Ram Rebel TRX Concept Preview

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It's not easy keeping secrets, especially when nosy auto writers are constantly asking questions. But that's exactly what Ram did at the 2016 State Fair of Texas. Hiding under a billowy tarp while Jim Morrison, the head of Ram, delivered some sales and marketing highlights at a press conference before the opening of the fair, an all-new concept pickup truck made its debut.

It's called the Ram Rebel TRX concept, but it should be called the coolest desert-racing pickup we've seen in a long time. Clearly meant as an exercise to create a legitimate competitor to the Ford Raptor, the concept truck was built using existing Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' parts (mostly from Dodge and Jeep) as well as some specialty parts needed for running through desert terrain at 100-plus mph.

You can see from the photos that the truck looks great, so we we'll just say it has bulging muscles everywhere with an intimidating and growly face.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • A supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 pumps out 575 horsepower
  • Eighteen-layer-thick Candy Apple Red paint job with anodized red accents
  • Six 37-inch Toyo Open Country M/T tires (two spares in the bed)
  • Four inches of suspension lift provide 13 inches of travel at each wheel
  • A heavy-duty eight-speed transmission with paddle shifters and a console stick
  • Unique front and rear fenders give the Rebel TRX 6 more inches of width
  • Custom bed grab handles around the perimeter and a distinctive light bar
  • Rear axle is a heavy-duty Dynatrac Pro 60 with a locking differential
  • The front axle is from a standard Ram 1500 but has stronger constant-velocity-joint half shafts
  • Heavy-duty 15-inch rotors and six-piston brakes in front; 14-inch rotors in back
  • An upgraded BorgWarner transfer case with Normal, Wet/Snow, Off-Road and Baja modes that changes throttle, steering and traction sensitivities

There's no question that this 575-hp alpha-male off-road machine is meant to get us questioning whether Ram could make something like this for the real world. And even though there are plenty of custom and fun details on this truck that are never likely to make it into production, it's also pretty obvious that much of the underpinnings and interior details are relatively stock.

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Yes, there would need to be some suspension work. Yes, there would need to be some driveline changes to accommodate a power plant like this. And yes, there would need to be some stamping issues figured out at the plant. But all those issues seem pretty small when you consider how many engineering points this "concept" shares with a standard Ram 1500 crew-cab 4x4.

Clearly the folks at Ram and Mopar have been playing with this idea for quite a while. In that time, we've seen multistage kits designed for serious off-roading Remember the Ram Runner multistage aftermarket kit? We even tested the previous-gen Raptor with a fully built Ram Runner in the desert and found them both to be amazingly capable, with the Ram Runner winning by a nose. From where we stand, it also looks like the current Ram Rebel might have been a small hint of things to come.

When asked about the feasibility of turning this concept into a production vehicle, the response was familiar. Ram reps said they're going to show this vehicle is several venues during the next several months to gauge customer reaction to determine whether this might be a viable trim package in a future Ram 1500.

Well, please allow us to save you some time and survey expense: You need to build this truck! Clear enough?

Although the Ram Rebel half-ton does a nice job of providing truck customers improved feel both on and off-road, producing this type of specialty package would add to Ram's credibility and give it a chance to show off some of its best powertrains. Can you say Ram Rebel Hellcat?

Look for more announcements and details about this truck, assuming it gets the green light, in the near future.

Cars.com photos by Angela Connors


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I really hope they Build it using the new look they have to offer for the 2018 model year. Even with them ugly Head Lamps, this truck is Awesome.

I have to say it sure looks appealing. Nice job. I too would like to see a new look for the Ram trucks, it has looked the same since 09. Non the less, a good looking truck. For now i will keep enjoying my Diesel Canyon, very good running truck.

I will simply state that I would buy it. I'm a current Dodge/Ram customer with three trucks.

T-REX has Raptor for lunch. Build it . I will trade in my Laramie.
I will even get a mortgage again to buy it.

Just a concept. People need to chill. I bet Hennessey could make a 1000 HP Raptor but we are talking factory here.

TFL asks, “Will you build it?” Ram guy laughs and says, “There aren’t ANY plans. This is just a concept.”


Ram is playing games. This was only released to and rain on Ford’s parade on the Raptor release. They did the same with Ran Runner.

I am not gonna chill. This machine is pure secs and needs to be build.

Take a chill pill. This truck is a scam to get you thinking Ram is really doing something when they aren't.

Nice headlamps! Now that grill, we don't want it!

Well, they just did. I am excited. You take a chill pill.

Concepts are fun, (remember the T Rex?), reality is where its at.

How much if any of it will Fiat produce?

Everything is else is minutia.

I am sure, they will build it. 5.7 HEMI will be the base engine and 6.2 Hell Cat an option. I will take it even with 5.7, because of V8 and not a V6. V6 is just moaning like Raptor eaten by T-RX.

Great looking truck ,would be pretty cool if it were to make it into production. However, much like how Soccer is described as the game of the future and always will be, I think this will be the fate of this concept- the future and always will be.

If this comes eventually, if it does it will be next decade, it will be powered by an ecoboost pentastar 3.6 Valve coking DI engine. The v8 is pretty much done at fiat as they dont meeting enviromental regs.

Ohh look at this a RAM with SQUARE WHEEL WELLS

Yep, remember the All Terrain HD in 2010 that was going to take down the Raptor and the Power Wagon, the Ram Runner in 2012 that was going to be a Raptor killer, and the Reaper in 2014, now the TRX in 2016, etc. All talk. No action. Meanwhile Ford is already on the second gen of the Raptor.

@Scott N
The Raptor is already on 3rd generation. First one had my friend with anemic 5.4 . Remember that engine ? Maybe ford will get the engine right sometimes.
Why upgrade and improve 1st generation ecoboost, when you told me it's perfect already without any design flaws ? Yeah . I thought so. Ford is constantly improving. You are right about that.



Posted by: redbloodedxy | Sep 30, 2016 2:41:21 PM

Nope. No one would use bastardized V6.

@Scott N
The Raptor is already on 3rd generation. First one had my friend with anemic 5.4 . Remember that engine ? Maybe ford will get the engine right sometimes.
Why upgrade and improve 1st generation ecoboost, when you told me it's perfect already without any design flaws ? Yeah . I thought so. Ford is constantly improving. You are right about that.
Posted by: RAM | Sep 30, 2016 2:40:06 PM


I'll give Ram credit for one thing, selling the Power Wagon but PUTC heard from their sources that Power Wagon sales are much less than 500 units per year. Not good.

Raptor was last selling over 1,000 per month.

Concepts are nice but the Power Wagon shows that Ram needs to work on trucks that can actually sell.

Apparently only Ford knows how to make trucks that are street legal, make production and sell like hotcakes.

Good day!

@Scott N
The Raptor is already on 3rd generation. First one had my friend with anemic 5.4 . Remember that engine ? Maybe ford will get the engine right sometimes.
Why upgrade and improve 1st generation ecoboost, when you told me it's perfect already without any design flaws ? Yeah . I thought so. Ford is constantly improving. You are right about that.
Posted by: RAM | Sep 30, 2016 2:40:06 PM

Posted by: HEMI | Sep 30, 2016 2:51:32 PM


Selling is one thing but making a profit is more important. Wall street don’t like the profit margin that Ford and GM (auto makers In general) are making and they will like the 3rd Quarter even less.

Never posted on TFLtruck.
Posted by: LMAO | Sep 30, 2016 5:49:23 PM

The facts show otherwise.


This is my next truck!!...GO FORD!!!!!

This thing would blow the beer can doors right off the Raptor and not sound like a 90s Honda Civic. Build it Ram.

This is a RAM Minotaur truck that is build by and after market company with RAM customizing it with a factory look. This truck looks much better than the Minotaur truck!


"You need to build this truck! Clear enough?" YES!
"Can you say Ram Rebel Hellcat?" YES!

I can also say, "Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat wielding the fury of a Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® SRT Hellcat V8 engine that produces an unprecedented 707 HP AND 650 LB-FT OF TORQUE!."

I can further say, "8.4L V10 2017 Dodge Viper Engine, MAKING 645 HP AND 600 LB-FT OF TORQUE."

C'mon, Ram. Don't just hit one better: hit it out of the park!
You have several really great engine options!


But, Ram: Watch out with the side exhaust: Ford tried this in 1996 and it cooked the rear tire (in that case, the right rear). Happened mostly at higher speeds and higher engine revs.


Would still like a sporty manual transmission option for this bad boy, --- and then: IT'S SOLD!!!



looks to me Ram is getting the message that WE "HATE" the dash mounted "DIAL SHIFTER" !

Three Ford vehicles have just been given “Top Quality Impact” awards by San Diego-based consultancy Strategic Vision, with an additional corporate-level award going to Ford Motor Company itself.

The Strategic Vision “Top Quality Impact” awards are based on the survey responses of 2016 model year vehicle owners, 90 or more days into ownership. More than 39,000 buyers were surveyed in the course of deciding 2016’s awards.

The 2016 Ford C-MAX Energi won the Strategic Vision award in the category of small cars with alternative powertrains. The C-MAX is Ford’s first-ever passenger vehicle available solely as a hybrid; the Energi is the plugin version. It earned high marks in the survey for interior craftsmanship, comfort, and thoughtful engineering.

In the “standard convertible segment,” the 2016 Ford Mustang came out on top, owing to its image, power, and interior design. Finally, rather predictably, the Ford F-150 won in the full-size pickup segment, thanks to its power, safety, and quality craftsmanship.

Great truck.
But it is a concept. And you can't buy a concept truck.

Short answer ? Build it !

Long answer ? It's unlikely to be made on the current design; with only one year left of production, it just doesn't make sense.

Whether it sees the light of day with the next iteration, we'll just have to wait and see .....

Just buy a base Ram and build it yourself!

Steering wheel looks nice.

Just buy a base Ram and build it yourself!
Posted by: oxi | Oct 1, 2016 9:20:43 AM

You can't built it yourself moron!

I guess with those 2 spare tires in the box,payload is pretty much maxed out...

Technically... it's here now! You can get a killer truck from Detrior-based 2nd Stage Manufacturer called Prefix. They created the Minotaur Ram 1500 that has already been selling for over a year, and looks surprisingly similar to the TRX. (Hmmm?) It's got 14" of suspension travel and they have tested it to the EXTREME. Wide body fenders and even the side exhaust. At Barrett-Jackson, I saw one in person, starting at $59,900.

It is listed on www.ramtrucks.com under "UPCOMING VEHICLES"

I'm already sold as far as the decision to pull the trigger. The only variables:
- Price (whether or not I can afford it)
- Engine (if Hellcat variant is not standard, adding that as an option will likely price it out of my range)

Some rumors are suggesting a starting price of $55,000.
If that is the starting price for the 575 horsepower setup, where do I sign?

"2018 Rebel TRX will be essentially more costly than a standard Rebel show. The cost of the truck extends between $55,000-60,000."
"The latest reports suggesting the arrival of the 2018 Ram Rebel TRX by the end of this year. The estimated price is from $55,000."
"If all pieces come together 2018 Ram Rebel TRX will be available at the beginning of 2019 if not before. Also, we can expect a price around $55.000."

Not authoritative by any means, but they are consistent. Also, the predictions for the Demon and Trackhawk were similarly consistent and prescient.

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