Nissan Adds Texas Package for Regular and XD Titans

Nissan_TITAN_Texas_05 II

In the never-ending quest to show the biggest state in the union (and the one that sells the most pickup trucks) that it knows what truck people want, Nissan, like all of its competitors, will also pander to potential Texas full-size truck buyers.

Called the Texas Titan, the new special appearance package — currently restricted to dealerships in Texas — fittingly made its debut at the 2016 State Fair of Texas. It will be offered for both the half-ton and XD Titan crew-cab models in SV and SL trims, and 4x4 and 4x2 configurations. The light-duty Titan will come with the Endurance DOHC 5.6-liter V-8, while the Titan XD will be available with either the gas V-8 or Cummins turbo-diesel.

The new Texas Titan will have a chrome grille, 20-inch chrome aluminum wheels, unique Texas Titan floormats, a chrome exhaust tip and several rather pronounced Texas Titan logo badges. With the addition of this new Texas trim line, Nissan joins all the other full-size pickup makers now offering a dedicated Texas-only package.

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Duramax And Allison the best combo for a puller,,,


Nothing new here. The original Titan offered a Texas Titan package for years.

Nice truck. My first car was a truck. 86 Nissan Hard body. Looks like they found their market niche.

Here you go. $10700 off list. No Texas badges though.

After 8 months or so, it's clear there's little interest in the Titan XD. We'll see how the regular Titan sells.

Yawn... that's almost as much as goes into most chevy special editions.

Wait till this sites posts(if they do) the new trx from Ram with the 6.2 575 HP supercharged engine, now thats a truck!

Not impressed with the edition or TX for that matter. Not sure what all the hoopla is about. The states flat and ugly.

Then you're pretty ignorant about Texas.

Please Nissan, ditch the goofy bulges around the wheel arches. The styling is a total failure.

If you think Texas is flat and ugly, you've just never been here.

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