2017 Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver Edition Debuts

2017 Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver 1[7] II

In honor of the 2016 State Fair of Texas, Ram is introducing a new special edition pickup truck to better cater to its Texas customers who continue to love the western-styled trim packages. It’s no secret that the Lone Star package Ram 1500 sells pretty well in Texas; in fact, about half of all half-tons sold in the state have the Lone Star badging. And that’s exactly why Ram Truck is now offering an extra version of the Lone Star Ram 1500 pickup. 

The 2017 Lone Star Silver Edition will get several unique styling details, such as a chrome mesh grille, chrome badging, 20-inch wheels, chrome bumpers, side-view mirrors and door handles, as well as chrome side steps. The new special edition will only be offered in the crew cab configuration, but it will give customers a choice between 4x4 and 4x2, as well as any of the three (V-6 gas, V-8 gas and V-6 turbo-diesel) available engines. 

The new Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver Edition goes on sale before the end of the year, with a starting price of $40,315 (which includes destination). Additionally, Ram will also be offering customers the option of choosing a Ram Rebel-type tailgate on all Limited-model light-duty and heavy-duty Rams — apparently, the large-letter Ram logo on the tailgate is getting more popular for Ram buyers. The cost of the upgrade is $195. 

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2017 Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver 2[7] II



How much for the tailgate with nothing on it?

How is that 3.0 Liter Diesel working ?

Let me make one thing clear, America is a land full of opportunity. We do things, build stuff and go places; RAM trucks are central to the way we live. And let’s be honest, the founding fathers Tom Jefferson, Benny Franklin and George “the big-man” Washington would have totally rolled in a RAM if gasoline had been invented in 1776!

I love these RAM trucks, more than fast food, football games and country music. They’re like 4,000-pound hamburgers made with two all-freedom patties, liberty sauce, Willie Nelson, sparklers and Old Glory, sprinkled with bacon bits and built on a sesame-seed frame.

Love you RAM! Love ya!

How is that 3.0 Liter Diesel working ?
Posted by: BankruptinPA | Sep 29, 2016 2:26:34 AM

BankruptinHead makes a point, BTW how that Ford Diesel working?


It sure LOOKS like a 2009 Dodge 1500

Actually it's the other way around. The RAM logo on the tailgate is not popular and that is why it's optional. Dealers have been swapping tailgates for customers all the time. I've seen many SLT or Big Horns with the RAM tailgate because it was swapped out. And they cut the poor SLT guy a deal to live with it.

You know you have something good, when there's a story about your new truck and everybody tries to post something negative.They only come up with one instance of issues. But then, there's well over a hundred thousand of them on the road. That is without even talking about the Jeeps that use the same engine.

Since I have driven to EcoDiesel I thought I would drive another diesel in a light truck. I drove the Chevy Colorado 2.8 Duramax (which is really a VM Motori). I will say this, that 2.8 engine is not as smooth. It is also louder. Additionally, considering it's in a smaller truck and it's a smaller engine that make less power per inch, you would expect a whole lot better mileage. Finally, the "Duramax" diesel needs to have its timing belt changed at a hundred and fifty thousand miles. Since I was at the dealership getting my Sentra checked for something, I asked the service guy how many hours it is to change said timing belt.

His reply to me was that diesels don't use timing belts. Then he continued to tell me all about the GM HD truck Duramax. So I guess he doesn't know much about the Colorado engines.

So I looked it up myself and All Data. 5.3 hours at a minimum, to possibly 5.8 if you get the rest of the suggested stuff done while you're in there.

RAM does have some things that need work on for the next up-and-coming truck. Payload increases for the Eco Diesel model, and the Hemi as well needs some payload increases. The Pentastar payloads aren't too bad but they could be upped a little.

Ram needs to make the truck safer.

Ram dealers also could stand to order trucks with more 265/70 17s, vs 20" Wheels. Because whatever truck I buy, it's not going to have those tall tires on it, be it whatever brand. And maybe they could make more trucks with less center consoles. As well as not making as many of the center consoles, maybe Ram could actually work on making the center seat have a little bit more room.

But I'm glad they didn't put one of those ugly grills on this truck!

@Papa, spot on, was thinking the same thing, back when I owned a 2009 1500, it looked just like this one.

papa jim and nitro

You are correct! It is amazing how long it has took the competition to catch up to the 2009 Ram! How pathetic is that!?!

Nice looking truck--900 lb. payload and all...

Looks good to me, a lot better then that blacked out crap....

Wow, all the pictures of this new interior that you posted in this article make me really want one. Excellent article!

Blame Ram. This is a grille engineering package. Nothing new inside.

I may not be a Texan, but I love the looks of that badge.

what no one notices is that lone star is 5 to 7 k cheaper than big horn in other states,i just bought one in austin and had it shipped to michigan,when all said and done i saved 8k because of dealer discounts.im a big fan of ram lone stars

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