2017 Nissan Titan: All You Need to Know

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It doesn't happen very often that a new half-ton pickup truck enters the fray, but that's exactly what we have with the all-new 2017 Nissan Titan. Nissan introduced the Titan in the 2004 model year, so a new version was long overdue. The half ton is part of a two-truck strategy specifically designed to combat both the heart-of-the-market half tons and slightly more niche-oriented heavy half tons.

We recently had the chance to drive the latest Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve and SL crew-cab models, so here are all of our related stories and videos.



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It breaks no barriers, leads no classes. Its a viable good alternative to those who have been burned by the Big 3 minus 1 and find things they like better about the Titan than the Tundra (the other competent alternative truck). Now that there are 2 players scrapping for the scraps its probably going to make saturation for this market. Hopefully Nissan doesn't fail to capitalize on this platform (like they did on the 04 Titan) and continue to refine, improve and expand the vehicle. If they do over time it will come to represent a greater threat to the Big 3 minus 1. Every Titan and Tundra sold today used to be a Ford, Chevy or Chrysler/Dodge/Mercedes/Ceribus/Fiat... Nissan and Toy don't NEED their full size sales. They got their cars they can fall back on when fuel prices rise, or a recession happens or CAFE/Gov regs come into play. Its been a long slow climb for them and they haven't reached very high but since they aren't in a hurry, and got the money to burn its not a big deal for them and the flip side of that coin is it does show in their safe/boring competent alterative full size trucks they offer.

@Clint...have you driven one yet?

Nissan finally enters the fray and it's at a automobile sales peak. For 13 years now Nissan has been unable to think themselves out of a wet paper bag. Hopefully they did their homework on the half ton as the XD has been a grand failure.

What’s Behind Sluggish 2016 Nissan Titan XD Sales? Dealers, Marketers or the Truck Itself?

It's all of the above and more.

The used trucks are also not selling at the dealer auctions either.

One thing can be said of Nissan they make highly reliable
Tough as nails and rugged.
You can pound a Nissan across washboard trails full throttle all day long without hurting the vehicle they put them together tight. with stout parts.

The Titan XD is definitely suffering from its identity problem. The gas version may actually be the better proposition. It prices squarely with trucks from GM and Ford, when those are specd the same. Fuel economy isn't all that bad, either.

The standard Titan is also priced fair. Having only a single configuration won't help jumpstart things.

Imagine what the Frontier could have become if Nissan had put as much effort into it as they had with the Titan.

I hope Nissan makes some changes with the Titan. Start by offering more cab and bed configurations. I can't stand CCSB pickups. Worthless bed, wasted cab space for my needs.

@Skinner- they're coming. Single cab long bed is coming next, and then cab and a half with a standard bed. The XD will get the same single cab configuration along with a cab and a half long bed. No idea if there'll be an XD cab+1/2 with a 6 foot bed. The wheelbase will be under the regular cab already, so it wouldn't cost much.

Why didn't they put in a moonroof? It's keeping me from buying it. No aftermarket sunroof issues for me.

Aluminum is the new standard rusty crusty steel no longer
takes center stage no matter how good the Titan is it will always play second fiddle The Titan is a very nice truck.
Much nicer than a ram or a GM truck but soon GM too will be al aluminum with 10 speed transmissions.
Titan with all of it's goodness will not compete head to head/
A 10,000$ disparity of price must be shouldered by Titan in order for it to compete somewhat..
Aluminum is king today

Have a 2017 Nissan Titan. Has 600 miles on it now and has been in the shop for two weeks (one at a time) plus 3 days for other complaints. Now the check engine light is on and they can't figure out why, and don't know how long they will keep it before they figure out the problem. No more nissans for me.

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