Spied: 2018 Ford F-150 With Diesel Engine


We've known for quite a while that Ford was going to offer a diesel engine in its popular F-150 half-ton pickup truck. We just didn't know when or which diesel they would use. Ford's full-size Transit work van uses a straight-five turbo-diesel engine that many assumed would be a natural fit since it shared two of its gasoline engines with the F-150. But based on these most recent photographs from our spy shooters, the diesel in the 2018 F-150 is more likely to be the smooth-and-torquey V-6 turbo-diesel used by Land Rover. Here's what the photographers had to say:

"We recently caught Ford testing a slew of diesel-powered F-150 prototypes and captured the first engine shots, along with loads of other details to prove it.

"As engineers were going about their work on the F-Series diesel prototypes, details presented themselves to our cameras. We watched as an apparent wiring issue got the attention of several engineers, and they were finally forced to prop open the F-150's hood, revealing the new engine for the first time. The test group was accompanied by a Range Rover Sport, further supporting the latest evidence that it's the Range Rover's 3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel engine that will be put to work in the F-150.

"We also caught the X-TR prototype with its gas door open, revealing Ford's capless fueling system, rendered in the classic green associated with diesel fuel. Closer inspection confirmed that this capless fuel filler was meant for diesel.

"A peek at the F-150's interior also revealed a placard taped to the dashboard that instructed: 'Diesel Fuel Only.' More instructions detailed the test instrumentation, including which warning would be signaled if the urea level was low or if there were problems with the particulate filters. Finally, we note what looked like an added gauge on the A-pillar, possibly a pyrometer or boost readout. 

"We watched the F-150 diesels hit the roads for test runs, and we confirmed that the models will have stop-start technology, further enhancing their fuel-efficiency. The dash placard also mentioned stop-start.

"Some of the prototypes had the venturi-style exhaust tips, while others had plain exhaust tips. One of the prototypes had noticeable soot deposits just above its non-venturi exhaust tip.

"Dubbed Td6 in the Land Rovers, the 3.0-liter turbo-diesel that will power the F-150 diesels could make around 250 horsepower and a healthy 440 pounds-feet of torque at 1,750 rpm. Of course, we won't know exact figures until its release."

KGP Photography images

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Maybe by then unleaded regular will be under a dollar.

Everybody will buy leisure suits and wear bell bottoms again.

Tattoo removal shops will be the hot ticket and Roadwhale will be driving a 3/4 ton Suburban.

I think that thing has hybrid turbodiesel written all over it..... Look at the heavy gauge electrical cables going to the firewall

Forget that a hybrid is coming down the line too, Ford can use the 2.3 I4 "ecoboost" [the one with integral 3-port exhaust manifold; from the Mustang] for 275hp, 300ft-lbs {on regular} as a replacement for the 3.5 naturally aspirated V6.
Connected to the 10 speed automatic, automatic transfer case '4x4', 3.73 axle ratio.
Cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, cheaper to insure, faster than the diesel.

Sure the V6 does make more power in the 5750-6750 region, but with the 10 speed automatic doing its job, most people won't care. And the turbocharged I4 is lighter.

AM has won countless awards.

Wards – One of 10 Best Engines
FOUR WHEELER Pickup Truck of the Year

We have best in class fuel economy.

We have best in class torque and 31,210 lb towing.

Along with an exceptionally smooth ride.

So what does all of this award winning engineering add up to?


America's longest lasting pickups!!!

RAM has won countless awards.

Wards – One of 10 Best Engines
FOUR WHEELER Pickup Truck of the Year

We have best in class fuel economy.

We have best in class torque and 31,210 lb towing.

Along with an exceptionally smooth ride.

So what does all of this award winning engineering add up to?


America's longest lasting pickups!!!

Thought the same thing , looks like a hybrid to me.

And here's GM's 1/2 ton diesel pickup..."crickets"...

Wow, GM will have to de-tune their 4.5 Duramax a lot to compete with this 3.0 liter Diesel. LOL

And here's GM's 1/2 ton diesel pickup..."crickets"...

Posted by: toxicsluldge | Sep 17, 2016 10:34:05 AM

And here's Ford's under 3/4 diesel power truck you can buy today..."crickets"...

250 horsepower and a healthy 440 pounds-feet of torque cute little numbers, does it come in girls? I'll take 310HP 520TQ 4.5L Duramax please.

Great can't wait to see it in a Ford. I kind of enjoy being part of a lawsuit. Remember the 6.0-liter PowerStroke diesel engine...lol

Ford provided customers a means of obtaining reimbursement for engine-related repair costs and deductibles. All persons who agreed to accept these benefits were barred from pursuing individual lawsuits against Ford and others based on the 6.0-liter engines.

As soon as this new POS Ford engine shows defects that result in poor performance and expensive repair bills, we can start a new lawsuit. Great....can't wait!


Ford is definitely trying to build some hype with this. I mean a giant sign turned towards the window? The fuel door left wide open with the obvious green diesel inlet? The hood left open? Ford probably called the spy photographers and told them when to be there to get these "spy shots".

Are those electric cables under the hood? They look more like hoses to me. If it was an electric hybrid I don't think there would be any need for the regular automotive battery. There is a bed cover on that truck. Probably something hidden in the bed.

"Are those electric cables under the hood"
Posted by: beebe | Sep 17, 2016 11:43:04 AM

I don't think that they are electric cables, they might be cables that you hook on to the doors so that when the door latches fail something will keep you from falling out of the truck.

Yep that's what they are!

While I prefer Chevy trucks a diesel F150 would be an outstanding lineup in the Ford stable. They build great looking trucks and to add a diesel will make it very appealing. Maybe a Ford could be in my future.

To keep your Family safe, FORD recommends performing a simple DIY at home fix until your vehicle is ready to be recalled for repairs.


No, those cables are electical Leeds that attach to the testicals of the mule drivers. They send a twelve volt shock on each start up.

Somebody with some knowledge tell me if this is a Hybrid or not.

More diesel competition and options is good, but what's the price premium going to be over the Normally Aspirated V6: $4.5k like the Ecodiesel? Enough said.

So today I measured the bed length of a 2017 Ridgeline. 4' 11.5" at the top of the bed. Absolutely disgusting since they market it as 5'4" in their brochure! Ok so the swing out tailgate is something I can see all manufacturers going to since it IS very convenient to get heavy things in and out without having to push a heavy box, or transmission or engine block needing repairs, to get the tailgate up. Remember Colorado markets their bed length as 6'2", but that's at the bottom because I measured the top of bed at 6'0". But Ridgeline now takes the prize for overstating their bed length. The back seat seemed pretty comfortable too being that they say legroom for the crew people is 36.7", but now I wonder how they are really measuring that because at the same time I thought that the seating seemed a bit upright. More cab forward designs please so we don't have to get small boxes and small crew seating!

@GMSRGREAT - thanks GM, but Ford just send us there technical training video on what to do with the doors.

I thought I would post it here so you can all be safe in your Ford's.


Great to see the Ford engineers staying on top of this issue!

Somebody with some knowledge tell me if this is a Hybrid or not.

Posted by: Jason | Sep 17, 2016 1:28:27 PM

You really can not tell or not by the pictures. But likely not. If this was a hybrid the large gauge wire would go to the transmission and not be seen in any of these pictures. The traction motor/generator is in the transmission so this is why you will find the wiring going to the transmission. You may see some motor controllers under the hood but not up high. The cables that are seen in the center of the engine compartment is likely for all the testing equipment to gain data from various systems. Not uncommon to have a large amount of testing and data retrieving equipment under the hood in test mules.

Ford is doing some great things. I drove the 2017 F350 Platinum diesel yesterday and I was really impressed. It's so well finished and refined. It's going to be even better with the 10 speed and Bang & Oluffsen sound system that's coming soon. F150 with the Lion diesel and hybrid options. 2nd gen 3.5 EcoBoost with 10-speed. 2017 Raptor. They are doing so well with product development. Looking forward to seeing what GM has done with the 2017 Duramax.

More diesel competition and options is good, but what's the price premium going to be over the Normally Aspirated V6: $4.5k like the Ecodiesel?
Posted by: Angelo Pietroforte | Sep 17, 2016 1:58:27 PM

I would gladly pay any premium rather than buy an ecobust engine! Trust me they are garbage. Even with the deplorable record that Ford has in building diesel, chances are they can't be worst than the ecobust!




If GM, RAM, Toyota, Nissan and Honda stopped making Pick-ups, if all the horses and mules died and if I could get my hands on a bike and I had to buy a Ford, I would pay a $4500, $6000 or even a $10000 premium and bot get an ecobust!

@Alex - thanks Alex that's so sweet, I'm sure my daughter will appreciate the new Bang & Oluffsen sound system as the door latch breaks and she goes flying out of the car!

Maybe Ford wants to "focus" less on the Bang & Oluffsen sound system and more on the NHTSA investigation into hundreds of thousands of Ford vehicles after receiving consumer complaints about the doors don’t remain latched.

In some cases, drivers had the door opened while the vehicle was being driven, while other say they have had to physically tie down the door.

Ford really put the BANG in Bang & Oluffsen!






Best in class MPG

Ram the industry leader.

Ram the industry leader.
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Sep 17, 2016 3:33:05 PM

Not. Ram rolled out a diesel because they cannot make any improvements to the Hemi or truck on a whole, where as Ford relied on developing gas engines instead of using a scapegoat.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Sep 17, 2016 3:33:05 PM

That's right Hemi, let's see putting a diesel in a pickup....





Why Fiat Chrysler Has No Chance of Merging With Ford or Toyota
After a rebuff from GM last year, FCA's leaders are beating the merger drum again. This time, their eyes are on Ford, Toyota, and VW. But there's a big reason why the "big guys" don't want to merge with FCA.

So will this happen? I don't think so -- at least, not in the way that Marchionne hopes.

Why the "big guys" don't want to merge with FCA
I don't think that companies like Ford and GM and Toyota and Volkswagen are "in denial" about the benefits that could accrue to the overall industry if there were fewer, larger competitors.

But I'm also not surprised that nobody wants to take up Elkann and Marchionne on their plan to fold FCA into another rival.

Here's why: FCA isn't exactly a healthy business.

FCA has one big shining asset, namely the Jeep SUV brand. Beyond that, while there are bits and pieces of its portfolio that some automakers might want to own (the Ram pickups, the Alfa Romeo brand), the company itself is barely profitable in what should be nearly ideal market conditions. And while Elkann thinks rivals are distracted by high-tech innovation, the reality is that FCA is far behind on those same fronts.

Think about this: Global demand for SUVs is booming, and FCA has arguably the best SUV brand of all. The U.S. market for pickups is terrific, and Ram is the biggest player after Ford and GM. But FCA managed a net profit of just 377 million euros ($426 million) last year on 111 billion-with-a-b euros ($125 billion) in net revenue. The company's EBIT profit margin was just 2.4% -- far behind nearly all of its serious rivals'.

Marchionne has a number of efforts underway that might help margins over the next few years. But simply put, it's clear why he wants a merger partner: His company needs more scale and more resources to be sustainably profitable.

How this is likely to play out
I think it's possible that FCA could be acquired by a Chinese automaker looking to establish itself in the West. (I also think that such an acquisition would be politically fraught, but could be made to work with some accommodations.) Such a deal could make good sense for both sides.

But I don't think a deal with a big global automaker is likely simply because FCA doesn't bring enough to the table.


"Industy Leader" Fiat-Ram to be acquired by the communist Chinese. You heard it here first. smh.

I guess after sitting in the Honda Jet this winter, being a general aviation pilot, I walked away thinking "innovative thoughts" about Honda Corporation, but after today's viewing of the Ridgeline I find myself bashing it. A bed is what traditionally has made a truck a truck. And when they come out with these boxes that are not even 5' long, I shake my head. Why can't they also have a 6'2" box option. Maybe then people that are true truck people might come away with a feeling that it really is a truck. Their 12 page brochure doesn't even show dimensions of the box, but theyll emphasize their 7.3 cubic feet of volume. Well if you take away 3cubicfeet for the truck, your only left with 4.3cubicfeet and it is not much. Especially with the bed floor being so much higher. I'm thinking that you can't even stack regular size moving boxes without definitely having to tie them down. I don't care about the trunk. Let me organize my stuff how I want instead of taking away 3cubicfeet right from the start. I can go on because I'm in that mood, but I'll spare you because it is weekend and I want to enjoy what time left I have of it.

Then those motorcycles they show in the bed in the brochure. What size are they 80cc? I ride with guys with 450cc 4strokes and 125cc or 250cc 2stroke, and I'm thinking the rear tire of those would be at the very edge of the tailgate, or not fitting at all. Eh, more marketing BS from Honda. Oh, they have a bed extender. Let's try to compensate for a bed that should of been longer to start with.

I still think I've only seen one Ecodiesel in all of Silicon Valley. They're all V8 Hemi's driving around. More marketing hype.

So the Ridgeline bed length grew by 3.9" from the previous generation. Wow. That means the bed was really not very useful before. I can't believe no one ever said anything about this bed length. Everyone's takes their word that 5'3.6" is gospel. I guess everyone likes to focus on the same stuff: trunk's & sound systems. Doesn't Mark Williams have a measuring tape and go measure these things? Glad I did. I guess I'll keep doing my own research and hope what I find is useful to others.

Angelo, What is the actual length of the Ridgeline bed? Ridgeline hyped up this bed but if it is not a useable length what good is it.....

Not. Ram rolled out a diesel because they cannot make any improvements to the Hemi or truck on a whole, where as Ford relied on developing gas engines instead of using a scapegoat.

Posted by: FL | Sep 17, 2016 3:44:13 PM

Hows the Eco burst doing on those class action lawsuits?

Wow! I wonder what Ford will think of next? Start stop, hydraulic body mounts, fully boxed high strength 50k psi steal frame, more than 6 speed transmission? Wow I can't wait. Go Ford. LMAO!

Door latch recall to cost Ford, cut into full-year profits. Maybe Ford can build a door that latches. What a concept. LMAO,



I would buy a Ram if that's all there was but with Ford and Chevy trucks, Ram will always be third place. Ram is a distant third place to me.

Here you go broke down slow hemiV8


Yet they are not fixing the issue with the wiring harness. HMMMMMMMM.


The issue has been linked to three deaths and five injuries and according to FCA the vehicles being recalled are equipped with a particular occupant restraint control module and front impact sensor wiring that can potentially cause the airbags and seatbelts to fail in certain collisions. If all the factors are present, it could increase the potential for occupant injury said FCA.





The Td6 is slightly more powerful and torquey than the EcoDiesel, 256 vs 240 hp and 440 vs 420 ft lb, at least in the Land Rover tune.

Ford is late to the market in diesel technology and mid-size pickups, which is hard to understand, since they had the Td6 and Ranger ready long time ago.

"Industy Leader" Fiat-Ram to be acquired by the communist Chinese. You heard it here first. smh.

Posted by: Scott | Sep 17, 2016 4:02:48 PM

Actually this Chinese rumor has being around for some time; poor Chrysler, they've being passed around more than a whore - from German sausages to Italian spaghetti & soon to be Chinese noodles...LOL

America's longest lasting pickups!!!

Posted by: HEMI MAN V8 | Sep 17, 2016 9:30:45 AM___________________Have you ever read the disclaimer? It says " Based on IHS automotive VIO registration data for all brands of GVW 1-3 pickup trucks, CONTINOUSLY SOLD in the US since 1988, Dodge and Ram have the highest overall still on the road." What do they mean by CONTINOUSLY SOLD in the US since 1988. The Ford f-=series has been around since 1988, Toyota and Nissan didn't have full size trucks yet, And from 1988-1998 GM had the c/k series of trucks that were replaced in 1999 till today by the Silverado Sierra models. So the way i'm reading it there are more 1988-2016 Ram trucks on the road then there are 1988-1998 Chevy trucks . WOW great accomplishment Ram.

"Industy Leader" Fiat-Ram to be acquired by the communist Chinese. You heard it here first. smh.
Posted by: Scott | Sep 17, 2016 4:02:48 PM

That's Great news...what would be better news is if they don't get bought out and are in financial trouble. I'd love to get a RAM Rebel at fire sale prices, I love those vehicles!

Besides financially the Chinese already own half of the US. It would be great for Fiat-Ferrari to get that kind of capital behind them!

Will all these trucks come with that red fire suppression system plunger button on the dash?

Wow look at these things...


One can only hope that Fiat-Ferrari is in trouble....need to get one of these cheap!

Good job Ford, I'm certain they will shock everyone when final HP/TQ numbers are announced; yeah, ready to kick some RAM ecodiesal butts...GO FORD!!!....

Didn't Ford testify before the United States Congress that if Chrysler goes under so does Ford?

@Dave, Angelo, What is the actual length of the Ridgeline bed? Ridgeline hyped up this bed but if it is not a useable length what good is it.....

59.5" (4' 11.5") at the top of the bed with tailgate closed. Measured today! Shocked me.

Here's a list I've been posting and I update it from time to time. Today I updated it with respect to Ridgeline bed length.

Dimensions below organized as: Rear Legroom, Bed length, Overall length (235” std garage):

Ram Quad__34.7"__6'4"__229.0"
Ram Crew__40.3"__6'4"__237.9" Only crew cab with 6’ box that is very close to being garageable.
Colorado___35.8"__6'0"__224.6". (6' 2" at bottom only!)
Tacoma____32.6"__6'1"__221.3". Bed actually 6'1.5".
F150 Crew__43.7"__6'6"__243.7"
F150 Quad__33.5”__6’6”__231.9” (250.5”, 8’ bed)
Ridgeline___36.7"_4’11.5”_210.0" (5' 3.6" at bottom only!)
Titan_Crew _38.5”__6’6”__242.8” (38.5” small for 242.8”?)
Titan Quad__38.5”__5’6”__228.7”
TundraQuad_34.7”__6’6”__228.9”(247.8”,8’box).Cab frward snub noise. 5” more legroom = 234”
TundraCrew_42.5”__5’6”__228.9” (crew cab with 6’6” not avail?)

When i was in the market for a truck again i needed more than a man step so i bought the longest lasting truck in America.

All Guts

All Glory

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All steal Ram

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