2017 Ram 1500 Night Edition Video

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For the 2017 model year, Ram is giving its 1500 an added trim package called the Night Edition. Taking advantage of the clean looks of black-out special editions so popular with both light-duty and heavy-duty models, this new special package will have a black front grille, 20-inch black rims and a Ram Rebel tailgate that will offer large “Ram” lettering. 

The new Night Edition is similar in look and price to the Sport trim level, with a few small, individualized changes. Of course, you can always add a Mopar exhaust or cold-air induction if you really want it to be something special. 

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams



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I'm not fond of the black-out look. Ram needs to get on the ball. Get rid of the 5.7 "hemi" gas hog and put the 3.6 turbo in their trucks.

The 5.7 is not a hog, not since they paired it to the 8 speed. My 4x4 gets fantastic mileage. 17/23 is what I average.

At least it doesn't have that ugly grille that all the other RAM's have...

Nice looking FIAT.

Nice looking truck, wonder why those wheel wells are not square?

It doesn't look good with red. And the look of the Ram is starting to show its old age.

YAWN...another night edition whoopee

Looking at the side view of RAM three-fourths through the video, it is clear the cab can come forward a little and the front end overhang reduced too. All to accomodate a bigger rear seat area, but still be parkable and fit in a standard 235" garage (235" measured from sheetrock at front of garage all the way to the galvanized U-shape horizontal metal support of rollup garage door, at rear).
Colorado did a good job of increasing rear seat area legroom with respect to midsizers, and then Honda upped it by an inch. Here's the numbers which I never see anyone talk about or compare and just might become another category for the manufacturers to tout, ie "parkability." The numbers below go like this with quad, crew, and midsizer configurations compared:

___________Rear Legroom, Bed length, Overall length:

Ram Quad__34.7"__6'4"__229.0"
Ram Crew__40.3"__6'4"__237.9"
Colorado___35.8"__6'0"__224.6". Bed is 6'2" at top only!
Tacoma____32.6"__6'1"__221.3". Bed actually 6'1.5".

For many, not having to go with smaller beds, smaller crew cabs, and still be parkable would be a new threshold of achievement in trucks.

Nice looking truck, wonder why those wheel wells are not square?

Posted by: Nitro | Sep 1, 2016 11:43:35 AM

Great question! Ford can't build round rims to save their life, maybe Ford should start putting square wheel wells on all their stuff LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So sick of black wheels.

Weak....wow....black wheels...black grill....yawn!

By the way, that large "RAM" decal on the back of the truck is hideous! It just proves that anyone who buys or drives one of those ugly trucks suffers from "small man syndrome." LOL!

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