RAM Rebel TRX on the horizon........this Raptor is already behind. If you haven't checked out the RAM concept, you better take a look!

510 LB/FT...

Just let that soak in for a moment. 15 years ago you couldn't get 510 lb/ft in a diesel 1 ton!

So now I cant make a comment on here that goes against the article??? my comment was erased for saying my 2015 Tundra with the factory Supercharger on it is 504hp/550lb ft. which is more than this raptor and its faster, will tow more and will run with it off road since I have TRD Pro suspension......

Really you erased that comment? what did I say wrong other than your claim is FALSE

@Hemi LOL: The SC for the Tundra, when it was available, was a dealer installed option; the new Raptor comes from the factory with this updated drive train.

Why don't you put your Tundra against a new 2017 Raptor to prove your claim that it will run faster off road...

No matter what hemi lol says about his tundra, Ford is and always has been better. The name says all that needs to be said. FORD: For Off Road Driving. Good job Ford!

@Hemi LOL: This hemi is for you:


Sweet truck, Ford!

@ Hemi LOL: Face it Hemi LOL, Toyota is becoming a has-been in the light truck market here in the USA. Interest in the Tundra is waning as well as with the Tacoma. Mike Sweers said it himself, the Tundra is a "niche vehicle".

Nicely done Ford! You guys just keep improving and updating all the time.

I think I will just leave this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Ram_SRT-10

500hp, 525lb-ft

Game. Set. Match. Poor GM

@ Hemi LOL: Umm, I am on THQ. And you didn't answer my question posted there; I'll post it here:

So how was I able to post receipts for all the work done to my Tundra that you deny?

I'm not talking smack, I'm talking FACT.

There are few question for the chief engineer too, which he hasn't answered.

For those who are interested, there is a link to the discussion on my site. It's an interesting read.

I wonder if the hood scoop will be used in the RAM 2500/3500 as well.Spy photos look like it will be.

Check FCA Media test drive on a closed course loop with the 2018 RAM Rebel TRX.At 575hp it must be producing well over 575ft of torque it almost seems to get away from the driver as it looks as through a Traction Assist grabs it back.In this video he hits the throttle and you can hear the supercharger spool.The exhaust sounds is just perfect.I wonder if these fenders are what FCA supply vendors are talking about for the 2018 RAM 1500.Love the console shifter as well,and the grab handles to climb in and out of the bed.They also look to be used as tie-downs for cargo.Just a great looking truck.The vents look like the Dodge Viper's hood vents as well,as the exhaust cutouts.Beautiful looking truck.The clearence lamps on the roof are perfect as well.

Toy and Fiat fanbois are desperate.

This thing sounds like a ricer.

Will it pump that fake V8 sound through the speakers?

Unfortunately it still says Ford on the front and for me that equals junk. The interior will begin to fall apart in four months.

That torque and power is impressive, but please Mark, ask ford, how did they address axle wrap with this massive torque and soft leafs for offroad axle articulation.
I would consider a ford, if they could address this issue. And some other, like engine chocking , trany downshift, brakes...
On second thought , no . I will not consider a ford.

RAM just dropped a bomb. Hellcat power! Git R Done!

Now I know why there is 5 or 6 other Car/Truck Manufacturers comparing there vehicles against Ford with TV commercials . example GM, Fiat-Ram, Saburu,Kia......just to mention a few. LOL

The money you save in fuel will be spent in repairs when the EB starts eating timing chains and cam phasers, not to mention clogging up intake runners thanks to the DI. Complete junk. The only way you're going to see 23 percent better fuel economy is if you granny the truck. The new F-150's are constantly lugging the engine in an attempt to keep out of the boost so it can at least come close to the EPA numbers. No thanks, I'll take the old 6.2 any day..

Well I just love to hear all the haters and see all the copy cats!! Ford seems to design something special and the rest just try and keep up?? I love how Chevy is knocking the new Fords on t.v but yet oh yeah they're gonna start building them in 2018🤔 They're already knocking they're future design! Morrons
Posted by: Fastest on race day! | Sep 29, 2016 8:04:30 PM

Except GM will use either a better alloy, thicker metal, or the bed will still be steel. Typical Ford, trying to sell paper thin aluminum beds. "Hey, lets just call it military grade and those idiots will buy 'em."

So, is Ford's marketing team suggesting that their 213 cubic inch six cylinder turbo--in factory trim--has more stump pulling torque than a 488 cubic inch Chrysler V10?

My BS detector is beeping. Color me skeptical.

The torque curve will on the EB will be lower in the RPM range than any NA V8 or V10. Only another boosted motor will compare.
This is a gen 2 EB, so I would expect issues with gen 1 are addressed. Case in point the dual fuel injection to eliminate carbon buildup.
Not to say there couldn't be new issues, but there are quite a few EB running around kicking 100k miles - considering explorers, Taurus, flex and F150s

The only super truck on the market gets even more super.

Not a fan of the grill, with huge Ford letters, otherwise a really nice truck. They always market them running at high speeds on the desert that many don't know the Raptor is very capable off-road in general.

Nice looking truck, but I'd stick to Power Wagon which does what I want outta a pick up truck. If I was a high speed desert runner, I'd prolly buy this Raptor.

But where I live, the PW is THE truck for my off roading adventures.

@ cory

Bring on that rousch that's supposed to be 600 hp.... Bet I outrun it.......

@ Grnzel1 dual fuel injection Toyota has always used on DI engines..... Ford was being cheap again at your expense... good thing they wont fix it for you either lol..... I'm sure they worked out ALL the bugs too...... just like the gen 2 6.0 powerstroke LMAO

"Hey, lets just call it military grade and those idiots will buy 'em.

Posted by: Derek | Sep 29, 2016 10:40:05 PM"

I mean, that is a pretty smart marketing move from Ford.

Have you ever looked in the bed of a true work truck? If it isn't wearing a liner it is all gouged and beat to heck (some even have holes despoite being made out of "superior" steel). Most people who really work their trucks A) wont notice B) wont care C) even if they did they represent such a small portion of people who buy trucks that if they raise a big stink about it and Ford somehow has to cough up for repairs it wont even be a blip on the radar, and it certainly isnt anything so serious that it cant be glossed over by a deeper discount on the angry customers' next fleet purchase. So its a win for Ford because they move more units.

Everyone else wont work their truck hard enough to notice or care about bed floor strength outside of internet bragging... so again, win for Ford.

Haha you call it a hellcat but only has 575hp.... I guess 575hp does equal 707 hp fiat guys.

I salute Ford in bringing the Raptor. They had the Balls to bring it.
Lets hope Ram fans can get are TRX Rebel. lol



That RAM concept is a sham that will be neutered IF it ever shows up. Don't kid yourself. The Raptor needed to make an honest 20mpg for the money they want.

@Hemi LOL and Toyota: Neither of you have answered my questions on THQ story on "Have Quality Expectations Changed?"
What gives? When someone legitimately challenges your claim of QDR you can't back it up.

Anyway, the new Raptor is definitely a vehicle to contend with. It is definitely worth seeing in action! Can't with for the videos on youtube :)

@ FORDs for us,

Big and heavy Ford's should stay on pavement and gravel roads!

hemi lol is a turdyota saleman aka truck specialist. I would not respond to his sales tactics.

The turdra's time has past and is outdated and should go away.

The boucey bed of the turdra makes it unsafe to compete with the raptor on or off road. Don't put babies in the back seat of a turdra due to a possibility of shaking baby syndrome and most adults can become dizzy and puke.

Look foward to seeing the raptor off road when comes out. Great job ford.

@ hemi lol I am going to post many videos of the 11-14 whipping your SC tundra ..... thats the heavier F150 SC ....


I figured even if the 15 was crewcab the tundra would own it but nope ....

I will say that they nailed the styling. It does not make up for that engine. This truck is to the previous version what a V6 mustang is to a GT.

They really made these look less attractive, borderline ugly.

This is a gen 2 EB, so I would expect issues with gen 1 are addressed. Case in point the dual fuel injection to eliminate carbon buildup.
Not to say there couldn't be new issues, but there are quite a few EB running around kicking 100k miles - considering explorers, Taurus, flex and F150s
Posted by: Grnzel1 | Sep 30, 2016 7:19:50 AM

You guys said the exact same thing in 2014, 2015, and now 2016. Each new model year, you Ford guys say "Oh Ford fixed that with a TSB" or "Ford addressed that issue in 2014 (or 2015, or 2016)." Yet the timing chain issue continues on. Just like it did with the 5.4's. Ford seems happy to just keep selling you new chains and phasers. Same with the heads clogging with carbon. Unless the "2nd gen" EB has port injectors or a vastly different PCV system, carbon buildup will continue to be a major issue and a huge threat to the downstream turbo, as well as the cylinder walls for the guy that ignores the issue.

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