Chevrolet Reaches Out to Loyalists With Truck Legends

Classic Chevy PU II

In an interesting marketing strategy to better organize its truck buyers, Chevrolet is creating an exclusive Truck Legends club. Membership is open to anyone with a pickup truck or SUV with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, or anyone who's purchased or leased two Chevy trucks in their lifetime. Granted, that leaves the "exclusive" club open to just about anyone who's owned a Chevy, but it could be an interesting and valuable way to bring Chevy loyalists closer to the truckmaker and collect some interesting stories.

Membership to this Chevy club does require registering at its website, which means giving some of your personal information and telling about your current or past pickups. In return, Chevy will offer members some interesting gifts and rewards that range from mileage decals to free car washes and discounted oil changes. It'll even offer some once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as front-row seats at sold-out MLB games or getting a personal behind-the-scenes tour of upcoming models.

The Chevy Truck Legends program is open now for registration, but it's not clear how the stories about your pickups will eventually be used beyond making you more or less eligible to win different prizes. We're hoping Chevy will make those pickup and SUV stories available so we can all enjoy them.

The customer program will first focus on Texas owners and participants but will roll out nationwide in 2017.

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Chevrolet is creating an exclusive Truck Legends club? Is this like the Ford exclusive Pinto Club?

I'd join if they has Nascar tickets.

I love that picture. What a truck should be. Couple months ago I told my buddy I needed to move a sofa. He says he'd help and also bring his truck.
He shows up at 9am with his 4 door pickup with a 5.5ft bed and a tool box in the back. I'm like dude what use is your truck with its 3 foot bed? He is like we will just have the other 3 foot hang off the tailgate.
Sad really.

The Chevy Trucks are much better quality today than what they were 20-30 years ago.
I think Chevy is making a big mistake of casting up the older trucks where they were rust buckets, gas tanks exploders, engine oil drinkers.
They are casting up of unpleasant feelings of owners problems with their trucks in the past.
Chevy should instead promote the new 2016-2017 trucks on better quality and much improved ownership experience.
This will also scare away new customers that never owned a Chevy truck before.
Sometimes it's better to forget the past mistakes and focus on the future.


I can relate to that on what good is a 3 foot bed.
I use my truck with a naked bed, no tool box, no bed cover cause day to day I always haul something.
It's a pet peeve to me knowing some pickup owners that never haul anything in their bed and keeping their bed clean enough you can eat on it.
If I had to travel somewhere without needing to haul anything I prefer to take my subcompact car that gets 35 mpg cause its easy to drive, fits in the tightest parking spots, more comfortable, it's clean inside.
Another thing I see is pickup truck owners using trailers to haul their atv or lawn tractors while the bed is empty!

On real news GM powertrain site slipped out the LP5 Duramax #... 445 hp, and 910 ft-lbs tq.


remind me not to volunteer to help YOU move furniture. You might make fun of my truck!

Seriously, dude! Your friend volunteered his time, his truck and his fuel so you can move a sofa?

And the thanks he gets is seeing the story online trashing his truck. Some buddy you are!

@papa jim--I understand what Mike's point is but then most non business users are more interested in the coolness of driving a truck and less about its utility. I do agree that anytime anyone is willing to lend you their time and truck that a big thank you is in order and a reciprocal action on the part of the benefactor is not required but greatly appreciated. Trucks and cars are much safer but they are not as unique and much less interesting. I cannot knock Chevy for reaching out to the loyalists and those with old Chevy trucks. I see a lot of old Chevy trucks where I live especially those from the early 70's. I might even quality for this club with my 99 S-10 with 109k miles that is close to showroom condition.

GM did this in the 80's and I participated in what turned out to be phishing for stories for their new add campaign. I filled out a one page questionnaire where, among other facts, they wanted an unusual story about my ownership experience.
In return, we received gimmie hats with:
GM Trucks
100K Mile Club
stitched on the front. My K5 Jimmy had over 200K on it by then so I asked if I would get 2 of them but they had thought of that and I got the 200K Mile Club hat instead.

I saw 2 adds with real people who submitted the winning stories.

It was a really nice hat. I wish it had lasted as long as the truck but I liked wearing it.


Just so you know the truck that is pictured is also a short bed. The 6.5' is only a foot longer than 5.5'. So it really does not have that much more utility. Definitely agree with Papa Jim. And if you ever bought your own truck, I doubt you would buy a 8' long bed. You would be like all the other zombies out there with a short bed whether you had a tool box in it or not.

Alan good find, Looks like Ford will keep on being second best when it comes to HD Diesel trucks.

I think it's a great idea. But to make it really interesting they should have set the requirement to join at 150,000+ miles.

I don't think they want my story.
I had a K20 Suburban that was an unstopable beast. Never had an issue outside of normal maintenance, and rust. I had it for 20 years. Then I bought a GMT400 K2500 C6P thinking it would be more "reliable" (bankruptPA). It wasn't. It was a half-shaft puking, tie-rod bending POS. I never broke down on a trail in the K20, but that IFS truck constantly needed alignments and parts. Evidently the 454 and 4.10 gears were too much for the IFS. That was my LAST GM truck until they ditch the IFS. And my other brand truck was a catalyst to shop other brand. So now my house is entirely other brand, except for the classic GM vehicles.

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