Chevrolet Partners With Trailering Industry

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It's no secret that pickup trucks are good at towing confidently and safely, especially the three-quarter-ton and one-ton varieties likely to have powerful gas or diesel engines. And that's why Chevrolet, maker of small, medium and large pickups, decided to partner with the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association and the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers to improve towing technology and integration.

By strengthening its ties to two organizations so closely identified with towing for work and play, Chevy hopes to advance pickup and trailer safety standards as well as improve communication between truckmakers and the loosely regulated trailering industry. The two industries have not always communicated with one another regarding standardized trailer plugs, tow-capacity ratings or trailer-brake-controller capability.

"Our owners are often towing something, from an RV to construction equipment more valuable than their truck," Tim Herrick, GM future truck executive chief engineer, said in a statement. "They tell us they're looking for a better towing experience. Safer, easier, with more integration between their trailer and truck."

Recently, manufacturers such as Ford and GM have introduced heavy-duty pickups with advanced camera systems as well as more sophisticated trailer wiring to accommodate smarter and more complex electrical systems capable of providing more information for lights, cameras and complicated backup scenarios. Additionally, some new HD pickups such as the Nissan Titan XD also offers a "light-check" capability from the key fob, so testing trailer brake lights and turn signals can be a one-person operation.

We have no doubt we'll see more pickups, especially in the HD segment, coming to market with more and safer towing technologies. So it makes sense to bring the less standardized trailer industry along. However, as nice as it is for Chevy to reach out like this, it may not help the industry if other pickup makers don't get involved as well. It just makes sense to have all the interested parties work together to create consistent methods for calculating max ratings or determining how boats, RVs and trailers should connect and communicate with the towing pickup.

Our hope is that this is the first of many steps toward improved safety and a common set of standards across the trailering industry. To read the official Chevy announcement, click here

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"...but unlike Ford they won’t be able to gain any marketing leverage out of this redesign...."
Posted by: GOVERNMENT MOTORS ORGULLOSA D CHINA | Sep 23, 2016 10:13:21 PM

That white GM pickup looks great!

Hopefully the wetback is right and they sell really bad, I'd love to pickup a Sierra 1500 Denali at a GM fire sale! Those things are sweeeeeeet!

Denali style starts right up front with the unique signature three-bar chrome grille, featuring a distinct pattern and a finish that reflects light from every angle.

Hopefully they sell poorly and I can get one in white cheap!

Again, GM takes the lead with advancing and encouraging standardization between truck manufactures and the trailering industry. Good job GM .

I would like to know more about the 2018/2019 Silverado. Can I get some information please?

GM'S TRUCKS ARE SUPERIOR TO FORD AND DODGE'S. If you don't like GM Trucks, I have the perfect solution for you, buy something else. Just stop complaining about GM Trucks. This is a pro-GM post only.

It's curious that Nissan brings a new XD to market with real towing gusto--and a 5yr warranty on the whole banana--and PUTC fails to mention the Titan in this article. did I miss it?

"... Chevrolet, maker of small, medium and large pickups,..."


Say what?

Exactly where are these "small" pickups?

You missed it. The article mentioned the Titan. But the Titan is a HD truck that still gets out-towed by the other guys.

*Titan XD is a HD

Good idea, Papa Jim. I mean, what do Ford and GM know about HD trucks and towing. Let's talk about the Nissan XD and warranty!

The warranty angle is a gimmick and has nothing to do with trailers. The Titan appears to be a good product, just not as good as the other HD trucks on the market. Yes, the XD is a HD no matter how many times you say it is not.

Nissan could double the warranty on the XD, and I would not purchase. The competition all offers a better HD truck. I wish Nissan the best, and if this model doesn't succeed, then it should focus its resources elsewhere.

This is great.

Very much a booming industry in Australia with Pickup Tow /haul, descent control plus Caravan manufacturers Electronic Stability control etc. New developments seemingly coming out every week

Ford to License Travel Trailers and Campers
Posted by Mark Williams | December 4, 2015

Gm following Ford again who introduced the auto trailer back up system, I'm sure Gm will rip that off too

@ CR

You may have missed the ENTIRE point of my comment.

In response to yours, however, the Nissan diesel and its amazing 5 yrs warranty will put the pressure for some QA on RAM and Ford whose 3/4 and 1 ton pickups are world famous for customer-service beefs. Ford being the worst.

How many different diesel engines--and headaches?-- has Ford put its customers through during that last 10-15 years?

How many different diesel engines--and headaches?-- has Ford put its customers through during that last 10-15 years?

Posted by: papa jim | Sep 26, 2016 6:54:34 AM

What difference does it make on how many different engines? You cannot interchange parts from every generation duramx. Some part may be but so are some parts between the international built 6.0L (dt365) and the 6.4L (maxforce7). A rather mute point when no diesel has a full line of interchangeable parts. I would hate to know that the first 6.6L was unchanged for the entire duration and power improvements over its lifetime. The best thing Ford did was get away from International. Now GM is on that band wagon. International has a terrible name in medium duty and heavy duty. The only thing that has kept them going is their old reputation. But now they are playing catch up to Frieghtliner and even HINO.

So, um....
Truckin (mo-trend) and autoblog just posted power ratings for the 2017 L5P Duramax- 445hp and 910lb-ft of torque. That grabs the HP crown (for this week, look for a 450hp flash from Ford) and torque falls under "sufficient".

Fine, you want to make towing and packing easier and safer? Then ALL manufacturers should be required to list the FRIGGIN Curb Weight of every vehicle they sell, on the door pillar along with GCTWR! Geez, is that too much to ask? Make it simple for the average Joe to figure out that the 14 ft camper with two slideouts and the heli pad on the roof is too much weight for their truck to safely and reliably handle. Weigh the trucks as they come off the assembly line so they know exactly what each weighs as optioned. Then there's no guesswork or BS from new or used truck dealers, RV dealers or boat dealers.

I own a gooseneck, lightweight horse trailer (with living quarters). It weighs 6800. Add horse and tack and you are looking at 9800 pounds. Does Chev make a 1500 that would safely haul this trailer?

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